In 2003 Paul 67 decided that something was needed to combat the distorted MSSM reporting on all things Celtic.  The result was the birth of CQN.

Like all good ideas, CQN has developed and now provides an outlet for discussions ranging from Independence to roastedtoasted cheese. Nevertheless, the raison d`etre of the site remains the same: i.e. as provision of a vehicle to inform on all matters Celtic from a less prejudiced view than that of the SMSM. However, there are still issues that arise that could do with some direct input and clarification from Celtic.

With that in mind, we contacted John Paul Taylor, the Celtic Supporters Liaison Officer and after discussion he has agreed to host a weekly/fortnightly Q & A session at a set time for CQN. He is also willing to do a Blog Q&A session on a regular basis if required; the frequency of the “regular basis” is yet to be defined so we will approach this flexibly. It is proposed that we will get the questions and issues to John Paul on a Wednesday to allow him time pull the responses together for the Friday meeting.

If there are urgent issues that arise then we can approach John Paul to see if there is a possibility of a response prior to the scheduled meetings, though it is expected that this will only take place in exceptional circumstances.

Initially, to ensure that all areas of any given topic are covered, we would propose we tackle different sets of questions on separate weeks; for example:

WEEK 1 – Res 12 and “same club” issues

WEEK 2 – the stadium and match day experience for the support

WEEK 3 – Ticket allocation issues

WEEK 4 – Oban and all surrounding issues

WEEK 5 – Fan safety and match day experience at other stadiumsunspecified

The questions and issues will be collated centrally on CQN and grouped to reflect the views on the blog. We feel that this approach is unique to CQN and don’t think any other fan site has this opportunity so we must use it wisely. Paul67 has overall responsibility for the management and good name of CQN so he will be in a position to deem any specific question or issue as inappropriate to take forward.  Again, it is expected that this will only take place in exceptional circumstances.

It is envisaged that we start the meetings on Friday 18th November 2016, so we would ask you to submit your questions and issues for the first topic which is Res 12 and the ‘same club’ myth, over the course of today (Wednesday 16th November0. We will collate them this evening and send them over to John Paul.

We will set up a specific CQN mailbox that you can send your questions or issues to, for future week’s but for the first week if you can email competition@celticquicknews.co.uk he will pass on your question to the CQN’ers running this initiative on behalf of the blog.

So, let us know what you think and if the feedback is positive, we can get this off the ground! Week one questions on Res 12 and the Same Club myth today please!


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