Celtic tackle critical Europa challenge


Confidence, which was abundant just a few days ago, is less evident just a few hours from kick-off against Suduva.  It’s not that we are short in central defence (we are), it’s more that I’m not sure what’s going on in the dressing room right now.

There’s disappointment, which perhaps contributed to a sluggish, if straightforward, win on Saturday.  But the players, manager, you and I need to get over it and, for the players, get a result tonight.

Europa League football is critical to our season.  Financially, it is a £10m bonus, which is important but not to a fundamental extent.  In football terms, it is necessary.  We need to compete and win games in Europe.  This tournament gives us a chance to win three of four group games, and possibly progression through another couple of rounds.

The coefficient points are just as necessary.  With the great 2012-13 season now a distant coefficient memory, new landmarks are required.

Get the job done, Celtic.

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  1. KEV on 23RD AUGUST 2018 3:41 PM


    Apathy will empty the park….



    And it will succeed with KEV who emptied hisself out long time ago..



    Apathists all, please come and join KEV on the outside. Sackcloth and Ashes the preferred dress.


    No Celtic scarves please.

  2. Mahe the Madman on

    Chairbhoy, you deserve a reply and apparently wish for one so here goes. This is it though please ;)


    I agree with your post although you seem to suggest that the clash between corporate greed and footballing needs is at the heart of this mess.


    Im not sure I subscribe to that though it is certainly one of the issues that has lead us to this point.



    I think we have hit the perfect storm . Many issues came to a head at once and have each added their own wee bit to this cluster f%&k.


    Scouting,,professional relationships,, direction of club,,promises to employees,,the coaching side,,,theres more I am sure but everything seems to have hit a slump at once.


    A year or two ago I would have described us as a professional outfit now we look anything but.



    I will tell you what I thought was lined up for the next few years. Upon reaching the 10 we would see Scott retire along with Craig and Brendan would walk back into the Epl looking golden.


    I think PL at his age and with unrivalled domestic success would sail into the sunset that off season.


    TBH I think that hitting 10 would have brought a lot of change with it naturally.


    I find it hard to imagine senior staff jumping off before the big one without serious reasons.


    I mean lets face it,,that last season would be one hell of a party and who would want to miss that.



    Another clash that I believe we are witnessing is the young vs the old. Its played out countless times through history and some would say inevitable. Younger manager and fans want to challenge for things and ” roar ” .


    The board are older gents close to retirement as are most on the blog and I am lead to believe that in old age one appreciates the comforts more and is content to sit back and be happy with your lot that you worked for. New battles are usually unwelcome.


    Now like I say the blog may be older but that doesnt mean the support as a whole are. Most would admit bringing their young ones into the “ family “ and looking at the general age of the GB plus a big segment of the away support it seems age is fairly spread.


    These new generation of supporters are tech savvy . The club have not embraced that huge area as well as they should have.


    I personally hope the new guys whoever they are will see this especially as we know we cant trust the media so lets bang out our own news.



    We do have an interesting 3 years ahead because its apparent the forces of darkness have aligned against the 10 being hit . Instead of strengthening in the face of adversity and coming together we fracture and lack leadership. You couldnt script this crap.


    The behaviour of certain people is what I expect of other clubs and indeed this blog has ridiculed the hell out of others for less than the farce we are witnessing at our club of choice.



    I say choice for a reason because it is a choice and many forget that. I can and have chose not to engage very much with the club or first team and use this blog mostly as an expat looking a bit of banter and relieve boredom. I think a lot of people dont realise that its very easy to do your own thing now and that if you just assume your “ customers “ will always return without actually looking out for and doing a good job for those same people then many will drift. The world has changed and these old men need to move on and let some fresh blood in.



    Should I have limited time and wish a sports fix ( and that kinda sums me up ) there are soo many options. Sure I could pay 20 bucks a month to see hammer throwers on bad pitches with bent refs and a stream that may or not be there. No Europe games live. THrow in the commentators and lack of decent cameras and camera coverage and viola you have Ctv and the Sphell.


    Did it for many years and it didnt improve, either what I was watching or the quality of broadcasting .


    Now for example that same 20 bucks a months could get me access to the entire GAA schedule not just one team. Pure sport right there.


    Or the entire baseball schedule again not just one team. I could go on. Its overpriced for this market and behind the times. I want a good Celtic app and biased media challenged then broken . These old men seem unlikely to deliver. This blog should have banged out an app instead of that magazine lark.



    I gotta go but hopefully thats food for thought. Take it easy partner.


    Hail Hail and Sack the Board

  3. Or Willie Stauner from Wemyss Bay.







    Liability….. Liability….. Liability…….Tierney



    Forrest…. Broony…..Ntcham…….Callum




  4. Game now being shown on Premier Sports 2 as well due to problems with Premier Sports 1 on Virgin Media.

  5. MAHE THE MADMAN on 23RD AUGUST 2018 4:10 PM



    Absolutely spot on, especially re: bringing new blood to the table. CTV needs improving massively too, dont blame you for cancelling. HH

  6. MAHE THE MADMAN on 23RD AUGUST 2018 4:10 PM


    Chairbhoy, you deserve a reply and apparently wish for one so here goes.



    As an ex-pat contributor who watches his financial commitment rise with each currency variation and lack of streaming continuity (so what… it is a donation to The Celtic!) I appreciate your contribution.



    We all want the right result at the end of the day. Make it easier rather than harder please.

  7. Big Terry the Equaliser, Warburton, and now the enterprising Slippy G…



    The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker…

  8. Just found that VM have a problem here with Premier Sports 1 – currently locked. Can anyone point me to a stream for this instead ?



    Don’t panic! Yes, panic.

  9. Tonight’s line up v Suduva



    CELTIC: Gordon; Gamboa, Ajer, Simunovic, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, McGregor, Johnston; Dembele



    Subs: Bain, Izaguirre, Griffiths, Sinclair, Rogic, Kouassi, Lustig



  10. CELTIC: Gordon, Gamboa, Simunovic, Ajer, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, McGregor, Johnston; Dembele.


    Subs: Bain, Izaguirre, Lustig, Kouassi, Griffiths, Rogic, Sinclair.

  11. Delaneys Dunky on

    Delighted that Mikey Johnston is getting a chance today. Hope the young Bhoy takes that chance.



  12. “Lafferty rejoins Rangers after leaving on a free transfer in 2012”.



    Did he, aye?

  13. We need a ‘stabilising’ result tonight, along with a performance.


    Too much negativity around at the moment, so our Bhoys need to give us something to shout about. Fed up with all the ‘bad news’ and moaning.


    There’s nothing wrong with being excited watching Celtic walk onto a football pitch, and feeling proud and privileged to watch our team. ????????

  14. BILLY BHOY on 23RD AUGUST 2018 5:01 PM


    “Lafferty rejoins Rangers after leaving on a free transfer in 2012”.


    Did he, aye?



    who cares.

  15. Looks like Brendan is asking young Mikey “what ye got son:)))”



    Good decision I think and a strong bench should we struggle at any point..



    Come on Celtic in amongst them!

  16. Good evening, friends and fellow supporters. For the next 2½ hours it’ll be nothing but positive vibes, focusing energies on the week box in the corner and doing anything I can (which, in reality is probably nothing!) to help the Bhoys get a victory. Feel free to sign up!

  17. My ‘don’t want to jinx anything’ non-specific bet placed: 3 or more goals, 3 or more cards, 8 or more corners. 7/2.

  18. And, for the record, I’m pretty happy with the team selection.


    Expected us to go 4 at the back and, having done so, I’m glad that Gamboa keeps his place after last Saturday’s performance – full backs: just stop the crosses/cut backs coming in please.


    Brown and Ntcham pretty much pick themselves


    The next 3 – Forrest and McGregor have excellent European records and I expected them to start. Thought that the other one would be Rogic (i.e with McGregor on the left) or even Sinclair so surprised that Michael gets a start. However, apart from being a wee bit selfish on Saturday I thought he played very well.


    Moussa up front. No question for me that that is the right decision. has looked great in his limited appearances in the last 2.


    Not long now….

  19. Many thanks 50 Shades – switched over now.



    Delighted to see Mikey & C Gamboa in the side and given a chance. Quite a strong bench too. Now I’m really looking forward to it.

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