Celtic, the Bank of England of investment opportunities


Celtic are an astonishing 1/200 to win the Premiership this season; 11 games into a 38 game competition. 1/200 isn’t betting odds, it’s a borrowing strategy. The bookies are borrowing money at 0.5% for six months, an annual rate of 1%. Try borrowing at better rates than that.

Investors get a 1% tax free savings rate, which is also competitive, although they don’t get access to their money for six months without significant penalty. If borrowing rates were higher, returns offered on Celtic would improve to attract more investors. The Scottish Premiership has jumped from being a sporting event to being an investment opportunity less volatile than gold or property.

The 10 point gap between Celtic and second placed Aberdeen is the same 10 points as between Aberdeen and bottom club Ross County. We are metaphorically in a different league than even our closest challengers.

Question is, how did Celtic become the Bank of England of football? It’s not just because they are financially responsible with appropriate oversights, this helps. More importantly, they have used their financial strength to fortify the competitive product on the park. Others have been in similar situations in previous decades without the oversight, which led to enormously entertaining failure.

It might look like Brendan Rodgers has achieved alchemy over a sleeping dinosaur, but he’s only part of the story, albeit an important part. Much of the groundwork was in place when he arrived. Nine of those who started the League Cup semi-final were at the club last season, they were just not nearly as effective.

Brendan’s building on rock solid foundations. That’s what you need to build generations of domination.

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    Aye,I agree. And so did NTV when they stopped it. They even explained it-I think the one on Danny Crainie was the last straw.




    But in their defence,they got battered right into Jim Plumrose. For that,they have my gratitude.

  2. Top 5 on the basis that they needed to perform in a way that was head and shoulders above the rest over the course of at least a full season. and being players you expected to do magic on any given day. In descending order of magicality- equal first is Henrik and Jinky, third is Dalglish, fourth Lubo and controversially fifth is Charlie Nicholas for his ability to score over a season.





    Big Bird for President





    That would actually fit in to the chant…….but would it involve effigies ?

  4. P67


    We are and will be for a while light years away from any team in this country, it a one horse show, blame the Huns, the SFA, we can only play who are in front of us, .

  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Big Bird in a run off against Barney the Purple Dinosaur.


    Now…that would be a real contest, box office:)



    Barney, Barney, Barney:)


    Party conventions would be like Woodstock.




  6. Our signings have been good but Brendan’s ability to revitalise the existing talent has been fundamental to our success, none more so than Scott Brown. The emergence of Jozo as a solid dependable defender has been a lucky happenstance as well as the big man should have been off to Torino. Now him & Erik look like our best pairing. However when your luck is in everything comes up roses. Even our questionable signings like De Vries can be easily written off as it has inspired Gordon to new or at least previous heights.

  7. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    Paul67, it’s an astonishing price! It was 1/100 last week. I wonder when it will be “book closed” and when the bookies start to pay out.



    All the more remarkable as, as you point out, the majority of the team was there last season! As well as 9 from last year starting the league Cup Semi-final, 8 starters from last year got us a point in Germany.



    Brendan Rodgers really is building a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut this season, wit more investment in the playing squad to come!



    Someone should call Ibrox and tell the Magic Hat that THIS is what a project looks like!





  8. “Much of the groundwork was in place when he arrived. Nine of those who started the League Cup semi-final were at the club last season, they were just not nearly as effective.



    Brendan’s building on rock solid foundations.”






    Yeah right. Thanks Peter for your input.

  9. No Fergus McCann = NO Celtic.



    Brutal fact for the revisionists who look upon The Bunnet as some kind of deplorable, beneath their strong ethical bullshit.



    The Bank of Scotland were poised to joyfully take Celtic into extinction. There were at least 2 of their board hell-bent on it; as keen as th little orange goat-feckers they were to be responsible for Celtic’s demise.



    I worked with one of their biggest customers at the time, a man who had affinity for Celtic but no love; but was willing to share his knowledge and concern knowing my allegiances.



    In his words there ‘looked no way out.’ I remember my own grim acceptance, the gut-sick feeling of impending invevitability, the futile rage that it had come to this, the ineptitude of thefamilies.



    Then The Bunnet arrived and shattered those masonic reptiles – he was the classic enter-left-stage anomaly in the matrix. They had Scotland tied down – there wasn’t a mover or shaker with the combined means or conflicting interests to make a clean attempt to save Celtic.



    ONLY something like the McCann factor was going to stave off the inevitable.



    And it came to pass, and it did.



    I can assure you there were a couple of see-you-next-Tuesdays on that BOS board whose anguish was unrelenting as their legacies as Celtic’s executioners failed to cement.



    Whatever aspersions you may cast upon Fergus McCann, be very clear there would be no Celtic as we know it and probably no CQN if the wee man had not upped sticks and travelled back 2,000 miles to take the war to Scotland’s bigoted, corrupt and anachronistic institutions.



    Yes he was a businessman first and foremost, but he was also a Celtic fan who knew how to get a dirty corporate job done just right and we should be eternally grateful he did just that because there’s not a supercillious revisionist on here who could have.

  10. MACJAY _previous thread .



    ” BERLUSCONI ? ”



    What do American citizens working in Italy have to do with Berlusconi ?



    ” I really hope the Italian people vote for Mr Berlusconi . He is very much one of us ”



    Margaret Thatcher – BBC ONE NEWS -24 3 94 . Then quoted in The Daily Telegraph , The Daily Mail and The Daily Express .



    Any idea re who the ” US ” she referred to were ? -Free Market Hayek disciples or populist spivs peddling snake oil to the gullible ?

  11. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    Who paid for it all in the end?


    Who still pays for everything?





  12. Fergus deserves at least part of the stadium named after him.



    Not heard, or seen, one single peep about “the Rangers” support spoiling the minutes silence at Dingwall………..Why not? They woyld normallly be Raging at this.

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    …..and ain’t hat the truth.



    The last thread ended with a Dempsey-Mc.Cann debate.



    Brian’s concern was the “soul” of Celtic, whereas Fergus was represented as only being interested in money.



    My view is that BD wanted the continuation of the same model, only with himself inside.



    Fergus saw the way to build a sustainable club via a PLC, which should guard against dynastic ownership and provide transparent accountability.


    He invested his time and money , took the risk and won. He left with a profit that didn’t come out of the club.



    As Kitalba’s post stated, Brian Dempsey laterally admitted, Fergus was correct.

  14. McCann knew something was afoot, he tipled there was grass at the BOS letting Murray know every other teams money situation in the SPFL and he knew Masterson and minty where pals, ergo after he sorted the BOS out all CFC banking business was done by the cooperative bank, the wee man was a move ahead of them awe the time, that’s the very chap who dooped Minty and nailed his arse at the top of they’r marble staircase.



  15. Sandman I agree on Fergus and Dermot joined the bandwagon and has helped take it to the next level.



    The last 2/3 years were poor with Lawwell having too much power and downsizing the club. Dermot has put Lawwell back in his box and Brendan runs the football show. As advised from day one , BR did not use Celtic scouting system or John Park. He has now broken the Lawwell / Park axis.



    I still believe that Lawwell needs to be taken out for the loss of £90M of CL revenue over 3 seasons and I hope Dermot takes this action.



    The CL qualification is down to Brendan Rodgers who I believe will develop Celtic over the next 3/4 years. I would imagine in 3 years time that the first team will be mostly Brendan Rodgers signings as he continues to raise the bar.



    Celtic should be looking for another CEO with fresh ideas to further develop the club as more change takes place across football.

  16. SANDMAN on 8TH NOVEMBER 2016 12:30 PM



    Very well said.


    Of course the fans played a large part but Fergus was the driving force.

  17. vfr800@girfuy.co.uk on

    The Green Man says SACK THE Board on 8th November 2016 12:46 pm



    The support pay for a lot of it, but a lot also comes in from commercial deals. Dermott Desmond has, I believe, donated a few shillings along the way as well.





  18. With regards to the Bank of Scotland, it brings a wry smile to my face that the same institution which was trying to drive Celtic to extinction was gleefully lending to David Murray and subsidising his vanity project. We all know how that ended, they inadvertently forced us to get our house in order and were enabling behaviour which led to their team’s demise.

  19. Hi Ghuys,



    Serious question, looking for advice. After 7 years in the same seats in North Stand Lower, with no problems with the folk in front of my mate and I, this season a couple of ‘chaps’ have taken the seats in front of us. They will not stay in their seats, they jump up on their feet at any and every opportunity, eventually leading to Saturday when I missed seeing two of the three goals because the ‘fan’ in front of me jumped up well before the goals were scored.



    I’ve spoken to him, pointing out in a calm fashion that I cannot see; we’ve asked both of them to have consideration for other supporters, but they are of the opinion that they should be able to stand up when something exciting happens.



    What are my next steps? Speak to a steward? Contact the SLO (John Paul Taylor?)? Contact the club directly?



    Cheers in advance.




    Good post.



    The truth is we’ll never know what would have happened with a different ‘ saviour ‘



    We got McCann, the rest is history.



    Championees CSC

  21. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on



    Regime change.


    Out with the dimes, in with the Dollars.


    Money became more important than football tradition….Capitalism pure and simple.


    Lets not make a Saint out of a opportunist speculator, Celtic supporter or not.


    Fergus was no Saint.







    Here’s a bad analogy for you.



    I pay for my house. Every month and years from now it’ll have cost me a lot more than the purchase price. However, if the bank hadn’t put up the money in the 1st place. I’d have no house.

  23. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    P67 – sorry to correct you old bean but the bookies are not the ones borrowing the money – it’s the punters.

  24. EmeraldBee.



    Tricky one. I am in the NS too. I have a ticket for my 8 year old there as well.



    Behind us now are two very sweary, very shouty, very negative fans. I think my son is a bit miffed that fans seem to dislike Celtic so much (I can only imagine what they were like last season…).



    The language is appalling. If it was just me, it’d be fine. but it’s tough for the wee boy. I’ve had words but they look at me as if I am completely mad. It’s a shame – it’s spoiling my son’s love of going to the games, but I don’t want him to see his dad get into a slagging match at every game…

  25. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on




    No supporters, No Celtic…..its as simple as that.


    We built Celtic with our support…..since 1888.


    Im not interested in sanctifying rich speculators and businessmen.


    Its like a Fergus cult of personality.


    Its sheer nonsense.





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