CELTIC will make history next week when they play a European tie against a Gibraltar side.
Lincoln Red Imps shocked Estonian champions Flora Tallin 2-0 in the second leg of their Champions League qualifying tie tonight.
Flora won last Tuesday’s opening tie 2-1 on their home ground and were confident of getting through.
However, the minnows came up with an astonishing performance to win 3-2 on aggregate to book their place against Brendan Rodgers’ side next week.
ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE KINGDOM OF GOVANIA is the new fantasy beach book written by CQN’s Mea Culpa and wonderfully illustrated by Cartuja. Copies started arriving with readers yesterday and Connaire 12 was first to remark on the new book posting:
“Received my copy of In the Kingdom of Govania at 11.15 today. Started reading and could not put it down till the very last page. If you want to be entertained in a hilarious way about things that transpired in Govania do get a copy.

Well done to the authors and artists involved…”

The Zombies are going crazy about this beach book – absolutely foaming at the mouth. You, on the other hand will laugh your socks off!

Get your copy, in the post today (first class) by ordering from www.cqnbookstore.com 

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