Celtic train rolls on as January signings shine again


The Celtic train rolled on against Hibernian last night.  Only a reckless late lunge on Emilio Izaguirre caused Brendan Rodgers any concern.  The prospects of Jonny Hayes at left back against Valencia one week today, or worse, a midfield without Callum McGregor, who is drafted into defence, are not inspiring.

Two of the three teams below dropped points.  Kilmarnock and Aberdeen now have 11 points to make up, while Newco have six.  When league duties resume in 10 days we return to Rugby Park, scene of Kilmarnock’s late win over the champions earlier this season.  Europe distracted Celtic on that occasion.  The next Killie game is sandwiched between matches against Valencia.  I could make the case that the visit to Ayrshire is more important than the trip to Spain.

I liked Jeremy Toljan.  He adds a speed of thought to our forward play that was missing on the right.  Much of the good passing broke down at the edge of the box, no doubt a consequence of having new faces in the striker role(s).  The impact last month’s additions are having are pronounced; still more will come.

You should only question the commitment of professionals with good evidence, but last night’s Hibs team were not sufficiently attentive looking.  They turned up for the physical challenge, but were passed through regularly.  It looks like the renascence, when they could boss any team in the league, is over.


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  1. ADI_DASSLER on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:20 PM





    Stepson ??




    Yes, possibly.


    Sorry for delay in response.



  2. Bain


    Toljan Ajer Boayata, Tierney


    Brown, Mcgregor, Christie.



    and now the difficulties arise !


    Forrest or Weah ( Timo linked very well with jeremy),


    Eddie or Oli,


    Mikey or Scotty




    We are beginning to look very strong. A pity Brendan is leaving in the summer.



  3. mike in toronto on

    Hot Smoked



    I’m too young to really remember BM …. I was 7 I think when he left




  4. mike in toronto on




    and I am really liking what I have seen of Toljan so far ….



    and, just a hunch, but I think Bayo is going to be a star in Scotland … I have a feeling that he will terrorize defences in Scotland …

  5. Lewis Ferguson is Derek Ferguson’s son not Basher Barry’s.



    Not interested in what school Barrys boy went to but I am sure



    Wee Basher had two season tickets for his father in Law at Celtic Park in his name

  6. MiT


    ` I was 7 I think when he left`


    No excuse. We were alway told the Age of Reason began at seven !



    I agree re Toljan and I hope your hunch re Bayo is correct.


    I don`t know if you know but Bayo was just about to come on last night but had to sit down again as Izagurre`s injury led to a change of plan.


    Cheerio for now,



  7. HOT SMOKED on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 2:53 PM



    “We are beginning to look very strong. A pity Brendan is leaving in the summer.”




    Oh, I so hope that your wrong.


    Please tell me it’s only your opinion.



  8. Wonder if anyone has ever stopped father n Law for using wrong season ticket



    : > )








    ADI_DASSLER on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 3:10 PM






    He does indeed & I dont think anyone said Lewis was his son.





  9. Many Celtic teams and Managers have made Celtic Park a fortress over the years. It hasn’t always been pretty and there have been many comebacks and last minute winners. Never have i seen a Celtic side make home matches so straight forward. We never fall behind, hardly ever concede and barely concede any opportunities. It is relentless. And all done with such style. Brendan Rodgers will be sorely missed when he moves on, whenever that is.

  10. I think that Lewis Ferguson has a brother called, Connor, he also went to Holy Cross High, as did my son, my wife, and all of her family, as well as, the Celtic McStay family and the journalist, Paul Cooney.



  11. Fool Time Whistle on




    And Stephen McManus & Jim Murdoch (Bobby’s brother).



    And me.








    And Stephen McManus & Jim Murdoch (Bobby’s brother).


    And me.






    There seems to be a lot of Holy Cross connection on here, which is a good omen. I think ;





    Sportscene time.



  13. CFC


    Re brendan leaving. It is not my opinion at all ! I was merely having a little jibe at the doom merchants who think that if Brendan waves at the crowd it means he is saying goodbye !



  14. Jimbob71



    Sorry I have to disagree about your statement about Calmac ” he receives the ball and looks up”


    At the beginning of the season i mentioned that Calmac runs about and turns his head nearly 360 degrees like an owl. When he receives a ball he knows were everyone is and what he’s going to do (just like, dare I say it, Messi). Our midfield trio of Broonie, Christie and Calmac all bring great/different qualities to our game and complement each other. All signed new contracts and long may they continue to dominate their fiefdom.




    If Jackie Charlton was still in charge of the republic would be checking on the grandparents of Tim O’Weah

  15. Fool Time Whistle on




    Great point about Callum.



    Knowing what’s going on around you at all times is one difference between the good & the great.



    Awareness, athleticism & technique are vital for all players who want to get to the top.


    I would add composure but it’s amazing how composed you can look when you can consistently execute any pass/shot at any pace to where you want it to go.



    Callum has these attributes & is a joy to watch.



    When my sons were younger I used to batter the ball at them from different angles & tell them to control it with their first touch. When they moaned that I wasn’t being fair – I told them that during a game they will not always get the ball played perfectly into their feet. They’ll get ricochets, misplaced passes, overhit passes, passes even when they’re not ready for them.



    Hand in hand with that skill had to be awareness of who was around you & what was on.



    Callum has been well coached bit he looks like an eager learner & probably a joy to coach.





    RANGERS have appealed the red card that was shown to striker Alfredo Morelos in the win over Aberdeen on Wednesday night.



    The Colombian was sent off for his part in an incident with Dons defender Scott McKenna in the second half. McKenna was also given a red after lashing out at Morelos.




    I must have watched the wrong movie.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    FESS19 on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 4:10 PM



    The Woodcock is the only bird that can see through 360 degrees ………and Callum McGregor is the only mammal.

  18. Go tell the Spartim on

    Comp liar officer is more appropriate.



    Jozo referral is one of three things, a) the Daily Ranger kiteflying in the hope that he gets suspended, b) trying to get Jozo suspended or c) if its not its to say look Celtic get players let off too.



    All Celtic have to do is issue a statement saying: SFA/SPFL/Referees “We know whats going on”


    OK got it SIMU….. CELTIC defender,as apposed to NO PISTOLS PETE who is not a CELTIC defender.

  20. Willie Young is a regular in huns Directors Box,he will be advising them on all things Moreloss….

  21. Simunovic challenge to go to Compliance Officer,a nothing challenge, which has been on SSM all day,he will get off with it,but it’s all part of the evening up propaganda

  22. Fool Time Whistle on

    Jozo’s challenge.



    MMmm need to look at that one again, but from memory it was two players coming together at right angles to one another for same ball in the air. A clash that is a regular occurrence in every match.



    The Morelos incident from last night is revealing though.



    He deliberately studs McKenna between his legs as McKenna is down. Meanhwhile McKenna, on his back with his legs in the air responds to the first part of the Colombian’s studding by kicking out in his direction.


    Morelos recoils like he’s been snipered, throws himself to the ground then rolls over several times. As he rolls over for the last time and lands on his stomach, still holding his right eye, he looks up directly at Madden to see if his performance has been seen. As he was attanded to, I waited to see the blood, the gash, the blood sodden shirt – such was the force of his recoil from this horrible assault.



    When Morelos stood up there was not a single mark on his face, nor blood on his shirt.



    His shock & dismay at been red carded was just further simulation from him.



    He’s a cheat who deserved red for his deliberate kick on McKenna. He also deserved yellow for the simulation after the “contact”.



    I saw Madden delay & look towards the linesman in front of the hordes section, then show red to Morelos.



    I often criticize officials who seem intimidated by them’s fans into making bad decisions, but I can only commend that official for telling it as it was. I’m sure he had an uncomfortable last 33 minutes from the throng behind him.



    Jozo’s refferal looks very much like an attempt to even things out.




  23. Are we going to bend over yet again? This time Compliance Officer bullshit,no way is the Simunovic challenge questionable, what about McShagger,or animal who went through Izzy?

  24. Šimunović challenge in air was observed by both the referee and the linesman who both decided no action was required. Bet SFA wish they hadn’t invented that get out.

  25. WHAT IS THE STARS on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 1:40 PM


    Yer sense of humour is just brill, ???


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



  26. Jozo was 20 yards in front of me when he made that challenge, it wasn’t the best and i said so at the time. He led with his right arm and caught the boy in the face. My comments at the time were that he was lucky to get away with it. I would have thought yellow card was fair. From the TV angle I’ve seen i had a better view in real time. Trouble is i struggle to believe the referee and linesman who was a few yards away did not see the challenge. If i saw it from row Y then they both saw it. Therefore Jozo cannot be retrospectively punished.

  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well, it’s hardly surprising they have appealed the MoreLoss red card. All they have to do is refer to the game against Celtic and how similar incidents went unpunished.

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