Celtic train rolls on as January signings shine again


The Celtic train rolled on against Hibernian last night.  Only a reckless late lunge on Emilio Izaguirre caused Brendan Rodgers any concern.  The prospects of Jonny Hayes at left back against Valencia one week today, or worse, a midfield without Callum McGregor, who is drafted into defence, are not inspiring.

Two of the three teams below dropped points.  Kilmarnock and Aberdeen now have 11 points to make up, while Newco have six.  When league duties resume in 10 days we return to Rugby Park, scene of Kilmarnock’s late win over the champions earlier this season.  Europe distracted Celtic on that occasion.  The next Killie game is sandwiched between matches against Valencia.  I could make the case that the visit to Ayrshire is more important than the trip to Spain.

I liked Jeremy Toljan.  He adds a speed of thought to our forward play that was missing on the right.  Much of the good passing broke down at the edge of the box, no doubt a consequence of having new faces in the striker role(s).  The impact last month’s additions are having are pronounced; still more will come.

You should only question the commitment of professionals with good evidence, but last night’s Hibs team were not sufficiently attentive looking.  They turned up for the physical challenge, but were passed through regularly.  It looks like the renascence, when they could boss any team in the league, is over.


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  1. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on



    BGFC……we were there ….






    I’ve just told him you were there – he’s thrilled (you are one of his favourite posters) – we are watching re-run of Celtic vs Liepzig – his maw’s no happy :-)) We don’t care – KT just scored !!!






  2. go go KT ……I meant more in a “Forrest Gump” we were there …..



    smiley give the wee man a hug from all the dafties thing




  3. FTW- I posted the Sunderland prog,great song agree,interesting re the fans,bad owners,managers with one hand tied behind their back. I wonder if it was on the go before Jack Ross took the job?

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CONEYBHOY on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:01 PM


    McGregor used to deliberately stand on the strikers foot at corners. Watched it in about 2008 under Mowbray. Scott McDonald got booked for pushing him






    Scott got conned.



    What should he have done ?




    Said the same earlier re Bobby and much as i appreciate


    Fergie nowadays and i even played with his brother Martin


    but he did motion his head towards Bobby who just flicked


    it aside like a pesky fly, no doubt big Lafatme would have


    rolled about on the ground for half an hour lol.


    H.H Mick

  6. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CONEYBHOY on 7TH FEBRUARY 2019 9:01 PM


    McGregor used to deliberately stand on the strikers foot at corners. Watched it in about 2008 under Mowbray. Scott McDonald got booked for pushing him






    Scott got conned.



    What should he have done ?



    He should have screamed out loud , fallen down and rolled around.


    Why ?



    Because it works.



    I hate that too , but if you can`t beat them , and we can`t , then join them .

  7. Fool Time Whistle on

    Bada Bing



    Thanks for the tip off then.


    I don’t normally watch that kind of show as Mrs FTW has a 50% say on what is showing.



    She loves it too which is a real bonus.



    Song makes her cry so I can never skip the intro.



    Hope you’re doing well & thansk once more.




  8. Fool Time Whistle


    watched Sunderland till I die and loved the opening song. have a listen to the lake poets songs Edinburgh and also one called your face. brilliant stuff as is a number of their other songs. in fairness to my home city I should tell you to have a listen to a song called Glasgow by a band called The Snuts.

  9. MACJAY1



    G’day Macjay hope your slip slapping that suncream on daily, phew


    it’s hot this year.


    Wonderful save from the original holy goalie at the end of that game.


    Thats my afternoon sorted, a wee glass of the rid biddy and watch it


    all again.


    Here we go again we’re on the road again.


    H.H Mick

  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    Balornock Bhoy



    Listened to Edinburgh & the same quality shone through.



    Search on for The Snuts now…




  11. Fool Time Whistle on

    We all knew the poor man was gone but I’m happy for his family.



    It seemed to matter so very much to them.



    No One Walks Alone

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    I have only ever seen 5 minute snippets of this game. One of my happiest memories of watching Celtic.


    No Jinky. No Yogi . Against the odds.





    Features the recently deceased Jim ” No prisoners ‘” Brogan .


    Fierce entanglements. Hee Hee .14 minutes in .


    No quarter given .



    Hopefully includes the Swalex Heid incident .

  13. for those discussing it earlier. Lewis Ferguson supports the same team as his dad Derek. I asked my mates son who played at accies with him if he was a Celtic fan as others had intimated in the past. The boy just laughed and assured me he follows the same team as father and uncle.

  14. Reporting Scotland, and stv news tonight at the first item on their lists, why did nobody know ?


    Totally sickening.

  15. Its great to read all the positives about our team.. established players.. new signings.. the Manager, etc.. But I fear that our 6 point lead may not be enough to see us over the line.


    Watching the treatment handed out to our player over the last few weeks, (years actually), watching the battle lines being drawn by the masonic order that is the sfa, referees committee and spfl, now quite open and not hidden.. I have no doubt that all the stops will be pulled to prevent us winning this Title and hand it to the ‘institution’ that is their club of choice. The scottish media have nothing good to say about us, yet manufacture lies and fabrication, and are never challenged. However, anti Catholic/Irish/Celtic bias and bigotry have always been with us, and will never change, but that wont win or lose the league title.. those running the game will.









    The Galway Shawl is a most beautiful love song, with a subtle recognition to rebellion as well.



    Very rarely hear it nowadays though.



    I reckon it is a very difficult song to sing.



    Thanks to your good self and the wee legend for keeping it alive, and reminding us of an absolute classic.



    Appreciate it.



    HH. ?

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Typical of Bobby Murdoch to exonerate his buddy Ferguson from the attempted head butt.



    I, too, was there and saw it plainly.


    However, don’t take my word for it. None other than the recently departed Hugh Mc.Ilvanney chronicled it in his newspaper column.



    Bobby was awarded Player of the Year after that and in his column, Hugh stated that never mind his footballing ability, Murdoch deserved the award for how he responded to Alex attempt alone.



    Bobby never broke his stride and as said above, Fergie was dismissed as a minor irritation.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC’s Richard Winton (a guy that calls us and Sevco ‘O*d F*rm’, who writes copious online articles about Sevco and is allegedly an ‘Arabs’ fan) has done his best in his latest puff piece to big up the SFA disciplinary process.



    ‘Any hearing will take place “as soon as possible after 17:00” on that day’



    Translation – as soon as we can get three of them on the phone, one of whom regularly forgets to charge his mobile.



    ‘The player or any other personnel cannot attend the hearings, which will be a video conference between a tribunal of trained, independent judicial panel members’



    Translation – a Skype call. Harder than you would think. Possible delays include ex ref one trying to figure out how to launch Skype while ex ref two crawls under his desk in his underpants trying to reach the RESET button on his router.



    Ex ref three meanwhile gets impatient and Skype calls his brother in Canada instead.

  19. Andy R53



    Spot on. The fix is in for this season.



    Don’t ask for integrity. They don’t know the meaning of the word.



    Stay united and keep united.

  20. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just watched highlights of that ’69 cup final again.



    My personal highlight is the reaction of the wee ball boy behind the goal as Connelly scores the third.



    Good night and hail hail

  21. The latest compliance officer referrals are the latest FTSFA squirrel to deflect from how poor (biased) their referees are….let’s be honest….the incidents involving rankers players should have been dealt with, according to their own rules, on the pitch at the time…the fact that mcshaggers assault hasn’t been mentioned should tell you all you need to know about their priorities….



    To be honest, I’m getting sick of all the sheet of bull surrounding these incidents…is it a reflection of society in general that honesty and decency have been superseded by the pursuit of money in the game?




  22. Macjay…if there is an alternative narrative that says that mcshagger was going for anything other than the man i’d be….surprised…copyrite CFCPLC…



    From that it shows he has a history of targeting the man…

  23. It shows you the state of the Scottish Refereeing Association that Sevco a la Rangers have the audacity to appeal Morelos red card. Why hasn’t McGregor been hauled up by the Compliance Officer? Ref Bobby Madden is a an utter disgrace to his profession for bottling it re McGregor.





  24. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Clearly a blatant assault .


    Cleans the guy out .



    And a serial offender.



    Goalkeepers used to be a protected species.


    Now players have to be protected from him .

  25. Good morning CQN from a windy and wet Garngad



    Regarding Jozo, surely they will ask Thompson if he seen Jozo challenge and he will say he did and he did not think it merited any action, Beatonesque if you like. So we can only concur that if Jozo is getting looked at, then Thompsun said he never seen it, although he and his linesman are yards away and between them they did not do anything. So again someone is lying.



    If Burke is getting cited for diving, surely again they should ask Thompshun if he seen it ala Beaton, and he will say aye but did not think it merits simulation.


    Job done.



    Or are we not getting an even playing field by them asking the referee like they did Beaton.



    Surely the president was set when they called Beaton and asked if he seen Moreloss incidents agains us and he said ” aye, brother a did, but Moreloss had a brilliant game against the taigs, see you doon the Ludge the night”


    Or is there an agenda to cite our players on the same night Der Hun invaded Aberdeen and assaulted anyone on the football park. So as to let all the players off and say, ” see we are a fair organisation”.????? In other words Dirty cheating Bar Stewards the lot of them.?



    Let’s see who, from our staff are assaulted at their job on Sunday, with no protection from officials.






    D. :)

  26. D66,



    Now there’s another agenda that should b on the table…who’s responsible for fan(nies) invading the pitch….no other modren clumpany has a history of it…why’s the FTSFA 4th official not reporting it




  27. ‘re Callum McGregor, yes he is turning into a top player , but to mention him to Bobby Murdoch is way of the mark . Those of us who had the pleasure of watching BM will tell you he was a terrific player and Tough as teak .


    Something Callum doesn,t have . Btw did anyone hear McInnis interview after hun game .It was rangers appreciation society stuff, scunner of a guy .

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