Celtic train rolls on as January signings shine again


The Celtic train rolled on against Hibernian last night.  Only a reckless late lunge on Emilio Izaguirre caused Brendan Rodgers any concern.  The prospects of Jonny Hayes at left back against Valencia one week today, or worse, a midfield without Callum McGregor, who is drafted into defence, are not inspiring.

Two of the three teams below dropped points.  Kilmarnock and Aberdeen now have 11 points to make up, while Newco have six.  When league duties resume in 10 days we return to Rugby Park, scene of Kilmarnock’s late win over the champions earlier this season.  Europe distracted Celtic on that occasion.  The next Killie game is sandwiched between matches against Valencia.  I could make the case that the visit to Ayrshire is more important than the trip to Spain.

I liked Jeremy Toljan.  He adds a speed of thought to our forward play that was missing on the right.  Much of the good passing broke down at the edge of the box, no doubt a consequence of having new faces in the striker role(s).  The impact last month’s additions are having are pronounced; still more will come.

You should only question the commitment of professionals with good evidence, but last night’s Hibs team were not sufficiently attentive looking.  They turned up for the physical challenge, but were passed through regularly.  It looks like the renascence, when they could boss any team in the league, is over.


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  1. I would be more than happy for strict liability to be introduced into fitbaw grounds…as long the rebs were allowed an our old brigade grew up ;-))




  2. Good morning, Friends and a Big Happy Friday from a rather wet and bleak East Kilbride. As it’s Scottish Cup weekend, the SFAs flagship competition, my viewing of our game shall be from the comfort of my own sofa.

  3. Jobo…you’re at it….it will b from behind yer sofa…if the FTSFA refereeing standards follows suit ;-))




  4. If McGregor isn’t even cited for that challenge, and none of the other clubs speak out, then the sfa know they have carte blanch to interpret any incident in any way they want, and stick a McGregor style two fingers up to the game they are supposed to be running.


    One pundit on ssb (ex sevco?) said it was “a one million percent red card”

  5. morning bhoys from a dreich looking Cheshire, its as if they are told, don’t worry lads go out and foul as much as you want, the ref is one of us, feckin sickening.hh.

  6. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Who has it been on here who has been advocating that the SPFL decline the offer of SFA referees in favour of hiring refs from Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PMGOL)?



    Sorry I can’t recall, but they have mentioned it a few times over the past few weeks, and I know a couple of others picked have also picked this up.



    Like to add my voice to that idea – it is one of the best ideas I’ve heard on here and would be a fantastic step forward for Scottish football. Should be easy to do – SPFL are a different organisation from the SFA – they just currently happen to, for historical reasons, sub-contract their refs from the SFA.



    If they are going to move to professional refs – as Brendan suggested they should – there is a ready made very professional outfit on their doorstep – start from next year.



    What can the SFA refs do – strike? Wouldn’t matter – we would have refs already in place.



    Anyone with contacts should keep drip feeding this – needs momentum.






  7. Good Morning, Drizzly Day In The Chilterns…



    Like a few, I used to like Steven Gerrard when he was Captain of Liverpool…



    So we bit bewildered by his current Persona. Thought I’ve seen that look before…



    Then it struck me he’s like Captain Black… A decent fella that went off to Mars to do his duty, was taken by the mysterons killed and they took over control of his body…



    Luckily spectrum is green and Captain Broony he’s indestructible…



    Have A F.A.B. day…



    Hail Hail

  8. Southside



    “One million percent red card”…must’ve learned math at the same skool as Stevie G….how many zero’s izzat? ;-))



    Chairbhoy…ffs…who? or spoiler alert…;-))










  9. When discussing Res12, one valid complaint was the lack of involvement of the other teams.



    Now, with the ridiculous performance of the SFA referees, there is genuine momentum there. Why then are Celtic being conspicuously silent? Let’s add our voice. Lobby for real and meaningful change. Otherwise, this will get worse before it gets better.



    Note, I’m asking for more from ‘Celtic’. I have no preference whether this comes from dugout or boardroom. With respect, Tom Boyd has made brilliant comments, though is neither.

  10. BGFC,



    The problem with having proffessional referee’s is not their salaries…how much would it cost to subsidise their transport and or overnight-stays….and who would foot the bills…what you talking….minimum of 12 fekers every week for a season….it’d all add up to a fortune that the FTSFA wouldn’t/couldn’t finance….IMHO




  11. The only people ,always complaining about the sfa the mibs. The compliance officer .is us the Celtic fans . No rumblings coming from other clubs .No complaints coming from other clubs fans .but whats worse , not a sound from our club . They are trying there hardest to stop 8 , they have even started on our goal difference with the four penalties , never seen that anywhere in my 60 odd years following football . Just watch the Scouser after every decision against his team he is in the 4th officials face .same with his team , every decision against them the mibs are surrounded . While we meekly accept everything , same with Brendan. Too nice a guy ,time he was toughening up too .morellos will get off AGAIN because they have no one else, they need him . McGregor the same , he has been 10 points to them this season . Naw a stand has to be made ,and pretty quick too .

  12. THELURKINTIM @ 8:48 AM,



    Didn’t mean to confuse – unless your of a certain age it would be a bit esoteric… just having a laff, it relates to Captain Scarlett a sixties TV series:))



    Having said that, I’ve definitely seen a change in Steven Gerrard and not for the better, he’s a much darker person now…



    UNCLE JIMMY @ 9:01 AM,



    Yes, there seems to be a genuine movement to get something done, Hearts, Aberdeen and Kilmarnock are suffering as much as us…



    Still as McInnes showed… they’re not going to criticise Rangers or make specific reference to the cheating.



    Still, there is a momentum there, Clubs are on record saying they want change and are prepared to fund it… so we should be getting our not insignificant shoulder to the wheel…



    Hail Hail

  13. BigGeorge @8.31


    Sounds great but and it’s big but, there has to be an appetite for this to happen. Do you seriously think “they” will allow that to happen??? No, me neither




  14. Charbhoy…was taking the p*ss a wee (pardon the pun) bit…although a good quiz question is…What does F.A.B. stand for….answers on a postcard ta ;-))

  15. Scottish football is the victim of hundom, but Celtic have fared worse than everyone else……. and so long as those ither klubs are content to accept it – and what roughly unites them is……a generalvague love for rainjurz or a general ABC bias………..It’s part of the scoddish DNA.


    At a very base level, we’re seen as the outsiders, the complainers, the thorn in the side of the normal run of things – to most o’ thum, We-Should-Move-On, or better still move out.



    They’d love for Celtic to isolate itself further in this issue – LOVE IT. A perfect rallying call to the wider klan and give a nice wee boost to under-siege Berrz everywhere.



    This is a dirty war and us and ours are onto a hiding to nothin’.



    Fix Fitba, Empty Hampden ….oh, and Bhoycott The Rekord.




  16. THELURKINTIM  9:19 AM,



    Got you now:))) seemed to remember you were of a certain vintage…



    Hail Hail

  17. All we have to do now is sit back and let justice take it’s course over midweek events at Pittodrie.



    Morelos will get an increase to the two match ban he was offered for trying to get off with blatant foul play.



    McGregor will get a retrospective ban for dangerous play.



    I will go for a lie down now as cycling in 38 degree heat has clearly went to ma heid..:)




  18. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    UEFA will be using VAR next week during the Champions League round of 16 matches. The Scottish officials listed to be part of the specialist training in Lisbon last week ahead of the introduction were referee Willie Collum and assistants David McGeachie and Graeme Stewart.



    I believe VAR suits a television audience not fans in the grounds, so I’m against the principle of its use. All the same, interested to check whether our guys are given one of the games.



    One of the stated outcomes from the Lisbon sessions made me laugh – …referees were encouraged to be decisive and firm in fulfilling their crucial role on the field. Instructions given to them included the need to protect players from serious injury caused by reckless challenges…



    Good luck with that in Scotland, Mr Rosetti.

  19. Chairbhoy…unfortunately I was born in the 70’s…missed the Leo’s de Lisboa….vaguely remember the power cuts….lived through all our nearly men teams and the cheatin years…seriously enjoying our supremacy now because it’ll not last forever…bookmark this post…I predict (a riot ;-)) 15 in a row

  20. mmm…seems F.A.B. was Thunderbirds (are go)….mixed up childhood memories ;-((….Captain Scarlett was S.I.G….Spectrum Is Red?…naw me neither

  21. Just can’t stomach the audacity of the hunbigots appealing against Moreorless red card, who do they think they are. Trying to be as neutral as I can, if ever I saw a more obvious red card then that was it. Huns should be fined for even attempting it and the little merde shoud be banned for at least 6 games.


    If he gets a way with it then , Celtic have to take action at all costs, no doubt about it, a bloody scandal.







    Think it was TERJE VIGEN who proposed it… good idea, took a fews arguments that it will be an expense and will be hottly resisted for the jobs for the boys brigade…



    I noticed that during the first week of the winter break that a couple of referees

  23. ….in the news Beaton regarding his “death threats” and Andrew Dallas… Garry Caldwell having a pop at him over his officiating a Partick Thistle nil match…



    The SFA seem to keep these “part timers” awfy busy



    Hail from




    Well that’s interesting, twas sure Dallas snr stated it takes a year to train a referee… maybe the way it’s operates in Scotland will have an extra level of complexity;)



    THELURKINTIM @ 10:04 AM,



    You will find most supermarionation sayings are interchangeable..:))



    Not at all sure, but thought F.A.B. didn’t actually stand for anything…



    What does S.F.A.B. stand for!?



    Hail Hail

  25. What does S.F.A.B. stand for!?


    Where to start :)



    Scottish Football Association Bigots


    Scottish Football Association Bampots


    Scottish Football Association Barstewards



    Join in por cierto

  26. CHAIRBHOY @ 10 44 .



    OAP home and away PTFC pal said that Dallas ‘s shift in that game v Falkirk was wowee bad . To quote him – ” Incompetent and partial “

  27. Making referees declare their allegiances would be a MAJOR BOOST for Scottish football, obviously.


    I mean, imagine the sudden outing of all those ‘undiscovered’ Motherwell, Airdrie, Hamilton, Albion Rovers not to mention St Mirren fans (like Chico Young) that would no doubt suddenly swell the ranks of bona fide supporter clubs.


    The they’d be free to referee for ‘other clubs’ they hadn’t declared fondness for.



  28. SOUTH OF TUNIS @ 10:57 AM,



    Thought it was odd for Gary Caldwell to speak up, looks like he has some grounds then. Looked it up on the BBC, looks like GC has bee charged…



    “Partick Thistle manager Gary Caldwell has been charged with harassment against referee Andrew Dallas following his side’s draw with Falkirk.



    Caldwell claimed Dallas “cost us points” after Gary Harkins was shown a second yellow card in the 1-1 Scottish Championship draw earlier this month.



    The Thistle manager could be banned for at least four games after confronting Dallas after the game. And he also faces at least another two-match ban for “indicating bias and incompetence” in a post-match interview.



    Caldwell has until Tuesday, 5 February to respond, with any hearing scheduled for Thursday, 14 February.



    After the match with their relegation rivals, Caldwell said he thought Dallas was “sucked in” by the Falkirk players and staff.



    “I don’t understand how every foul we make is a yellow card, yet they get away with one, two, three fouls,” he said.



    “I’m not saying they [referees] can be perfect. The way they go about it after, the arrogance they show, isn’t great. It needs to improve. We need to make it better because this is people’s livelihoods at stake.



    “I had a quiet word with the referee after the game, but I can’t say what he said. It’s private.”






    Didnt know “indicating bias and incompetence” was in itself a charge, are they suggesting it’s impossible for a referee to be biased &/or incompetent!?



    A couple of adjectives that are ubiquitous in Scottish Match officiating…



    Hail Hail

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