Celtic treble on the line


I’m not going to tell you I would celebrate a win tonight more than I would on Saturday, but tonight’s League Cup quarter-final against Dundee is without doubt the more important game. Celtic will win the league no matter what the outcome of Saturday’s visit to Ibrox is, but trebles are so hard to win because hot favourites come unstuck in games just like tonight’s.

Dundee are unbeaten at home since losing their opening league game of the season to Ross County, recording two wins and a draw since, the latter against St Johnstone on Saturday. They are highly unlikely to challenge for a top six spot this season, but they will battle for everything at Dens Park. If Celtic arrive with anything short of 100% commitment, we’ll be knocked out.

Your treble is on the line, Celtic……….



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  1. BIG PACKY on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 2:29 PM


    tony donnelly67. dont know how the feck they keep going. someone somewhere must be pumping in money.



    Very true, and no one watching what’s going on either, I.E., SFA

  2. TONYDONNELLY67 on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 2:02 PM


    A wee birdie telling me thems (players) haven’t been paid so far this month, and that pistol Pete is choking the nearly £3000,000 ticket money till the end of the month,not sure of this source? But! Yi never know.




    Someone posted a source late last week referring to the same thing, Also mentioned the road to Administration, possibly ties in with the info that the soft loans main man Parks has been limited by his own financial people to maximum of £1M of the £4M needed allegedly.




  3. Twists, get yourself retired and tour Europe at your leisure. I remember waking on the first Monday in September after early retirement and thinking—“The school doesn’T need me and I don’t need it.” Great feeling. Still taught after it with much enjoyment after all the business involved as a VP. To be recommended.




    Yes administration was mentioned too, that’s two or three asked me had I heard anything on the same subject, but nope only what they where asking me was the first I had heard it, as I said, with thems! Yi never know.




    The rumour that TRFC players haven’t been paid this/last month comes from an anonymous and recently started twitter account with only 20 posts before that rumour so I don’t think there is much truth in it.



    Yup, who knows, that could go two ways that new account, what made me suspicious was Jaba at the Lee Wallace press A& Q I found that very strange indeed, then again maybe he’s at them all I don’t know?

  7. Good Afternoon CQN


    Come the Bhoy’s tonight give them a right going over


    And the same on Saturday



    Hail Hail



  8. The clip antagonised football fans who were quick to react on social media.



    Lucas Johnston said: “All that for a draw with us you steal the flags and burn them enjoy prison”.



    Scott Grant said: “Embarrassment to your club. Police are coming to get you”.



    Ben Vinnicombe said: “What an embarrassment”.



    A club statement from Partick Thistle read: “At around midnight, following Friday night’s match against Rangers, a number of flags were stolen from the North Stand of the stadium.



    “The club reported the break in and theft to Police Scotland who are now investigating the matter.”



    It is understood police are now looking through CCTV to identify those involved.

  9. I take it I didn’t win the tickets for Saturday. I’ll have to cancel the private jet so.



    I agree this is a match where they’ll give everything and we need to perform or we’re out.



    Árd Macha







    many many thanks for the help with Celtic’s Smiler




    Glad that I could help B




  11. (2012) Goalkeeper Wes Fodringham


    Signs New contract till 2020


    Going by earlier posts


    He will be played by IOUs

  12. Soup taker uses biased media chums to play the poor me card.


    Having made a career of deflection and lies why should anyone believe him?


    I’m sure his team will show more fight and endeavor than he instilled in them than he did at the recent Ibrox lie down?

  13. Rangers stopper Fabio Cardoso shares image of his facial wounds – but finds sympathy in short supply


    The Portuguese defender needed four stitches to a scratch on his chin during the clash with Partick Thistle.










    yet another big Hun wean…boo hoo.

  14. Have to say I have no interest in women’s football in general and England women’s football in particular, but I would say its karma for Mark Sampson to get the bullet after what he said (allegedly) to Eniola Aluko.



    “Make sure they don’t come in with Ebola” regarding her family coming to watch England at Wembley from Nigeria just after the peak of the Ebola virus tragedy.

  15. FAN-A-TIC on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 3:19 PM


    Soup taker uses biased media chums to play the poor me card.



    Having made a career of deflection and lies why should anyone believe him?



    I’m sure his team will show more fight and endeavor than he instilled in them than he did at the recent Ibrox lie down?





    Funny how in his role as a “TV Pundit” he never made any comments about the abuse handed out to Celtic players from the Hun support time after time ?


    I don’t remember the soup taking Chump ever making comments about the racist and bigoted songs and behaviour of the Hun support that has always cascaded from the Ipox stands ( and away grounds) by that “support” ?



    I wonder if any Celtic players get abuse from dundee fans tonight, will he speak out to the smsms tomorrow ?





  16. What is the Stars on

    If Celtic arent 3 nil up after 20/25 minutes I will eat my hat…and as regular readers will know ..its a sombrero ( which I bought just in case I had to stand in Georges Square ” sans cullotes” a couple of years back had the great Ronny completed a treble)….





    Easy win tonight….then the demolition Derby to end all demolition Derbys….wouldnt be surprised if it was 2 each mind you.


    2 for dembele


    2 for Sinclair


    2 for Griff etc etc etc

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    FAN-A-TIC on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 3:19 PM


    Soup taker uses biased media chums to play the poor me card.



    Having made a career of deflection and lies why should anyone believe him?







    In fairness to Mc.Cann, it doesn’t get more disgusting than in telling someone to pay their tax, or to remind them of their betrayal of the family values from whence he came.



    On your earlier point, I’m sure that young Bates will benefit from a firm hand from Josh Windass.

  18. WHAT IS THE STARS on 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 3:36 PM



    Could you please refrain from tipping Celtic.


    Every time you give a tip I’m I’m afraid of my bookies smile :-)


    Ave Ave

  19. Some stuff about Anderlecht ‘legend’ (now acting manager) Nicolás Frutos:



    He’s only 36 and has never managed before.



    He played senior football for 10 years from 2000-2010; starting only 188 games in that time but scoring a 76 goals. His last 5 years as a player were spent at Anderlecht, where he scored 39 in 60 games).



    Oh, and he’s big: 1.96 m (i.e. 6 ft 5 in) …

  20. Complacency will be the biggest threat to victory tonight.



    I think it’s an attitude that players pick up from the support.



    So chuck it. :)

  21. Auldheid


    They won`t be picking it up from me ! Every game now, I am thinking: Is this where it ends? Admittedly, I then think of the players we have and I feel reassured ………then I go back to thinking: Is this where …..?




  22. Hot Smoked


    I’m a bit like that too until I see how they actually play and then most often I relax.

  23. I work with a mixed bunch. Local club fans, EPL fans since 2012, a few Celtic fans and a couple of Sevcoites who have indulged in some pavement dancing wearing cagoules in their time.



    The ones that have annoyed me the most this week are the Celtic fans. Not one mention of the game tonight. Only talking about Saturday and what they are doing and what team will BR play.



    I uttered a phrase I thought I would never use to one at our most recent “vap-break”.



    I called him an o*d f*rm fan……



    Was also speaking to a guy who was one of the founding members of the local csc with my dad. Said he had stopped going to away games years ago as he doesn’t live in Belfast in the 1970’s like some of our away support.



    Bummer of a day. Up to the bhoys in green to cheer me up!



    Up for the cup and Saturday can get tae……

  24. garygillespieshamstring on

    From last thread : Crucifixion



    Someone asked if anyone was disciplined at STV



    My memory is that the scene was from a trail for an upcoming showing of Jesus of Nazareth , The trail was was being broadcast in England on the national network during an ad break. Only Scottish viewers were seeing the live crucifixion.



    A guy working at STV flicked a switch at the appropriate moment and the image appeared on screen in Scotland. I thought it was hysterical but the peepul were offended and complained to STV. I can only assume this was in the days before they made statements.



    The word at the time was that the guy was a Tim and lost his job as a result.


    Harder to believe that a Tim was working at STV than that he lost his job.

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