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  1. Fool Time Whistle on

    87 minute 0-0


    Johnson getting space & threatening twice in quick succession..

  2. Fool Time Whistle on

    Another dive that Thomson sees & give a perfect 6.0 for artistic impression but zero for technical difficulty.

  3. jinkyredstar on

    Serious lack of penetration today. Played well enough but no one to undo the lock, happy to take coming out of this weekend still 8 clear.

  4. Ach well, I suppose it makes the dobs rage that wee bit more – that they couldn’t sucure 3 points last night. ?


    A performance like that from the Dons in midweek should be interesting.



  5. Not good enough. Very Poor. Huns will feel that they are still in the hunt.


    We missed the chance to close it out. Tactics did not work at all.


    Sheep had some 2nd half possession and a couple of chances.

  6. Fool Time Whistle on

    Team look deflated as they walk round pitch..



    NFL is waiting for them in the drsssing room, so maybe that explains their expressions…

  7. McPhail Bhoy on

    A lot of huffing and puffing but no real cutting edge.


    8 clear luckily for us Sevco are bottlers

  8. Rotten. The team of missing players took their toll today..



    Can’t wait until we get Callum, Christie, Rogic and Ntcham in the team again.



    Brown and Bitton make it easy for these kind of teams to defend against us.



    Ah well.

  9. Very frustrating game to watch but there’s one thing for sure you won’t see Shinnie trying to ref the game or their players leaving everything on the park on Tuesday.



    We seen this movie a million times.



    Not sure we did enough to win the game today, when our first half dominance wasn’t turned into a goal they were given hope to have a go in the second:((



    Still 8 points clear is not to be sniffed at..

  10. glendalystonsils on

    Needed more from our wide men today. Sheep defended comfortably aided by Thomshun who penalised us for every challenge. Can’t honestly say we were robbed of two points though….we got pretty much what we deserved out of the game . Aberdeen said come and break us down……and we couldn’t find the creative spark to do it.

  11. That was a tough run of games, two visits to Edinburgh, one to keep the treble treble on the go, then Aberdeen. Two wins and a draw, still 8 points ahead, in the Cup semi final.



    I’m happy with that.

  12. Games like today is why Neil has to convince a lot of Celtic supporters he has what it takes to get the full time gig.

  13. JF and OB would have been as well sitting beside me today.



    Aberdeen came for a point and we seemed clueless as to how to break them down.

  14. N DUN on 9TH MARCH 2019 5:02 PM


    Games like today is why Neil has to convince a lot of Celtic supporters he has what it takes to get the full time gig.



    Quite right.

  15. glendalystonsils on

    Maybe the initial ‘Lenny’ effect’ that we saw in the previous two games wore off a bit today .Flat and uninventive.

  16. Mickey Johnstom must show up well in training because he disappears on game day.



    Weah here for a handful of games, surely a better option

  17. Drat!….and indeed Double Drat!! Couldn’t face iShortie so went into the garden and planted the remaining 20 sticks of Beach hedging – It’s in late but we’ll live and hope for the Green Shoots of survival.



    Disappointed for Neil and The Bhoys, I didn’t like the look of Deek’s big smilin’ coupon so not terribly surprised we escaped with a point – one game nearer to home tho…………..



    ( Still glad Huns drapped points last night mind!)




  18. A little reminder that it ain’t over till it’s over. Sheep with little to play for and a Cup game on Tuesday did extremely well. We can only hope they play as well against the Hun. Having said that, the Hun might be an easier assignment in the semi.


    Think we should always start a game with a recognized Striker so for me French Eddie should have been on from the start,


    Disappointing to lose 100% home record but to be honest we didn’t deserve much more than a draw,


    Disappointing home coming for Lenny but it’s done & dusted now, we must concentrate on Dundee tomorrow week.

  19. overseasbhoy on

    Lenny showing why he wont get the gig – how long ago did we realize that Bitton/Brown does not work. Timo getting the same time he used to give Paddy.

  20. Overall it was a bit disappointing from us. Very little penetration or quality in the final third albeit against a very well structured Aberdeen defence.



    They deserved their point. Very good defensively and caused us a few problems second half.



    McKenna has very good positional awareness, anticipation and is a good reader of the game. Physically very strong. Bit slow to turn and react at times but he has the makings of a very good defender imo.



    If they replicate that level of performance on Tuesday they’ll beat the huns.




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