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  1. Considering what state of mind the Celtic family was in a couple of weeks ago, we have done well.



    Onwards and upwards.



    D. :)

  2. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Not one of our better performances.Sleazy and the chasers now 8 points behind.

  3. Despite a flat performance, difficult to single out a bad performer from defence and midfield. Wide players not able to deliver the spark maybe due to service, missing a natural number 10 whether it is Rogic, Christie or Calmac.



    Thought Broony had an excellent game

  4. Those saying they hope the Dons are as well organized against huns?


    They were not really our lack of shape or forward threat made it easy for them today.


    Coaching equivalence was on display today.


    The only thing that central midfield creates is acres of space for opponents which was plenty in evidence in the second half with Henderson’s withdrawal.

  5. FAN-A-TIC



    We seemed to surrender the midfield to them first ten fifteen minutes of the second half??



    I have no idea why we brought Mikey on at that point??



    More questions than answers!

  6. To those who didn’t like the passing around at the back, that’s the kind of game you get.



    We didn’t control the game and trying to get the ball forward “more quickly” just makes it a lottery.



    Worse display for a long time.

  7. Felt sorry for Sinclair thought forrest should have come off, with olly to the right and big ed up top, having said that the midfield was just stale

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Not great but not terrible either.



    Didn’t think we were too bad first half.



    Was young Ewan injured?



    Thought NFL twisted a bit early. A single change of Odsonne for Scott S might have been enough?



    8 up, 9 to play.



    That central combo lacks the creativity and nous to play together.


    There was an incident around 64th minute when Brown needlessly chased a clearance to half way line and left a huge gap behind that they exploited and got a shot off while his partner was nowhere in sight.


    That axis got Ronnie his jotters and could impact our season negatively.



    Being pedantic i know but we had 2.


    JF had a weak effort in first after an all to rare KT run.

  11. Horrible performance by a team lacking focus, appetite, energy and leadership.



    SB is finished at this level — 15 minutes of action man is not enough to cover up his pedestrian performance. Where he led too many followed and the team selection was poor and seemed to reinforce the problems we have.



    A lame SB / rusty NB is not the MF we need.


    MJ will come good but he needs to add drive and vision to his talent.


    JF needs a new challenge or better coaching — plus he needs to grow up.



    Consequently major fail at an open goal.


    Very lazy all round.

  12. No fight in the team — happy for the Sheep CF but bully the defence as long as it wasn’t them.

  13. Missed Rogic, McGregor and Christie badly today. Aberdeen defended well. Not much else to add.

  14. Compared to last night — TFOD2.1 / first half and Hibs / second half would have shown us up big time.

  15. Fool Time Whistle on

    Post match commenst from the BBC



    Celtic manager Neil Lennon admits his team looked tired in the goalless stalemate with Aberdeen.



    “It’s frustrating in terms of our play in the final third. We looked leggy, little bit fatigued. and I understand that,” he said on Sportsound.



    “Psychologically they’re a little bit fatigued too after everything that’s happened. After the last week there was always going to be a lull and hopefully that’s over now.



    “Give credit to Aberdeen, they defended very well, but we didn’t test Joe Lewis anywhere near enough and were far too pedestrian with the ball.”

  16. MADMITCH on 9TH MARCH 2019 5:35 PM



    Great analysis – can’t understand why Peter hasn’t been on the phone to you in last 2 weeks



    Maybe waiting on you passing your Level 1

  17. FAN-A-TIC



    Not a lot of choice round that duo at the moment but I thought it was the return of the 4-2-4 after EH’s withdrawal..



    I thought we looked like we were trying to hard to play a “different” kind of game today but it’s that “people pleasing” aspect of management that will impact our season.



    Todays game was lot like Sheep Hun hoofbaw last weekend, lots of endeavour sparkled with some nice touches from Celtic games.



    I’m willing to let it slide though until we have a few players back and see what the style is going to be with a full Celtic team.



    Too many creative players missing to judge at the moment..




  18. Mad Mitch, Scott Brown finished at this level? Where did I hear that before.


    Wasn’t brilliant today but in all honesty, apart from Ajer, Boyata & Toljan the team in general were flat.


    We do need CalMac, Rogic, N’tcham back but to single out Brooney after the season he has been having is pathetic in my eyes.

  19. Bada



    You’re right. It was a weird atmosphere.



    Pretty terrible game.



    MOTM Craig Thomson



    HH jg

  20. Adi



    I’m not like the hun. Just can’t go supporting different teams whenever I want.



    Just expressing my disappointment.

  21. Sloleybhoy on 9th March 2019 5:42 pm



    MADMITCH on 9TH MARCH 2019 5:35 PM


    Great analysis – can’t understand why Peter hasn’t been on the phone to you in last 2 weeks


    Maybe waiting on you passing your Level 1





    ‘Thought Broony had an excellent game’ with that sort of analysis hopefully Peter doesn’t call you ;O)

  22. For the first time since August we are down to one game per week. Neil saying players are fatigued having had a week to prepare is quite frankly bs.

  23. Disappointing result. And performance. We are missing Callum Tom rogic and Ryan Christie. Personally I will be surprised if we see ntcham much more . We hardly made a chance today , and


    some players we depend on were posted missing again . Too slow a build up, Coupled with very slack passing were our main faults

  24. Sloleybhoy on 9th March 2019 5:50 pm



    THE_HUDDLE on 9TH MARCH 2019 5:47 PM



    Read my post at 5.19pm




    Where did you think I got your quote from??



    While injuries are obviously influencing selection i would still prefer a partnership that works over one that threatens to be a liability.


    Would prefer we moved Ajer into middle as at least he seems to know a forward direction.

  26. CC @ 5.44



    SB has been toiling for a couple of years now.


    The cracks started to show in the CL games and now they have grown.



    However his performances against the TFOD2.1 last year and the way they reacted to him made him worth his place on those performances alone.



    Now I think he is phoning it in — rationing his all action style to certain parts of the game.



    If we go 2 goals up he starts spraying the passes about.


    If we are struggling he pushes on at the end of the game.



    However for most of the game he is a mobile chicane that the opposition can walk past.


    For all the talk regarding a bloated wage bill and a lack of quality — giving him a 2 year contract extension was an act of folly.



    Great servant to the club but we need to move on.


    As noted by others a MF of SB and NB got RD the sack.

  27. JIMTIM



    Spot on about the slow build up and slack passing but you forgot terrible first touch/control.




  28. Adi



    I am very calm my friend.



    I am just disappointed with the performance.



    I hope some of the injured players are back soon. We need a bit of creativity.

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