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  1. TheLurkinTim on




    If you read the rest of TBB’s post, and accepted it as an honest business way forward, then Moyes ( never been interested in developing youth ) isn’t the way forward at Celtic







  2. Being lazy, what did tbb say about moyes?



    Watching Aberdeen today made me think what we could achieve with a proper manager

  3. Celtic40ME



    I was unimpressed by McInnes’s failure to close off the effective out ball we used throughout with Craig Gordon throwing to Lustig or Roberts unmarked on the right touchline.



    We broke on them more often than they broke on us and I was amazed that he did not fix the issue. We continued to find space there all through the second half

  4. Hillsborough Blood alcohol levels of the deceased read out in court. Beyond shocking.

  5. the_huddle on 8th May 2016 10:06 pm



    Sandman on 8th May 2016 10:01 pm






    You’re not getting this outlandish ‘football team’ philosophy, are you?






    Yep football is something I’ve just stumbled onto












    Scary that this is the type of informed fan that follows Celtic, no wonder Ronny had no chanced from the start






    Interesting you should throw that one in – I called him from the start; didn’t know what he was doing, making it up as he went along. I called it at half-time against Maribor, actually, when he made the ludicrous substitiution and tactical change. Realised then we had a feewheeling theoretician clinging on for dear life as football reality slapped him about.



    Of course, the more knowledgeable supporters like yourself condemned my misplaced insight; got ridiculed on here a couple of times for being a naysayer, pointing out the emperor was a nudist, that the great plan was basically to runaround a lot and hope the ball bounced our way more often than not. Wasn’t the only one; WITS was another roasted for the same misgivings.



    Was told we were the ‘type of informed fan’ that didn’t know a football genius was in our midst and needed to see the light.



    And here we are, weeks from a Champions League qualifying campaign, no project in place, no clarity, no defined squad, shape or first eleven we can rely on.



    Two wasted years of misfiring, millions blown on duds.



    How’s that working out for ya?

  6. TheLurkinTim on




    I read that in an ideal world Celtic PLC should manage risk better and show a bit of ambition…..and that a shrewd manager could help them in that respect…..not sure Moyes (for all the


    time he was at Everton) has shown any consistency…..only my abbreviated humble opinion of course;-))







  7. the_huddle on 8th May 2016 10:11 pm



    Keep digging that hole, McGregor who has scored in Europe and the league is not worthy of a place ahead of Christie and Allan






    I’m glad we agree on that…

  8. TheLurkinTim on




    Stop tormenting yourself…..watch it later….







  9. Sftb



    I agree there was a lot of bunching going on, but I felt like they outsmarted us in midfield (again) in the second half mcinnes reacted in an effective way, Ronny didn’t seem to know what to do



    they do what effective teams do, keep it simple, play to a system they all understand, and play to their players strengths.

  10. rudicantfail on

    Has that gormless fecka Deila gone now?




    And breathe………………….


    Watching Hillsborough



    The level of corruption is absolutely shocking

  12. I read tbb’s post, lets hope he gets what he wants, not sure it’s any more than that, but I’d be very happy to be wrong

  13. rudicantfail on

    Unfortunately Patrick Roberts is not ours to keep.



    The only proper footballer,who would make it a higher level, in the SPFL too.



    I think we should cherish him before he signs a 6 year deal at Southampton

  14. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    If Patrick Roberts was our player, we’d be selling him next summer anyway, so gie it a rest with the whingeing and just enjoy him.

  15. Really disappointed by the coverage, not surprising that nothing was shown of the Hillsborough families.



    Ach well, only up here. Kip time, sleep it off bhoys.

  16. I’ve watched Hillsborough tonight for the first time. I’m not ashamed to say I cried several times.



    SOAL called me during it and when I told him I was watching it he commented that it was bound to happen at some point. Sadly, he’s right. We’ve all experienced situations where things got a bit scary but thank God we got home safely. The decision of a senior police officer resulted in 96 football supporters dying.



    Today, I got the opportunity to show solidarity on behalf of the Celtic support with the families and friends of those who died on that terrible day.



    It was an honour and a privilege and I’d like to thank Celtic for asking me to take part.



    On another point, today marks the second anniversary of the passing of our wee legend Oscar Knox. I text Stephen, Oscar’s dad, earlier to tell him we were thinking of him and Leona and Izzie. I added an invitation to our wedding because Helen and I met because of the wee fella. Oscar was going to be our page bhoy. I didn’t expect a reply as it’s obviously a hugely difficult day for them but within seconds my phone went with a reply saying that they’d be delighted to be there.



    Tonight spare a thought for 96 football supporters unlawfully killed and a truly special wee lad, Oscar.

  17. Hi BHOYS AND GHIRLS just home from the match and wanted to say how brilliant it was to be at paradise the home of the untainted champions with my daughter , we have been unable to attend for a while and she loved it .



    maybe because she met Shaun Maloney :-))))



    havent had time to read back but hope everyone enjoyed the result




  18. RudicAntfail



    Must be painful for you tonight



    5 leagues in a row and 11 from 16.



    If it weren’t for 3 which we threw away it would be 14 from 16. Still 16 from 21 in the 21st century and 10 in a row will be a gendom enough.

  19. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on




    Don’t read back.



    Your heid will swill with the amount of love for you.




  20. Hillsborough A massive well done to all involved. Public broadcasting at its very best. JFT96 at last.

  21. HAMILTONTIM on 8TH MAY 2016 11:05 PM



    The wee man brought so much joy in his short life R.I.P. Oscar Knox



    congratulations to you and the main lady




  22. Hamilton Tim.



    Well done today.



    Excuse the expression but great dignity and humility shown.

  23. Dena



    Magic to see you and the wean. Delighted she got to meet her hero! :-)




    what have I done now ??




  25. TheLurkinTim on




    I didn’t know that…..awesome outcome….the circle is closing ;-))







  26. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Just caught up on highlights.



    Poor Izzy looks like he is heartbroken.



    JC not exactly over enthusiastic to congratulating his boss.

  27. Burnley 78



    Yeah. “Threw away.” Just ignore the fact that Rangers (1872-2012) fielded improperly registered players, certainly throughout their 2003 and 2005 title “wins”, eh?



    Just as the Zombies want it.



    They threw them away by cheating, and that’s me only deducting 3 points for one improperly registered player in one match each season.



    No need to be vindictive, after all.



    Hail!Hail! To the second 5-in-a-row of this still-maturing century.