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  1. HAMILTONTIM on 8TH MAY 2016 11:16 PM



    Me too it made my day seeing the smile on her face,






  2. TimHorton



    Madden was absolutely awful today. It’s what he does when he referees our games mate.

  3. We were too slow to react…..I mean why did we wait till only 15 mins to go before Singing ‘Hun with a whistle…..’



    HH jamesgang

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    SFTB & LurkinTim



    My earlier post was entirely drawn from inference and my (poor) imagination, but on the topic of Moyes, here’s his retrospective view on taking over Everton, as told in conversation with Graham Hunter, which podcast is readily available online:



    “I wanted to build a young team, I wanted to get young players. I wanted to get boys who I thought could go the journey with me. Cos I had only one thought: “I’m in here for the long haul. I’m in here to build a club.”



    Ticks my boxes.




    Today was about so much more than the football, it was about communities, it was about causes, it was about people we have lost and people we continue to treasure as life brings football sharply into focus every so often and your post mate encapsulates perfectly what today was all about.



    There’s been more than a few tears shed in the Starry house the day and that is no bad thing:))




  6. TheLurkinTim on

    Can’t help but feel….that last weeks JFT96 isn’t justice….but vindication for the long fight the families have fought to shine a light on the actions on those in authority.



    Justice….legally….now means that those responsible should be held to account for their actions.



    No stone should be unturned…..and jail time for those conspiracists ….be they police or government….







  7. Just in from the title winning game.


    5 in a row. God bless the Celtic.


    Called to the corner and nobody there. Met Dena later as B stalked Shaun Maloney and she informed me that everybody departed early for the JFT96 tribute. Great dignity shown.


    HH all

  8. WeefratheTim on




    Please read back and know why I am finished with this blog. Sad days. But wonderful to meet you again. We will keep in touch as per how we have had. Keep me posted kiddo. HH

  9. Wee NatKnow had a great time today on her first visit to Celtic Park. Many thanks to BMCUW for the message on the board earlier. I showed it to her and she was made up! After we were 3 up the fellow next to us commented that she could come any time as she was clearly a good luck charm. He was quieter after Aberdeen scored 2 but she was delighted none the less. :-)



    5 secured – now on to 6…


    Lurkin Tim



    Totally agree .. watching the program tonight I found myself raging at some of the plod who lied and covered up the scandal .



    Must admit the feelings I have for those scumbags are not Christian

  11. TheLurkinTim on

    Did I tell you about the time I met Jamesgang…..there was this tall handsome guy in our crowd……Jamesgang was standing behind him….;-))







  12. Don’t think it’s Moyes.



    It’s not Neil either apparently.



    Probably wrong though.



    Still think it’s that other guy, what’s his name again?



    Goodnight All – half way there.

  13. TheLurkinTim on




    Wtf….finished was us?….you’ve got to learn to scroll on by unfortunately







  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Here we go five in a row, yahoooo, my heads burstin, mothers day


    here yesterday and tried to watch the game through the bottom


    of a malt whisky glass, will i ever learn?


    Wee mhan’s game yesterday, rain was torrential,unusual here, so


    i said to him keep smacking them like you do the ground is slippy


    scored two and set up two, 5-1 win, biggest surprise was the ref, as


    i was the marshal, they do that here to protect the ref from abusive


    parents, he said ” i like your cap ( Celtic baseball cap from Timland )


    so i said “do you like the Celtic ? he then took off his jacket and there


    it was, a Celtic centenary hoops top, a ref with a hoops top on i could


    have fell on my erse, i said to him


    ” how did you slip through the net? he was an Aussie and hadn’t a clue


    what i was talking about but he gave the wee mhan a dodgy penalty


    which he smashed home so nepotism is good for us tims.


    H.H Mick






    clue what i was havering about

  15. WEEFRATHETIM on 8TH MAY 2016 11:39 PM


    lifes too short to worry about whats on a blog F ,



    Dont let it get to you ……I dont anymore ……we’ve all our own battles to fight so if someones not with you move on ……



    hope all goes well with you and I’ll let you know how we get on xxxxx




  16. hamiltontim


    talking to a few tims after the game conclusion, just a very bad ref.

  17. Starry



    It was my friend. Today was about the very special things associated with the Celtic support.

  18. Goodnight Timland



    enjoy the moment you never know when things will change.




  19. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Melbourne mick.



    I enjoy your posts very much.



    Keep it lit.

  20. Tall gorgeous Tim?



    I know him well. An Tearmann is his name.



    We all walk in his shadow!



    HH jamesgang

  21. Timhorton



    Just different interpretations, for me Madden is one of them but with a whistle.







  22. TheLurkinTim on

    Nite Dena….



    You still have my admiration for yer travellin exploits to see our team ;-))







  23. Ronnie had his defence ripped apart before the Euro campaigns, VVD and Denayer never replaced.


    . Almost every game that we had problems started in defence…….just like the second half today. Last year we had real problems with set pieces……methinks John Kennedy needs some improving.


    Hope that next year we are not all wishing we had Ronnie back.


    5 in a row……awesome


    Heard a story today that John hartson has been touting himself for a job at celtic

  25. I’ll take any manager that disnae talk about Rangers as if they hadn’t died.



    I know that rules out most of the field.



    Old favourites included.



    What a shocking state of affairs.

  26. TheLurkinTim on




    if he’s really that tall…..then I seek sanctuary ;-))







  27. I’ll go for a foreigner who cannae speak English.



    ‘Manuel! Are you glad Rangers are back?’




  28. Thanks for all your good wishes Bhoys



    any of you who are any good at praying , keep us in yours we’ve a big day tomorrow



    Definitely goodnight now





  29. Lurkin



    When I get tired on a long walk he picks me up and pops me in his pocket!



    He’s a seriously big lad!



    HH jamesgang

  30. TheLurkinTim on




    If he can put u in his pocket….how do I wrap him round my little finger ;-))