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  1. Melbourne Mick on



    Thank you for that, it really is amazing how Celtic impacts on people’s


    lives and its only since we’ve moved to this side of the world that we


    have recognised how massive our club really is and i don’t think we


    are making the most of it but i’ll leave any bitching about our retail


    or merchandising for another day as its title winning time.


    Talking to the wee mhans clubs operators through the week they


    asking why there was so many Celtic tops about and thought there


    was a wee opperchancity to get them to adopt the hoops strip for


    next season but they have to play with a yellow top which is the local


    Aboriginal colours for that area, so took down my comp. and showed


    them the new Celtic top for next season with the yellow in it, some


    humming and hawing but if nothing else i’m dogged.


    H.H Mick

  2. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on




    The bumble bee top



    With green shorts



    And white socks




    That would brilliant

  3. TheLurkinTim on

    Rite, Tim’s,…..bak 2 lurking 4 me…..laters ;-))







  4. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    I just had a thought.



    For all the marketing geniuses.



    Why is our 16-17 strip not a direct replica of the Lisbon strip ?



    Sack the board . amateurs or consultants.



    Know your market




  5. Melbourne Mick on



    They were seriously impressed with the yellow away top with the thin green


    lines and its also the Aussie national colours and our African bhoys love it


    but for me it’s the hoops or nothing.


    H.H Mick

  6. Stivs



    They did mate. For 27 years a group of football supporters fought the government and fought the police and fought the establishment. And they won.



    Thatcher began the criminalisation of us and we fight it still.

  7. Melbourne Mick on




    As Celtic supporters we’ve fought it all our lives and still it continues.


    I think I’ve been in you and Minxs company in bar 67 the last time i was


    home. Tam Cads was a pal of mine from Bairds when i was a glesga




    H.H Mick

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    O.K Ghuys


    Looks as though I’m on my own, need a curer so think ill


    nip along to the local club and see if Scott McDonalds dad


    wants to reminisce about his bhoys time at the hoops.


    H.H Mick.

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Just before i go


    Five in a row hullo, five in a row hullo five in a row hullo.


    H.H Mick

  10. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Sorry to bring this up.


    Bamboo has brought it up before.


    Justice should be across the board yeah?


    Justice for the 96?




    What about the justice for the Juventus fans?


    Murdered in the Heysel.


    What about the justice for their families?


    Are we going to be selective in death?

  11. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Oh and please don’t give me the pish about the piddling sentences handed out to a bunch of Liverpool fans ..




    Aye justice to all.


    There is one telling factor here.


    Liverpool fans horrifically died because of shambolic policing.


    How did Juventus fans die?


    Because of Liverpool fans thuggery.


    Please don’t give me the whataboutery.

  12. aburntoutcase on

    TCR I was in Rotterdam when Everton beat Rapid. Great night. One fan arrested. Six days later came Heysel and all that unfolded that night. Liverpool fans hated us for years cos of our nationality/religion.

  13. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    The Celts march on.


    Cheerio Ronny.


    Lustig,Brown,Armstrong,Ambrose,Izzaguire,Johansen, just for a kick off oot.


    Definite keeps.


    Gordon,Tierney, Sviatchenko,Rogic,McGregor,Griffiths,Roberts..


    Now yer struggling…


    Sign Nolan,Grigg,Winnall, Rooney and Johnny Russell.


    We are CELTIC.


    KevJ,Neganon,Sydney Tim,Glorious Bank Sheet Cody et all on the board.


    A good dozen at least to join them.



    I can just see it..We tried everything to get ten managers over the line but here he is..


    Lawwell just get tae f

  14. Tricoloured Ribbon on





    Dont get this Liverpool love in at all.


    Here in the North they are two of a kind Liverpool /Man United


    Sneering and mocking Celtic.


    Get them to feck.Scum both of them.





    I’m 100% with you. Posted earlier and got pelters from the CQN clique. When will we as a club recognise Heysel? Don’t hold your breath. Shocking what happened. The wider football impact was the ban on english teams from playing in Europe which meant that the great Everton team of the late 80s ( twice champions) were denied an opportunity to play in Europe. Inter alia…….



    Read on below. Very moving.




  16. An Teach Solais on 8th May 2016 9:03 pm




    AULDHEID at 8.50pm







    Genuinely puzzled by the latter part of your post. I had assumed that CM’s substitution was due to muscle strain AGAIN!! Now unless this was due to being overtrained it is hardly the managers fault. Nor is it RD’s fault that Celtic players have been falling like ninepins all season.





    May the club should appoint a witch doctor instead of a fitnes coach if we want a lucky manager with regard to player injuries.





    RD has faults but also wrteched luck at times with player injuries.




    Your last sentence was the ironic point I was trying to make. Even during games we were comfortable in an injury or unforced error by a player who might not be 1st choice upset things. Its not down to RD but a bit of luck helps.

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    Back in again, don’t think Ronnie’s problem was luck or lack of


    but we move on, anyway keep up the good fight.


    H.H Mick

  18. TheLurkinTim on




    Dont get this Liverpool love in at all.





    Here in the North they are two of a kind Liverpool /Man United





    Sneering and mocking Celtic.





    Get them to feck.Scum both of them.






    A Hope yer In yet cups…..I was in the jungle the day we played Liverpool after Hillsborough…..it wasn’t about them or us…..it was about the families that lost loved ones…..from that…..a mutual respect was born…..;-))



    Yer last statement is a disgrace to you….retract it







  19. TheLurkinTim on

    Whitaboutery of the crassest (If that’s a word) order…..Heysel and Hillsborough…..shame on you










  20. TheLurkinTim on

    Just reading bak…..yes Heysel was a public order disgraceful tragedy caused by Liverpool fans…..but to compare it to another tragedy ( linked to the same fans ) caused by circumstance is to my mind, petty and narrow…..worthy of the main stream media. Blame has been correctly apportioned in the former…..but the shameful conspiratorial TRUTH has just been uncovered in the latter…..sometimes I wonder if it is worth it trying to explain the difference…..nah…..ignorance is bliss for some people







  21. SydneyTim says sack Lawell now on

    Tricoloured. I have no love in with Liverpool. Infact it’s the one team in EPL that I smile when they lose as they sum up EPL. A small team in the 60’s that I am sure Singapore thought Liverpool was a Just an city ! Now the whole of Singapore supports Liverpool with half of Malaysia due to overpaid premadonas and Tv



    But There are people in uefa who should have earned a jail sentence for it


    1. Safety inspection was cancelled due to rain.


    2. They put the local Italians from Brussels right beside Liverpool fans


    3. Fans were separated by what can only be described as chicken wire fence


    4. The walls in this stadium were crumbling, literally Fans punched holes in external walls to get in the ground the terraces were just broken pieces of concrete




    The final should never have been played there Massive cover up UEFA blamed Liverpool fans in entirely


    Similar to Rangers fc putting the story out in 1971 that fans ran back up the stairs when Colin Stein scored equiliser. Fact was disaster happened approx 5 mins after final whistle and everyone was moving in the one direction. Huns were quite happy to kid on it wasn’t there fault. But fault of fans going wrong way



    Find facts then criticise



    Ps. I agree Lawell get tae

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THELURKINTIM on 9TH MAY 2016 4:25 AM


    Just reading bak…..yes Heysel was a public order disgraceful tragedy caused by Liverpool fans






    Unfair generalisation , I think.

  23. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Initially, the blame for the incident was laid on the fans of Liverpool FC. On 30 May official UEFA observer Gunter Schneider said, “Only the English fans were responsible. Of that there is no doubt.” UEFA, the organiser of the event, the owners of Heysel Stadium and the Belgian police were investigated for culpability. After an 18-month investigation, the dossier of top Belgian judge Marina Coppieters was finally published. It concluded that blame should not rest solely with the English fans, and that some culpability lay with the police and authorities. Several top officials were incriminated by some of the dossier’s findings, including police captain Johan Mahieu, who had been in charge of security on 29 May 1985 and was subsequently charged with manslaughter.

  24. So, Shay Logan who we were looking at in January


    applauds the Celtic fans after the game.


    McInnes, shakes the hands of all the Celtic players.




    Join the dots….CSC


    If the ibrox disaster happened today I reckon the sfa and authorities woukd once again cover up the facts

  26. An Teach Solais on

    Good morning, CQN


    Won’t do the weather forecast. That’s for Jobo to do.


    Still enjoying yesterday’s victory and the tribute to the Liverpool Families, the GB display and the sparkling football of the first half. Yesterday was a great day to be a Tim.


    Even conspiracy theorists cannot spoil that. HH

  27. Well done Ronny and the bhoys…



    Championee5, 5iar…



    Hail Hail

  28. Jobo Baldie on

    Good morning friend5 from a dry, bright, cloudy but neverthele55 5imply 5tunning looking Ea5t Kilbride.



    Looking forward to reminding everyone I 5ee of our hi5toric achievement – the fir5t club ever to do 5 in a row on 3 separate occa5ion5.