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  1. From one set of Champions


    To my own Champion



    Very Hoooopy Birthday Jenna X X X X X


    Great post JoBo



    But …. stunning east kilbride… ;)



    Beauty is indeed in the eye of the bee holder

  3. Jobo Baldie on

    Cheers Bobby. I’m already lookin6 forward to doin6 somethin6 similar this time next year ;-)





    Please with jenna a very happy birthday please



    Drop me a wee message as I have anever interesting bit of news

  5. An Teach Solais on

    Apparently the (Glasgow) Herald reporting that Celtic “stumbled ” to the title. 12 points and 30+ goal difference = “stumbling”!!!!!! Thankfully I took that rag off the menu years ago.


    I know that at times the team struggled a bit but the SMSM keep showing their agenda. HH

  6. Morning all.



    I see BBC Scotland’s sports department has shown itself in its true colours once again. Last night’s Sportscene informed us that Efe’s challenge that resulted in Aberdeen’s second goal was wild and it was edited to sow it as such, while in reality it was an excellent challenge which the MIB wrongly punished (and booked Efe to boot). Then this morning, Radio Scotland’s sports roundup had DU’s search for a new manager in 1st place and then mentioned that Ronnie Deila was disappointed at only winning the league, deliberately misconstruing his words. They must be hurting really really badly.

  7. kevinlasvegas on

    Good Morning Bhoys from a Sunny Mallorca. Well its not that Sunny yet.



    Congratulations to the Bhoys yesterday and our Ronnie. Great first half and great celebrations.



    Loved it. Onwards and up wards now with speculation on the new guy.



    We will see how serious the Board are now. I personally think we will be well happy. I think DD doesn’t like to be mocked. Never under estimate the power of Hubris. He is used to winning all the time now and won’t fancy second.



    I think we will shed 10 players at least in the coming weeks after the new man has a look and I really think 10m will be spent to add to the good spine we already have.





  8. kevinlasvegas on

    Bhoys are the papers down playing Celtic’s achievements? Are the papers and BBC saying bad stuff and making us look bad? News flash Water is wet. :) Don’t read it if it annoys you so much that you repost in here.



    they are hurtin, enjoy it and laugh at them!!!!!!



    So anyone hear who the new Manager will be at the game yesterday? I am in Spain so i missed the game, Glad we shut the dons up. That Mcinnes annoys the life out of me.








  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    For the first time in nine years, I managed a successful renewal online. I have purchased wine from Spain,bikes from Ebay,paid electricity and gas bills and banked online all without a problem but renewing with Celtic was always much more of a challenge. Was that what SFTB `won` at last week?



    Watched only our game on Sportscene last night. I thought Willie Miller looked embarrassed at having to share with the ineptitude of Bonner. I do not know what Bonner was like as a `keeper but he is very typical of the former Celtic players selected to toe the line in the MSSM.



  10. lionroars67 on

    Good morning CQN



    A very happy birthday to Jenna Cowiebhoys champion

  11. Why on earth would anyone, after watching that programme last night, want to enter “whataboutery” mode? Heysel?


    This is about what happened in Sheffield. It is nothing to do with Heysel. Liverpool fans went to see their team and 96 failed to return due to catastrophic decision making.


    Of course some were drinking. Of course some arrived later than ideal. That happens every week in football life.


    They did NOT contribute to the death toll.


    I am astonished and disgusted at some of the comments on here.


    Nottingham has been discussed at length on here. We were close to a similar tragic consequence. I feared for my life, Yes I had been drinking. All day pretty much if I recall correctly, but I was then caught up in scenes that had sod all to do with my blood alcohol level.


    Geez. Seville. What if we had experienced a tragedy that night and blood counts were taken?


    I can just imagine the tabloids running freely on that one.


    In case anyone missed the verdict and is still in doubt:



  12. Jobo @ 7.06



    “Good morning friend5 from a dry, bright, cloudy but neverthele55 5imply 5tunning looking Ea5t Kilbride.



    Looking forward to reminding everyone I 5ee of our hi5toric achievement – the fir5t club ever to do 5 in a row on 3 separate occa5ion5.”





    Maybe we should put 5 Stars on oor shirt for next season :-)

  13. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Lurkin Tim,


    No,I won’t be retracting nothing.


    Heysel has been conveniently swept under the table.


    It should be brought up on a regulas basis.


    And I stand by my opinion of Man United and Liverpool fans.


    Don’t know where you live.


    But I am sick to the back teeth here in the North listening to them.


    Sneering,belittling and mocking Celtic supporters.


    Dismissing Celtic’s gubbing of both sides as flukes and looking down on us as bits of shit who shouldn’t be at the same table as them.


    So I won’t be retracting nothing.Scum.


    Spitting on young Celtic fans coming out of Celtic Park after the Nakamura winner.




    I remember a Celtic Dublin fan saying on Kerrydale St that the only thing worse than a Liverpool /Man United fan were Irish supporters of those clubs.


    How right that fella was.







    Justice for the Heysel 39.


    Justice for the Hillsborough 96.

  14. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Wish your daughter many happy returns she has a cracking day for her birthday hope she and all the family have a great day

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Good Morning Bhoys a lovely sunny warm morning here in Central Scotland.H.H.

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    A Happy Birthday to Jenna.



    On the anniversary of us stopping the Zombies ten-in-a-row too.Magical.

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    It is interesting to see the names linked to the Celtic managers job Keane Moyes Roberts Caldwell Lambert Coyle to name a few. The one thing that is missing from them all is in my opinion the most important statistic of them all.We are told Ronny did not get his contract renewed due to his poor European performance and yet not one of the guys mentioned has done anything of note as a manager in Europe.I hope these names are just MSM talk and Celtic are looking for a manager with a European pedigree. H.H.

  18. South Of Tunis on

    Heysel ?



    There are many memorials to the dead in Sicily . A tragedy typically viewed as having being caused by a tragic combination of indifferent bureacrats , incompetent police ,profiteering, human behaviour and a death trap stadium . A clusterfuck !.



    Juve fans of my acquaintance don’t see the point of looking for someone to blame .Many remain mightily angry that Juve played the game .. Many believe that the best tribute to the dead would be to declare the game and the result to be null and void and the resulting space in the records marked with an asterisk and a declaration that 39 people died in consequence of man’s indifference to man

  19. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    Kev J,


    Wasn’t on through last week pal.


    But was reading back and delighted to read yer good news from the hospital.




    I phoned Lawwell yesterday to make arrangements for you to present the Trophy next week..;-)


    Keep that Tricolour flying proudly high over the Jungle my son.God bless ye.

  20. jinkyredstar on

    Happy birthday young Jenna



    On this day in 1998 I was in Southern Estonia working – if I keep to my ‘lucky pants’ approach I’ll have to back there when we take the field to clinch the tenth!



    Still a nice glow from yesterday and a we Spring my step as we head to Majorca – might not see another game this season as there are no Scottish Football friendly bars were I’m going – I will pop on here from time to time though.

  21. Bhoys


    For anyone in the area or going to Hamilton Park on Friday night:


    A few of us will be in the Cricklewood in Bothwell at 2-15pm Friday.


    Heading to track for 4pm.


    PF Ayr and Eurochamps buying a double each for anyone popping in to say hello:-)








    It’s hard enough to keep up wi PF AYR at the best of times.

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    West Ham have sold over 52,000 season tickets for next season,in a stadium they blagged from taxpayers,I may add. Never thought they were that big……

  24. thetimreaper on

    Word is that Peter Lawwell is heavily conflicted re the 5 way agreement. Apparently that is why ‘the club’ are reluctant to publicly challenge the SFA re LNS, Res 12 etc. If it was to emerge that Lawwell bent over backwards to save them, he would be toast. Apparently they are holding a gun to his head over that.

  25. South Of Tunis on

    A sunny but windy Monday morning -way down south .



    About to harvest Nespole ( Medlar fruit in English ) .Fortunately , I like eating them



    Needed 3 choons to get the creaky ole bones a moving —



    Don Gardner –Cheating Kind (Sedgrick )



    Skatalites -Latin Goes Ska (Ska Beat ).



    David Frizell /Shelly West -You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma (WEA )





    As PF AYR told me himself-I’m not built for speed!



    At which,he ordered another round and declared we would get a later train.



    (We did,for once!)

  27. Greenpinata on

    Hamilton Tim @ 11.05 PM


    Twists N Turns @ 08.27 hrs AM.



    Two great posts that sums up my feelings perfectly.








    Had to google medlar!



    An acquired taste,it seems. Early for a harvest,innit?