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  1. timaloy29 sleeps on the heated driveway on

    !!BADA BING!! on 9TH MAY 2016 9:38 AM



    People who are non-Hammers fans are buying season books. A chance to see the Premier League at Championship prices




    Hating any group of people for the actions of a few is the mindset of the bigot and the racist.

  3. South Of Tunis on

    BMCUW .



    @ 2 weeks earlier than normal – the winter was sunnier/ warmer than normal. Lots of things are early . The Inter mad ole codger from down the valley already has his hay cut , baled and stored.. Good to get things done before the seriously scorchio stuff starts

  4. THETIMREAPER on 9TH MAY 2016 9:39 AM


    Word is that Peter Lawwell is heavily conflicted re the 5 way agreement. Apparently that is why ‘the club’ are reluctant to publicly challenge the SFA re LNS, Res 12 etc. If it was to emerge that Lawwell bent over backwards to save them, he would be toast. Apparently they are holding a gun to his head over that



    And the SMSM know this too, but won’t print it? Pphhhhffffftttt the kite flyers club in here is expanding at an enormous rate :)

  5. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    TWISTS N TURNS on 9TH MAY 2016 8:27 AM











    Too right mate. Although, that verdict doesn’t seem to have sunk in with our very own former Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, Les Gray.



    Heard him on the radio just after the verdict was announced still giving it the “…there’s no doubt the fans were partly to blame, turning up late and drunk….” – shameful and arrogant man – learned nothing.






  6. TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 10:08 AM



    Have the SMSM ever mentioned the Five Way Agreement?



    From whatever perspective you’d think it was newsworthy but it never seems to get a mention.

  7. South Of Tunis on

    Ernie Lynch .



    Heard 2 Nightjars last week but have yet to see any in flight .



    My hoopoes are back .



    My wrynecks are back .



    My Scops owls are back .



    Big groups of Ruffs , black tailed Godwits , Bee Eaters and Rollers heading north.

  8. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 9TH MAY 2016 10:08 AM



    Interesting. I heard a report of nightjars here but I dismissed it as being far too early and assumed it must have been grasshopper warblers.

  9. SOUTH OF TUNIS on 9TH MAY 2016 10:20 AM



    Apologies for confusion. I thought you were saying the nightjars were two weeks early. Sounds like they are just about on time.

  10. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Get this out there guys. We need to make as much noise as possible about this case …






    The report by the Tax Justice Network that asks serious questions about Scottish football governance has resulted in a a Level 5 lockdown in the red top rags that pass for journalism in Scotland. If they ran with the story it might lead to scrutiny in regard to Rangers Europa Cup ambitions ….



    The new Ibrox club must almost be hoping to lose the Cup Final to prevent the close scrutiny that any Europa League application will bring …

  11. Celtic weren’t involved in the 5 Way Agreement.



    Indeed if there is to be criticism of the club it should be that they didn’t get involved and allowed this sham of an agreement, made by groups two of which were Rangers clubs and another two led by Rangers supporters – one of whom received hundreds of thousands of pounds for his part in it.



    This agreement put an end to the Title Stripping which is an absolute scandal, given the proven serious rule breaches by the former Rangers club.



    It also is where the Same Club myth was born.



    Charles Green didn’t in his wildest dreams think that that could be possible. Until he met the Rangers fans running the game.



    Don’t forget that their supporters WANTED to go to the Third Division, rather than some sort of SFA fudge to put them into the First Division and strip a limited number of titles.



    What was agreed in secret at that Five Way Agreement meant that in time Doncaster and Regan would state they are the same club. The big lie.



    Slag Celtic for doing nothing but not for being a part of it.

  12. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    If last night’s heart breaking Hillsborough documentary teaches us anything it’s that the search for the truth and for justice must be relentlessly pursued however long it may take, despite all attempts from the establishment to obfuscate, deflect, ignore, lie and cover up the facts.

  13. fieldofdrams on

    An anniversary of sorts today – 9th May 1998, Celtic 2 St Johnstone 0 thanks to Henrik and Harald. A great day – first time I ever felt a concrete stadium bounce.

  14. WINNING CAPTAINS on 9TH MAY 2016 10:35 AM


    ‘Celtic weren’t involved in the 5 Way Agreement.’






    The SFA and the SPL were both involved.



    I find it hard to believe that Celtic, as by far and away the largest member club of both organisations, and the other half of The old Firm, weren’t 1. aware of the agreement and 2. couldn’t have objected to it if they had wanted to.




    A big Happy Birthday to Jenna!



    Make sure you spoil her now!

  16. Some right Zoomers been on here after yesterdays game.The worst kind of Celtic fans.Cant even celebrate 5 IAR,instead want to bring up football tragedies,and try and score points.Then we have the usual,PL,Board,certain players,haters.Cannot even enjoy winning a title,but try and sour the occasion with the same old,same old we have been hearing all season.


    What a sad ,pathetic,life these people must lead.Should have been born Huns,because they sure as hell act like them.


    Onwards and upwards to 6 IAR.A new manager taking over a team,bursting with talented players,who have not been used to their capabilities.Next year could be special,and we get to watch Wee Paddy every week.


    Unlike the Zoomers and Trumpets,I love supporting and watching Celtic.They bring joy to my life.

  17. My friends in Celtic,



    Reading BMCUW’s link to the West Ham pricing policy.



    I agree they should be congratulated for their pricing.


    They co chairman and vice chair have obviously done their homework and they now have a waiting list for ST’s.



    I wonder if the fans care about where the aforementioned people made their fortunes. ?


    I dont think they will bat an eyelid.


    Are West Ham fans any less ethical than we are. ??????




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    The deal West Ham got for the Olympic Stadium was criminal. All they spent was £15 mil,they don’t pay for police,stewards or any upkeep,including cutting the grass. Boris conned by a couple of wide boys.

  19. thetimreaper on

    TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 10:08 AM



    The point was made to me yesterday. Don’t shoot the messenger.





    I recall dropping off some free magazines to a local convenience store down here. The owner-a smashing fella usually,always pleasant previously-told me in no uncertain terms that he didn’t want it near his shop due to certain ads in the personal columns.



    He is a devout Moslem,which I knew from various friends. Well-known and respected.



    So I suggested that the expensive items on his top shelf might be offensive him too.



    His reply? They are in cellophane and I don’t touch them. They bring me £400 per week!



    Not kidding,btw. £400. In a wee shop. No wonder Sullivan and Gold are minted.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    GREENPINATA on 9TH MAY 2016 10:57 AM


    One persons “Wide Boys” is anothers astute businessmen.



    Correct,taxpayers fleeced again





    Mibbe so,but unless West Ham or similar took it on,the Olympic Stadium was gonna go the way of Cathkin Park.



    Also,as tenants,they are not responsible for maintenance,etc. That’s the law. It’s a property like any other. The owner is responsible.



    Aye,they got a great deal. But the alternative was a lot worse.




    Commercial leases invariable provide that the tenant is responsible for maintenance, repairs etc.





    I don’t think PL or anyone at Celtic had anything to do with the 5 way agreement.



    I reckon they are too smart for that. They saw the way it was going,recognised the determination to push it through,and washed their hands of it.



    “Nothing to do wi us.”



    One or two other things-certain illegalities included-which followed may have surprised them-but then,they have surprised most of us!

  25. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Brian McNally has resigned from CEO at Norwich, did he work at Celtic previously

  26. Hi folks, new entrant. I have been reading on this site for past year. Been very interesting viewing all comments from a variety of people.



    There are some crabbit buggers out there. We’ll that’s the title sewn up. On to new adventures next season, hope it is not a roller coaster like this season. Really liked Ronnie and his idea’s, just did not work out for whatever reason. He will go on to do bigger things having learnt a big lesson in managing a truly magnificent and huge club worldwide in CELTIC.




    Loving Auldheid he did say a few days ago patience, and lo and behold the offshore report re: a dead club. Clever man/men.



    Follow follow whatever may be, through the trials and tribulations.

  27. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Sorry David McNally


    I think Brian used to post on here

  28. In taking Wee NatKnow (age 9) to her first game yesterday we noticed there were a few Green Brigade banners. Couldn’t quite make them out due to our position in the ground and probably my failing eyesight.



    Anyone able to shed light on what the banners were?



    I also have questions to answer on :



    i) Why it’s not pronounced “Keltic” and



    ii) Why the shop have so many faulty tops (apparently they can’t spell “boys” or “girls” properly)




  29. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Happy birdie to you, happy birdie to you….



    Happy birdie dear Jenna, daughter of Cowiebhoy ….



    Happy birdie toooooyouuuuuuuuuu

  30. northbhoy ... on

    Good Day



    Not been on for some time although tirelessly keeping track of all things Celtic.



    I had a GREAT day yesterday in the sun at Paradise, the display for the Hillsborough 96 was very emotional and such a fitting start to the day.



    We played some really slick, simple and satisfying football and the goals and movement were sublime.



    It felt so good to be there and even though the second half was testing it certainly reminds us of the challenges ahead.



    Happy Birthday to GB


    and congratulations to my great nephew Ruaridh on making his first Communion on such a day.



    Here we go , here we go !




  31. Burgas Hoops on







    off out with the dogs



    CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!