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    Delighted that the wee yin had a great time with you yesterday.



    Let her ask questions,it’s the only way kids learn. Plus,if you tell her to stop,she’ll only ask-why?

  2. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 9TH MAY 2016 11:31 AM






    For the same reason why they are not pronounced Boston Keltics.




    Good answer. But I suspect it will lead to supplementary question… ! :-)

  3. Morning CHAMPIONS


    What a CHAMPOINS weekend


    Splendid saturday havering Celtic and slimmin doon the alphabet til I could only say the letter r :-)


    Sunday watchin Celtic do 5 in a row


    history.I was there.watching the same ol Celtic I experienced as a bhoy.doin the 5 Iin a row again.magic.I look forward to reading bout another day in the sun in years to come



    Whit a weekend.well done Celtic.well done us.:-)



    Well done to the JFT 96 flag bearers HT :-)



    Happy birthday jenna










    Delighted that the wee yin had a great time with you yesterday.



    Let her ask questions,it’s the only way kids learn. Plus,if you tell her to stop,she’ll only ask-why?




    Her questioning is excellent – it’s my answering that’s usually deficient!

  5. THETIMREAPER on 9TH MAY 2016 11:00 AM


    TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 10:08 AM




    The point was



    Oh I know I heard some rappers yesterday myself, at least five, all kite flying and redicules, I wouldent even post them mate, they where all BS, with no back up.

  6. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    We’ve done 5 in a row loads of times, we done it five times during 9 in a row so that’s 7 times in total by my count.

  7. ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH MAY 2016 10:19 AM


    TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 10:08 AM




    Have the SMSM ever mentioned the Five Way Agreement?




    From whatever perspective you’d think it was newsworthy but it never seems to get a mention



    I’m sure if they had proof of PL being in cahoots with the SFA it would be banner headlines, of that I’v no doubt, and they don’t have, because he wasent.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Winning Captains 10:35


    Did Regan ever say they were the same club?


    I recall an interview in 2012 when he was twice asked and basically said it was up to people to make their own minds up on the matter.

  9. As the nerves set in with the approach of the split, and on the back of a couple dodgy results, a few were genuinely concerned we wouldn’t get over the line.


    Despite me not being a supporter of the current board strategy, and also being of the opinion RD needed to go, I did suggest I felt we would extend our lead as we are better than our closest rivals despite our frailties.



    Next season, I genuinely believe we will win the league by a bigger points margin than this season. Perhaps I am mistaken but I believe we will bring in a good, proven manager. I am confident of that. I believe he will be given a decent transfer budget, and those two facts alone will see us storm to 6 in a row. I honestly believe that.





    Harder to be confident. a draw similar to this season, we could do it, given the manager gets his signings bedded in asap.


    A tougher draw, and the champions route does have some decent obstacles in the way, and it’ll be a tough ask for any new guy, but not impossible.



    Of course, I could be totally wrong and an unfashionable lower level manager gets appointed, but I would doubt it. I think there is a realisation at board level that they will need to go the extra mile this time around.












    big players for us next season I hope.


    Add Allan and Christie, and hope that the new manager gets more from Armstrong, GMS etc, and we should wipe the floor with domestic opposition. Europe? 3-4 good signings and we have a decent shout.

  10. Europe? Bit to early for me to judge, let’s see how the cards fall, I’m still in celebration mode today to even think about Europe, oh! And there’s a right few sick in here to that we won it.



    Liurking Huns GIRFUYs

  11. FALCOV60,



    A warm welcome.


    As you have been lurking for a year , you will be very aware of the different cliques on offer.



    What takes your fancy ?



    I recommend the mega large childish clique. At times we are all members.



    Hail, Hail to you.



    Dushanbe Billy & Macjay00….



    Re. Heysel An’ Everton..







    TBB…So Celtic Shares Are Projected To Markedly Increase In Value Over The Next Coupla Years…?



    Only If The Satanic Illuminati Push Thru’ Their NEFARIOUS TTIP SCAM..??




    Anither Casualty..The NHS..











    BMCUW @ 11:03….



    Dear,Oh Dear…!





    Shakes Heid Vigorously!






    Sheer Ignorance From Yourself…!



    [Acquired….Or Congenital..? Ed ]



    [No…He’s Just An Idiot..! Ernie Fae Croydon ]




    Gotta Pop-Oot Tae Buy “The Big Issue”


    An’ A Buttermulk Dainty..




    As General Douglas McArthur Once Told The Filipino Nation…



    “I Will Return”…







    I agree with your post although I’m amazed that young Callum mcGregor seems to be the forgotten man at the moment. I genuinely think that he has had a terrific season. A much better player than Broonie in that Central role and he’s obviously chipped in with some important goals when played more advanced.



    I’m excited about the new appointment, I just hope that it’s someone who knows how to build a young team, needs to be someone who’s not afraid to drop the more experienced players when their form drops.

  14. TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 11:43 AM



    Would I be right in thinking that Celtic were represented on the boards of the SFA and the SPL when the five way agreement was concocted, drafted, revised and signed?

  15. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 9TH MAY 2016 10:06 AM






    Hating any group of people for the actions of a few is the mindset of the bigot and the racist.




    Actions of a few?


    Thousands of fans baiting each other about the Munich Air Disaster and about people being crushed to death?


    It’s not a few.Far from it.


    The sense of entitlement and arrogance from both of them is nauseating.






    I am clique amongst myself!!



    Nah, just nice to be on board, awaiting the new adventure which I am certain will be fantastic. With a few new quality additions on and off the field.



    I can only see us getting better, I do not think we need to bother about the Scottish teams, Europe if we get the right management team we will do well.

  17. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Lots of talk about 5 in a row, well in my lifetime judging by TD67’s


    posts i must have seen it about 6 or7 times not quiet sure but must


    admit my happiest times were going to Celtic park and never sure if


    my favourite players, John Divers, Charlie Gallagher, big Billy Price


    were up for it, maybe only 18000- 20000 there but i loved every


    minute of winning nothing, its a real Celtic thing


    H.H Mick

  18. Here in the USA i have been asked many times who’s your English team by Irish football fans?


    I always say none.


    Then i ask them how they can support English teams considering the treatment of their country for centuries?


    They usually just walk away.

  19. Hurry up with the new article Paul, I’ve only got 3 minutes before the work close our internet again for the day!!!!

  20. Vinibhoy


    Oh I agree Calum may well be another who can be a big player for us. Probably another 2 or 3 actually. Wasn’t a deliberate ploy to omit Calum from my list bud, just a few I chose who sprung to mind immediately , but yes, I agree with you

  21. the long wait is over on

    According to the BBC Collins is away at the end of the season.

  22. ernie lynch on

    FAN-A-TIC on 9TH MAY 2016 12:56 PM



    ‘Then i ask them how they can support English teams considering the treatment of their country for centuries?



    They usually just walk away.’






    I can’t say I blame them.

  23. ernie lynch on

    THE LONG WAIT IS OVER on 9TH MAY 2016 1:06 PM


    ‘According to the BBC Collins is away at the end of the season.’






    Any mention of the Norwegian backroom staff RD is supposed to have brought in?

  24. Was sitting on a park bench there, enjoying some sunshine in my lunch hour. An hour away from the unenthusiastic grind that pays the bills.



    Yesterday was light relief to a season of darkness.



    We saw yesterday a group of volunteers commemorate our first ground. A smashing 40 mins, interesting, factful and loving. From the Graveyard to Paradise was completely the spirit of the event.



    Then our club show the support and solidarity that they have done with Liverpool FC for the last 27 years. A bond that for me was cemented on the 30.04.89 when the hand of friendship was offered. A hug to allow a football club to get back to playing football.



    In the sun today, it reminded me that we are more than a club and yesterday was another reminder to reflect on when the grind of poor results, high ticket prices and sh*t pies gets me down.



    Wednesday at Perth, Hopefully the Griffalo gets his 40th goal. He gets us. We need to get him.

  25. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Did Scott Brown join the Invincibles on their lap of honour yesterday?



    I think it would be a good thing if SB remained at the club, in some form of coaching capacity when his playing days are over.



    Some of the football played first half yesterday was scintillating.Obviously the team reverted back to type second half – but it was encouraging to know that we can actually play good football.



    Also, I think that it is a blessing to be a Celtic supporter – people who choose to support other clubs? Well it’s there lose, that’s how I see it.



    Celtic in my opinion is THE greatest football club in the world.



    It’s all good.




  26. Melbourne Mick on




    I completely understand what the average soccer watcher understands


    about the game and it’s all to do with T.V and media coverage and


    Murdoch has it covered over here and as you all know it rips my boobs


    oot, said i wouldn’t bitch on a title winning weekend and i’m still rat ersed


    so shut up Mick


    H.H Mick



    You’re certainly not the only one to over-look him, I’ve done it myself recently!!


    I’m hopeful over young Janko as well. looked a great player in the few games he was fit. Christie and Allan still yet to show if their up to the task as well, and if we can get big Simo back fit we could have the makings of a fine young side. And Rogic..

  28. ernie lynch on 9th May 2016 12:41 pm




    TONYDONNELLY67 on 9TH MAY 2016 11:43 AM




    Would I be right in thinking that Celtic were represented on the boards of the SFA and the SPL when the five way agreement was concocted, drafted, revised and signed?




    I don’t know the ins and outs of the 5 way but I have seen how the SPL Board reacted to the LNS Decision and how all of them no matter how questionable they thought the Decision, were hidebound by the legal advice. Eric Riley was a Board member but away somewhere, but he would have been as bound as the rest had he been at the table.



    The legal advice of course was based on the now recognised false premise that all ebts and side letters used by RFC were legal at the time of the Commission when the DOS ones were not.



    There never was a statement made by the SPL Board on that issue and Celtic’s stance is they were surprised and their policy is to wait for the final Decision on the BTC before responding. It would be a pity if RFC get the nod and the shady nature of the DOS ebts and their non disclosure simply gets buried forever and the fact RFC cheated from 2000 to 2003 at least fades into folklore.



    I also recall Eric Riley asking why he/Celtic were unaware of an earlier HMRC enquiry to the SPL about side letters. I cannot remember the dates but my overall point is Celtic are by no means all powerful behind the scenes and it would be a mistake to believe that they are not sometimes left out the loop.



    Cue the “that could be deliberate school of thought” but since there is no proof we will all make up our minds in the direction our core beliefs send us.

  29. Melbourne Mick


    I only ask out of curiosity as I personally have never supported any English team.


    Lived in London and went to Arsenal midweek games but always as a neutral. Never cared who won just hoped to see a good game.


    Here in the USA my son has a season ticket for NY football team but when asked always says he is a Celtic supporter despite being born and early years in London.


    When I tell American fans I’m a Celtic supporter they are baffled that I do not support an EPL team.


    The power of advertising and a herd mentality is a potent mix.

  30. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Seen wee Jay Beatty making his way through Glasgow airport yesterday, after the game – some of the airport workers spotted him and were shouting over – “Champions Jay, Champions!” The wee man responded in kind.



    Such a great ambassador for the football club wee Jay is.




  31. VINIBHOY on 9TH MAY 2016 1:21 PM



    Janko – for all his athletic physique, he got done for pace when he come on yesterday; his positioning for defender is not intelligent either. Going forward… he seems indecisive. I also think he had a couple of dodgy games when he first arrived at Celtic. With his injuries, I think we’ll keep saying “he could have been something but …”