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  1. Jackie Mac



    We have concedd far too many late goals this season BUT………




    We have scored far more than we have conceded in the last 15 minutes.



    But this season is defined by our league failure so we tend to remember and emphasise those matches hwere points were dropped late on not those where we won them.




    Who won at Rourkes Drift?



    Gies a hint.



    I normally scroll by you.



    Yer blowin’ out yer erse!!!!!!




  3. I was amazed that Alan Muir refereed the game fairly. He even smiled at David Turnbull. What on earth is going on?



    you only have to look at the league table for you’re answer , not hard to understand that we would get more 50/50 decisions going our way , oh and by the had the league been closer points wise you could have been your bottom dollar they would have got the penalty shout in the first half

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    RC @8:08



    Second match in a row the opposition have more fouls recorded than us, says it all😯

  5. Started well, got a good goal but never really capitalised on that in the first half.


    Not sure what we were trying to do in the second, but whatever it was it wasn’t working.


    Lost count of the number of substitutes we made but none really made a difference.


    Still this is what you have got to expect in Lent.



  6. SFTB @ 8.07



    It is not the late goals — for or against — that will be remembered about this season.


    It will be the lack of energy / drive / focus — the slow / static play.


    The wilfull half heartedness — the marking time waiting for the season to end.



    We take nothing to the pitch — we are beat before we start.


    The squad doesn’t seem to care — it is all a game to them.


    Who can wind up NL the most.

  7. Ivan Toney plays the position Forward, is 24 years old and 179cm tall, weights 65kg.


    In the current club Brentford played 1 seasons, during this time he played 34 matches and scored 25 goals.

  8. onenightinlisbon on

    Dismal end of season affair. lennon will no doubt say we were brilliant. More delusion form the legend.

  9. Philbhoy



    ‘Huns on here’ I know that …3 possibly 4 on tonight and unusually not even sleekit about


    total negativity every fekn game.hh

  10. all these unusual decisions going our way now that the league is long gone is only to even things up so at the season end they will look back and say we got awarded the same.

  11. It’s sad when we are happy to hold on for a 1-0 home win against a team who haven’t scored in the last six games. Lennon chops and changes the team week in week out for no good reason. Highlights of the match could be condensed into aboutb 2 minutes.

  12. ST TAMS



    I beg to differ ,I’ve been watching Celtic for decades ..sure we have had a good few games in that time.

  13. Context is everything. If we were the ones 15 points clear, we’d been fairly satisfied tonight. Another three points against one of the better teams in the SPFL and we’d be saying there are many ways to win a football match.




    However, as we’re the ones who conceded the title in January, we’re looking for performances, a return to form…something that gives us optimism for the new season.



    Watching Celtic win is always preferable to watching Celtic lose and for that, I’m happy with today’s result. However, I’ve seen nothing tonight that makes me feel we’ve turned a corner or that we’ll come roaring back next season with significant changes.

  14. We did not score enough when we were dominating,consequently we suffered later in the game.


    The early substitutions were crazy.


    Ajeti and Christie were our weak links, so we hook Ajeti and put Christie in a role he is out of depth in.


    This loses us our shape.


    It is still three points, but “crab football” (saw this description for the first time tonight) is horrible to watch.


    We have a lot of rebuilding to do, starting with new management and a real fitness coach.

  15. Scrappy game after we came out of the traps really well. Great goal by Turnbull and good defending of the aerial bombardment at the end.



    Why was Greg Taylor marking Ash Taylor? Mismatch of the century.

  16. That was football, Celtic, but not as we know it, although it is becoming far too common.



    Relieved that we won 3 points with a clean sheet but why oh why do we collapse with about 15 minutes to go?