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  1. is it just a coincidence that when any opposition get a free kick against us and there are plenty even if it is just in their own half they will punt the ball into our box and and when get a free kick near the half way line it ends up passed sideways and then back to our own goalie , do you think they all know we are crap at defending.

  2. Thought I had done enough penance on Ash Wednesday, But the second half was the hardest penance today. Small things annoyed me like why when the ball is coming straight back to our defence is the goalkeeper kicking the ball out to front runners who are not getting the ball under control. As for the passing, oh dear. Callum seems to be having a poor time. Too many games this season, I think. He appears to be running out of steam and ideas, In the end, it was a win over Aberdeen and so three points. Lets move on in that case.

  3. I thought we were outstanding tonight.



    Full of energy.



    Most of the possession



    Loads of shots at goal.



    All quotes from John Kennedy




  4. Influencers………….



    The Foe Malign. Aye.



    Imitators – No Love, no hurt , no joy- nothing genuine




  5. Enjoyed that :-))



    Nice to have two centre-back candidates foir MoM. What a relief for the nerves having Welsh & Ajer instead of any of our other options – not perfect but generally competent – not bomb-scares.






  6. onenightinlisbon on

    The huns are the ones who think we are doing well and that Lennon and the management team are taking us forward.

  7. Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander are reknowned for their crosses into the box. Both are particularly good at early crosses, ie, from midway down the wing, for on rushing forwards.


    This evening Kenny had multiple chances to throw in crosses from that area, particularly in the 1st half. He made the space to do it on numerous occasions. Now, as I said earlier, either he thinks we don’t have anyone in our team that could capitalise on that type of cross, or, he’s been told not to do it

  8. prestonpans bhoys on

    After Dubai nine points lost, won them would be a different league situation right now. But was not to be😒

  9. Referee showed his colours towards end when we had bye kick – didn’t even give Bain a chance to get to ball, instead told him to hurry things up. How many times when boot is on other foot do refs do that to opposition goalie.

  10. Loads of happy clappers delighted with the performance on tonight.



    and there lies one of the issues for the sorry state we find ourselves in from a position of complete dominance to this shambolic season.

  11. I I hadn’t watched the game live I would be very happy. 5 straight wins.



    However having watched the game, 3 points is the highlight and what I will remember.

  12. VOGUEPUNTER on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:24 PM


    That’s 6 huns on now,though I believe three of them are the same character.




    No we irny.




  13. Eddie Howe on the panel for Everton Man City game. I’m waiting eagerly on THE question to be asked

  14. 31003 on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:33 PM


    Eddie Howe on the panel for Everton Man City game. I’m waiting eagerly on THE question to be asked







    when is he getting his jags ?

  15. onenightinlisbon on

    RC on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:32 PM



    100% correct.



    We are bang average in this season of all seasons yet the abject team who have allowed us to plumb these depths are still in place telling us how brilliant we are and that secret things happened behind the scenes that had an impact on us….

  16. PB @ 8.08



    Loving the history angle — and the complete lack of understanding.



    We won at Rourkes Drift — saved a hospital full of Taffs.


    We lost at Isandlwana — lost an army.



    Sounds a lot like this season — won against a poor Dons team / lost the league.

  17. Aye. That was turgid.



    How bad are Aberdeen that with their height advantage and the number of free kicks, corners, long throws, they couldn’t even muster a good header on target.



    Wait, does that mean the defensive coach has been doing his job – whoever that may be though oft supposed it is Kennedy β€œbecause he was a defender”.



    I’m happy with the 3 points. Also happy that Aberdeen didn’t break their goal drought against us.

  18. Prestonpans bhoys – Exactly.. Also if we were up to scratch at the beginning of the league campaign and did not give the team a break after 1 game back.


    We lost momentum after Bolingoli gate.


    We lost momentum after Dubai farce


    Poor managerial decisions.



    Point is the Huns are crap and we have let them win this league.


    It’s a travesty that the Dubai debacle is 1 of many things this season that has cost us the league.


    Neil held his hands up for Dubai, fair play to him.


    But everyone and their Granny could tell him that it would not end well but he went ahead with it.



    Any way we move on to Dingwall



    D :)

  19. SAINT STIVS on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:34 PM


    31003 on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:33 PM



    Eddie Howe on the panel for Everton Man City game. I’m waiting eagerly on THE question to be asked




    when is he getting his jags ?




    He getting the thistle job?

  20. prestonpans bhoys on




    The hun covid five were



    Bongani Zungu, Nathan Patterson, Calvin Bassey, Dapo Mebude and Brian Kinnear

  21. KELVINBHOY- noticed that, as soon as Aberdeen put the ball behind, Muir runs towards Bain ,telling him to get a move on,another rat.

  22. Did anyone notice at free kicks Greig Taylor marking Ash Taylor.



    Surely our centre backs or Rogic/Turnbull should be swapping with Greig or was it a case of to many big Aberdeen players.



    D :)