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  1. MADMITCH on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:37 PM


    PB @ 8.08





    We won at Rourkes Drift β€” saved a hospital full of Taffs.



    We lost at Isandlwana β€” lost an army.






    WE ? WE ?



    seriously, an imperial british army muders the locals and you describe it as “we”.

  2. Get this season over with.


    The amount of ex coaches on here fill me with joy.


    I hope you all have put your CVs in.


    It would be criminal not to tap into all that knowledge

  3. 15 points behind.


    If we had won the 2 games against sevco their lead would be 3 points.


    If we had won these 2 games our confidence would have soared and they would have struggled.


    This season has been about the games against sevco.


    We did not learn from last season.


    Changes should have been made in the close season.

  4. Fairhill Bhoy – I could do better than Neil.



    Put me forward you will be amazed how I could turn that around.



    D :)

  5. FAIRHILL BHOY on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 8:48 PM


    Get this season over with.





    The amount of ex coaches on here fill me with joy.





    I hope you all have put your CVs in.





    It would be criminal not to tap into all that knowledge







    Dont forget the Business successs also, surely a new crack team will be put in place under McKays stewardship ?

  6. Seville,7 clean sheets in a row,1-3 down at half time.The giant Haaland ripping them a new one.Some striker this boy.18 CLgoals already.

  7. Prestonpans & David 66



    Huge frustration the Dubai trip


    cost us a bit of momentum and no doubt lots of points


    We should be much much closer to Sevco




    Thank you sir



    It’s always nice to be acknowledged and, dare I say it, appreciated

  9. Westcraigs,


    The 4 games after Dubai did us.9 points lost,with 3 of them at home.C’est la difference.

  10. PP – Dont you waste any more of that pint. Or you will have me and Big Jimmy to answer to.



    Now get yer boots ready I’m the new coach.



    Drew1967 your up anaw.



    Get Delaneys on the phone.



    D :)

  11. English Premiere



    Love watching


    Man City




    Leeds United


    Hate watching




    Man Yoo



  12. Turkeybhoy.


    If we had beaten sevco twice we would have not dropped points in December and January.


    Losing at home to Ross county and st mirren. 4 draws against hibs and Livingston.


    There would be dropped points but not at this rate.


    Confidence is everything in sport not just at our club.

  13. Always a pleasure to beat Aberdeen and an excellent three points towards another pop


    at the CL next season.



    We opened up brightly as usual, but faded almost as soon as Turnbull’s fine strike, was centred. Soro had a good first half, and Calum and Greg Taylor got tons of time on the ball, but the final ball hasn’t really arrived from the left this season, without an orthodox winger. Over on the right flank Kenny didn’t seem to make it to the final third though this maybe tactical, after the exertions of Frimpong, either way he didn’t get much help from Christie. Soro and MacGregor’s probing didn’t bear fruit, so it was into another tight the second half, before Ajeti became noticeable for not having taken a pass, never mind a sniff at goal. Scott Bain took a good ball near the end and possibly justifies Neil Lennon’s faith in him, as our number one. It’s time to rest ‘Ajeti’ again, and high time to unleash Paddy in the highlands, his day will come.



    Paradise highlights were Tosh McKinlay and WGS’s dress sense, Super Samaras’s overhead kick, and the Maestro’s left footer at Pittodrie.



    Onwards and upwards to Dingers CSC



    M.O.M David Turnbull

  14. What happened in January was a consequence of what happened earlier in the season.


    Changes could have been made and this season could have been salvaged.


    Lawwell has compounded his mistakes.

  15. Drew – When you have managed the Dry Dock in the Sunday Amateur and won every league up and cups.


    Profesional football management will be a dawdle, I could not be any worse.



    That was absoloute dire.



    D :)

  16. Reading some of the comments from the usual suspects,reading the posts,I find it very difficult to see any of the posters happy with the display.Maybe we are not being miserable enough for their liking.


    Celtic fans,my arse.

  17. 31003


    We have always had biased referees.


    We now have to deal with biased politicians.


    At the start of the season I said on this site that the covid situation would be used to disadvantage celtic.


    Next season will not be different.

  18. BSR @ 9.04



    Not getting your SB (GK) vibe.



    Timid / tentative / terrified — he just does not look up to the job.


    Saved by the post and SW’s head.



    Compare and contrast with the performance of the Dons GK.


    Night and day.

  19. If I had any doubt before,about how much of a numbnuts MadMitch is,its gone.Taylor was poor tonight.



  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Lawwell the genius… exhibit 1001…. Ivan Toney scored his 24th league goal of the season tonight… for mighty Brentford.



    He saved us Β£5M on Ajeti… who looks like he’s still towing a caravan in February.



    Man’s a genius. Build a statue etc.

  21. Sorry to be pedantic.



    That Shower require 13 pts not 12.



    We win our last nine games. That Shower therefore require 4 wins and a draw from their last other 7 on the assumption we have beaten them twice.

  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    Trying desperately to work out who gets the best supporter award tonight



    Suppose it all depends on your level of ambition

  23. Gary


    Went to Mass this morning and Ashes were distributed at the end by sprinkling on the head. So no physical contact.



    Very strange

  24. What do all these scandals have in common?


    The dos scheme.


    The ebt scheme.


    The Nimmo Smith report.


    The shame game.


    Resolution 12.


    Morelos 3 red cards in 1 game.


    Retrospective red cards in games involving celtic.


    Sevco self regulating on covid-19 matters.

  25. TB @ 9.11



    GT played OK in the first half.


    But he was poor and got steadily worse in the second half.



    In the first half he got into good positions but was very timid regarding taking on the defender.


    Second half was poor and he ended the game giving the ball away at every opportunity.



    Needs coaching / support / confidence.


    He has not developed in the 18 months he has been with us.


    Not all his fault but he is not the quality we need.



    He hasn’t got it and DL can’t be bothered to put in the effort — not good.


    He will not be going to the Bundesliga any time soon.

  26. Westcraigs…we had 7 players out against rangers in October…..if rolls had been reversed and they had 7 out and we were at full strength….I dare say that would have made a massive difference…..sometimes…its not meant to be