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  1. TURKEYBHOY on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 9:09 PM


    Reading some of the comments from the usual suspects,reading the posts,I find it very difficult to see any of the posters happy with the display.Maybe we are not being miserable enough for their liking.



    Celtic fans,my arse.






    Uncalled for, I think most posters cannot take this result in isolation, myself included, they look at the big (season) picture and the see abject failure.

  2. Bonnie.


    How many players were missing in the league cup final and the league game at parkhead last season?


    I think you are making excuses.

  3. DAVID66



    Iv no doubt you could sort the defence out mate.add a bit of much needed steel to them.😉



    We lacked a cutting edge given all the possession we had.personally would like to see more running at defences from deeper drawing defenders out of position.tho i thought our forwards were poor theyre no exactly getting clear cut chances.our set up play is a bit predictable

  4. Would anyone else like to see a front three of Klimala Griffiths and Eddie , with eddie in the ten role and griff and paddy swapping over left to right at times ?

  5. Westcraigs I’m not making excuses…..are you saying if the huns had seven out and we were at full strength…they would still have won??….

  6. Westcraigs….in those games you mentioned……did rangers have 7 out…..what would they be like without…..2 centre halfs..kent. morelas..kamara and taverner??….as I said…..somethings are not meant to be

  7. prestonpans bhoys on




    Another way of looking at it, if the situation was reversed then if the huns wanted the game postponed would it have been granted, we know the answer

  8. The Huns got all the breaks this year, no penalties or red cards against them, apart from retrospective ones that didn’t hurt them. Also no first team Covid hits & relatively injury free season.


    On the other hand we had Boligate & Dubaigate and had some bad Covid & injury hits.


    Having said that we have been poor for most of the Season & don’t deserve to win the Title.


    However it’s not in my DNA to concede, I’m looking for 9 wins in net 9 games and if that is not enough to win the Title then so be it,


    Accordingly I was happy we got the 3 points tonight and 9 more scrappy 3 pointers will do me fine.

  9. Absolutely Burnley and we had players get Covid while on International Duty & others who missed games because they were deemed close contacts, again from International games.

  10. Tinytim…they weren’t getting a regular start….still not first picks……in fact you could have just the two full backs missing from rangers team and theyd struggle

  11. I noticed that the team rangers are playing tomorrow have 7 out…..que. what a team they are praise..

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    We had no Mass but you could get a”Kerry oot “in a wee plastic bag to which you added a wee drop of water.


    Bag small enough that you could make a case to the drug squad that they were for personal use.

  13. CORKCELT on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:26 PM


    Absolutely Burnley and we had players get Covid while on International Duty & others who missed games because they were deemed close contacts, again from International games.





    Whatever could go wrong this season did go wrong, that is not an excuse it’s simply a fact borne out throughout the season, one issue after another after another. We carried bad luck from the beginning and at no point did I improve. I dont know that I can recall so many things going so wrong in one season. Even so, hopefully some lessons will have been learnt and we can be stronger for it.



    First thing first never keep players who are bitching about leaving, dont let players run their contracts down to 1 year, dont wait to long before you make changed to team management, accepted sometimes it’s good to listen to the supporters. Stop loaning players from the EPL or elsewhere unless it has a long term option.



    If you do everything right and you dont have a successful season put your hands up and double down to make things better.




  14. GENE on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:59 PM



    PL is gone it’s DD keeping Lenny in place



    *careful else you’ll be accused of being gullible

  15. The story out there is that there is going to be a Director of Football appointed.


    If this is true nothing will happen or should happen on the Managerial front until the Director of Football is in place.

  16. SB67 @ 11.01



    The more I practice the luckier I get — direct quote from some colonial golfing bloke.



    Luck doesn’t come into it if you are competent / focused / energetic and together.


    We have been none of the above this season and possibly last.



    A house divided will not stand — some Galileen rabble rouser / Abe L.



    Our failure has been 30 months in the making.


    Luck does not come into it.

  17. St Stivs



    how dare you enjoy a Celtic win, i did too i’ve made up my mind



    to scroll past the experts, shouldn’t take long to read the blog

  18. CORKCELT on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:17 PM




    ‘However it’s not in my DNA to concede’







    Though it might be now.



    Well according to some posters anyway.

  19. Another midweek game missed in spite of my best intentions at work. Looking forward to reading back.



    Was it a 1-0, great clean sheet with superb defending and some unlucky misses in front of goal or was it……….

  20. EL @ 11.37



    Where there is life there is hope.


    Considering we are up against the undead things could get messy.


    However hope springs eternal.



    They are not playing well at the moment.


    They are not a good side but they are an organised side.


    When the self doubt starts they will have little apart from the MIB to fall back on.

  21. Just watched extended highlights.



    What a goal!!



    Just before that would Eddie have done better trying to turn ball back into the box rather than attempt a worldie?



    CMcG had a nice dig in first half.



    Aberdeen penalty shout in 1st half looked like a deliberate attempt to win a pen. Cheers ref.



    Looked like we has some decent play in first half? Think sometimes Eddie’s languid style gets him digs he doesn’t deserve. 



    Aberdeen had some chances. 3 points. Clean sheet and now level on games. Difference of 9 if we beat thems twice.



    All that said, hard to take anything from BBC ‘highlights.’ I lost track of the subs, thanks BBC, was hard to tell what we did.



    Brave save from Bain at the end, surely the sheep chap got a yellow for that?