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  1. Article I posted the other night mentioned in a part a piece about actors seeding stories and narrative to challenge some of those, shall we say, that are weak of mind and morals, into believing something that is clearly not the case. Seeding negative thoughts and causing chaos. It doesn’t always have to be the ones of weak mind and morals though.



    To a lesser extent of course, if anyone that thinks this does not go on in this dear green part of the interwebs as well, well……



    Folks with an agenda to push.



    Why would CQN be different to any other part of the echo chamber?



    Now don’t get me wrong, I love some of the debate on here about things other than soccer ball, it’s kept me here, but anyone that denies there are a couple or three folks that post regularly that have never seen a day of fun in their puff and are more mistaken than a man who thinks that Hilaire Belloc is still alive are in turn as mad as a hatter.



    Just saying since there was chatter about such as I read back.



    Never been on that other site folks mention, CQN is where it is and has always been at since I left Scotland but Jobo, drop us a wee line. I’ve been sending my pick three and haven’t won a dime.



    HH all!



    Ps I still think wee Taylor is a good honest pro.

  2. If none of the above makes sense it is because I dipped in to FOX news to see the Texas blizzard overage as I was typing. They are blaming renewal-able energy, You couldn’t make it up.



    Texas is huge, many without power on the greatest country around, I know. It’s weird here sometimes. 10 years ago I was out of power for 10 days in a city the size of Glasgow.



    Zero power.



    10 days.



    Biden saying somewhat normal by Christmas.



    My toilet bowl froze once, being inside was no better than out.

  3. Good morning cqn from a wet and very, very windy Garngad



    Well that was another 3 points in the bag.



    Another tough 1 awaits on Sunday



    I think we had 3 or 4 shots on target last night so it is probably an improvement as we have went from 0 shots in games to 1 to 2 to 3 and last I think 4, so plenty to be possitive about.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  4. prestonpans bhoys on

    DAVID66 on 18TH FEBRUARY 2021 5:29 AM



    We, had 12 shots with 3 on target, as you say an improvement on some of our home games!

  5. Aipple



    Brave save from Bain at the end, surely the sheep chap got a yellow for that?




    it was Ferguson who had already been booked a few mins before so got off with it. The last pico second pull out of the challenge saved him i think; as well as the final whistle

  6. AIPPLE on 18TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:31 AM



    Don’t have the pleasure of Fox news but have just started reading The New Climate War by Michael E Mann. Interesting to see the tactics the big corporations have been using for decades and the small number of scientists they pay to back them up.

  7. Great video on celtic news now (off the ball) with lou Macari and his homeless shelter, worth a watch.



    God bless ye Luigi.



    Can’t do the copy thingy…



    💚 HH.

  8. DREW1967 on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 6:41 PM


    Forwards gettin beat to





    every ball here





    ive been OFFline since yesterday afternoon, so Ive did a quick read back this Morning, having watched the game last night .



    As a younger and trying to play fitba for years, ( especially Upfront as a Forward obviously), I have been consistently frustrated this season in that NONE of our Forwards appear capable of EITHER holding the ball up and/or laying it off first time to another Celtic player whenever we launch any long ball up the the Front…NO Matter who is playing Upfront…They are ALL Guilty of FAILING whether its Ajeti, The Griff, Kilmala and French Eddy.


    SOMETIMES Eddy will control a long ball…but NOT nearly often enough.



    Like last night and in many other games the opposition defenders are having NO Challenge, and are easily able to Head/Chest or control OUR Long Ball….with Celtic players only making half hearted, mis timed jumps to APPEAR to be making a challenge…They are NOT…….That much is obvious to me anyway. As a result we can have at least Two Celtic players being taken out of any play as the opposition strive to get forward…sometimes our Mid Fielders are also left in ” No Mans Land” as a direct result of our ” strikers” failure to put in any serious challenge, as when a long ball is played up to ANY of our ” strikers”…our Midfield players are trying to get up to support them in the HOPE that there will be a ” lay off”or a knock on from any of our ” Strikers”…but opposition Defenders ( and Midfielders)……have plenty of time to control and play right through our Midfielders nearly every time, which obviously then puts OUR Defenders on the Back Foot and retreating.



    I TRIED to play ” UPFRONT” for many years……and if I had FAILED to challenge opposition defenders at any long ball played upo…I would have been SUBBED and subsequently Dropped for the following game…its called ” FAILING to do one of your Jobs”….its very simple imho.


    Ajeti and Eddy are the worst offenders on this…with Griff and Kilmala not much better ( I know Kilmala hasnt played much)…but I am NOT impressed with any of of our FOUR ” Strikers”….and their FAILURE to do one of the most basic tasks that it is expected of them.


    IF I was a Celtic Midfielder, looking to try and support these Guys when the Ball is played up long to them, I would be going ” Aff ma Nut” at the lack of effort on their part…especially when I am using up energy to get up close to them and giving them options to knock the ball on on lay it off etc !



    its been happening ALL Season…OUR ” Strikers” making ” TOKEN Jumps”…with NO real challenge going in.


    back in the Day we had Guys like Sutton, Hartson and Henrik etc, who were FULLY PREPARED to get in front of a Defender and win the feckin Baw !


    NOT this season, with these players.


    Rant Over.



  9. A @ 1.31



    Interesting stuff about the Texas power failures.


    The moons are aligning on this.



    I will dig in tonight to get the local view.


    He is ex SV so power failures seem to follow him about — coincidence?


    Currently doing some low level stuff on the hydrogen economy.


    The way you tell it there might be money in this after all.



    From a distance the US seems a strange place.


    Huge number of goverment agencies — state and federal.


    Huge amounts of money involved with tax rates to match.


    But they seem to hate universal healthcare and income re-distribution.



    The legacy of the Civil War runs deep?


    The South lost the war but won the peace?



    Regarding GT — he will be better than that if he is given support and coaching.


    He has some talent but his decision making is poor — lacks precision / bit wasteful.


    Killie in the main involves a much smaller spectrum of football — he is struggling to make the transition.


    He was a stand out last night because he was making plenty of runs — just a case most were missed.


    I was a LB once — before the lure of the oval ball became to great — they gave me a game.

  10. Big Jimmy I completely agree, a Celtic forward always needs to be able to play with back to goal none of our current lot seem capable, Ajeti last night was either very lazy or didn’t want the ball at all. Also the forwards never seem to want to link up, on several occasions last night Eddie went for the spectacular rather than play a simple pass to Ajeti.



    Easiest way in football to break down a packed defence the old one two.

  11. I think that McInnes has a case to be honest in relation to his team not getting a Penalty, in all honesty I think we got lucky with that one…especially later in the game when McCorie was penalised for the very same ” Hand Ball” in midfield which led to McInnes getting a ” Yellow Card”.


    I dont like McInnes, I dont like McCorie, I dont like Aberdeen…I am just trying to be honest.



    I KNOW that we should welcome the ” Breaks” IF any come our way, as too often Celtic are unfairly punished in almost every game we play…but I can understand McInnes being angry on this occasion, although did McInnes get angry with his Hun player Ferguson when he left the Boot in on Scott Bain….Probably not.



  12. Big jimmy.



    Oh for a Hartson or a Sutton right now.


    I think Eddie and Griffiths would have a field day playing around these guys.


    Noticed how deep OB and AA were dropping last night to get the ball.


    And McGregor as well wasted playing where he is at the moment.



    But 3pts a clean sheet we move on.




  13. BJ @ 8.40



    Most of the team are phoning it in most of the time.


    NL and the lack of good coaching has scunnered just about everybody in the squad.


    The biggest gripe seems to be with the Scotland squad contingent plus residual issues with the French speaking players — moves away cancelled / postponed.



    Main issue is that for large parts of the game we are not trying a leg.


    What you see on the park is just a training game — biding time until the summer.


    Muscle memory from the BR years carried us so far but it has gone.


    The bug is contagious — play poorly and you keep your place?



    Others will think I don’t need to bother.


    The bench will think the same as they still don’t start.

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    I thought kamberi flicked the ball against Welsh deliberately in order to get a penalty. Therefore no penalty.

  15. MM.



    Agree regarding players going through the motions.



    Feel sorry for young guy like Welsh trying to impress and finding himself in team where half of them want away.




  16. Morning All






    Agree mate.the forwards must offer more.very rarely see any of them,without the ball, sprinting away from defenders in and around the box,Eddy done it the other day, but not doing it regularly enough.Think Eddy is top drawer on his day but loses possession more than he keeps it.its good to see someone try stuff but more often than not it doesnt come off.


    Also,maybe its to do with our slow build up play that Ajetis is knackered by the time the ball gets anywhere near him!


    I wiuld def be looking to bring in 2 quality forwards in with strength,hunger,pace and good finishing.jeezo got to be loads like that aboot!

  17. Kamberi aimed at the arms of Welsh and it was about 2 yards from him no chance was it a penalty, Ferguson should have received a second yellow for the follow through on Bain.


    We played well for a period in the first half ran them ragged but with no end result, Celtic are totally powder puff in the middle of the park with the exception of Brown, Soro not sure seems to burn out quickly,the others are knocked out of the way like skittles on a bowling alley, not their fault, just that they arent physical midfielders who can control the flow of the game, get McGregor in the 10 role he can break the lines of the defence,the make up of the midfield needs to change.

  18. ST @ 9.03



    Difficult to make judgements about players when the coaching and the team effort are so bad.


    HL would struggle to look good in a team as dysfunctional as ours.



    Total change needed



    CEO — Sorted


    COO / DOF — Seemingly on the way.




    Coaching staff


    Youth leadership




    Experienced players.



    We currently are being pitied by the TFOD2 not feared.

  19. Is anyone else irked at the lack of coverage given to Slippy G’s “focus on more important things” comment? He’s basically dismissed the breaking of rules by 5 of his players as largely irrelevant. Hope he gets taken to task properly once he faces the media today, but no doubt the fawning hacks will bottle it.

  20. DB @ 9.24



    Have to disagree.


    DT and IS could handle the Dons MF physically.


    Compare and contrast LF.



    DT screened to ball well when up against him.


    IS is on the park he was forever on the deck holding something sore.


    IS not on the park he starts throwing it about a bit.



    IS has a good game defensively.


    With the ball he was a bit off the pace / caught in possession.

  21. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Great to see what a fine player Ajer has developed into in his 5 years at Celtic.



    Going to miss this guy, really hope club pulls something off and he signs a new contract, albeit unlikely.



    Stephen Welsh’s development would be all the better for playing regularly alongside Ajer.

  22. MM


    Well we will need to disagree , the midfield fell out of the game in the second half, as did the defence who were too deep, Brown helped Turnbull cant last 90 minutes Soro about an hour, Christie just runs about without any clear role and Rogic when he came on went to the right of midfield. We did not control the midfield other than in the first half, against Ferguson and McCrorie we did not control the midfield , we will play many teams who have better than them.

  23. BFTB @ 9.36



    The develop;ment of SW …



    KA = perfect role model regarding life / football / training.


    KA = not the perfect role model regarding how to defend against top quality opposition.



    Both need good coaching.


    KA has proved that talent will get you started.


    However after that a good manager earns his wage with coaching / conditioning / development.



    NL’s only current talent is organising stag weekends — an often overlooked skill from my experience but not what we need at the moment.

  24. DB @ 9.40



    We are closer in viewpoint than you think …



    Why did we have more control in the first half?


    Because IS was throwing it about a bit and they knew it.


    Necks were wound in until he was subbed and our lack of conditioning became apparent.

  25. Be aware of the stuff that wee Lou has been doing for a couple of years.


    Fantastic work that he is doing.



    Wouldn’t click on daily record link though

  26. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    EPL to reject the Champions League ‘Swiss model’ reforms.






    The revamp would have increased the number of group games from 6 to 10.



    Not sure how this would have impacted the qualifying criteria, specifically for Celtic. Whether it would have enhanced our chances for qualification.



    Ian Bankier (I know….I know) alluded to opportunities through European club competitions reform on the mid year financials last week.

  27. It was 3 points that’s about it . Everyone has there opinion of what’s needed in the team , for me it’s glaring , although they are playing well at the moment ,I feel our full backs are too wee , look at st Johnstone’s goal on Saturday , the big st Johnstone player just stretched his neck above our full back , high balls into our box are our Achilles heal . It’s not our only want unfortunately , we have fell back a long long way , Desmond and the new CEO have a job on there hands .

  28. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    It’s not just the EPL that reject the Champions League reform but also the European Leagues Body….not to be confused with the European Club Association for which Peter Lawwell has held a board member position on for several years.






    Any chance of reform from 2024 will likely take co-efficient performance from past 5 years which I would expect to be 2018-2023. This is why its critical Celtic are performing well in European competitions. It could potentially lead to auto qualification or a less obstructive qualifier pathway from 2024.



    We need to have successful European run next few years to maximise any advantages that reform may bring for Celtic.

  29. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    This is an interesting quote from the CEO of European Leagues Body:



    “We strongly believe the four additional places should give more room to domestic champions and not that the new clubs should come from the biggest associations (leagues) who already have a number of fixed positions in the Champions League,” he said.