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  1. Was on shift last night so missed the game – read our report which had this –


    “In the 89th minute, Klimala had the chance to kill off the game when he was left with just the keeper to beat, but hit the ball off the outrushing Lewis. A bit more composure from the Pole would have got the job done.”


    Just watched the highlights and this is utter bollo*ks. There is a defender with him and the angle is pretty acute.


    Do you think for a change we might try to cut some people a bit of slack. This is a player who in my opinion has been stupidly overlooked in favour of players who are giving almost nothing to the team.


    He gets 5 minutes every 3 or 4 games. He probably did more in that 5 minutes than Ajeti has done in his last 5 games. Someone explain to me the point in US running our players down. It’s not like they aren’t rubbished enough in the SMSM.



    He did well to get a good effort in and keeper made a great save.


    Only shot on target second half.

  3. Not wishing to have any argument with anyone on here but can ANYONE on here show me or provide a Link to the Football Rulebook, where it states ” Players shall NOT seek to gain any advantage by deliberately striking the Ball OFF any opposition player ” ?


    It would be impossible to prove that Kamberi DELIBERATELY played the Ball off of young Welshs arm/hand…imho.



    Even IF he did do it DELIBERATELY , how would a Ref and/or VAR Panel actually PROVE it ?


    In EVERY Game all over the world, players are DELIBERATELY striking the ball off an opponent to win Throw Ins and/or Corners….Should Refs and/or VAR Panels decide to PUNISH that player, if so what exactly is the ” Offence” ?


    UNGENTLMANLY CONDUCT …Maybe ? But how often do players in recent get Booked for that…None I would guess ?


    My auld Memory bank maybe getting confused these days….but I seem to remember a game when Bertie Auld ( I could be wrong about it being Bertie ?), trying to take a Celtic Throw in…and DELIBERATELY playing it OFF the Back of a Hun player, which then allowed Bertie ( or whoever), to regain possession and try and start a quick attack ?


    As I say, I cant remember IF it was Bertie…it MAY have been Charlie Tully…or some other Celtic player ? …..But no matter…as whoever the Celtic player was, I do NOT think that the Ref Booked him for ” Ungentmanly conduct”….as there is NOTHING in the Rule Book to suggest punishment for any such scenario…although I suppose in the OLD Days…some Refs MAY have ” WARNED” any player against any such behaviour ?



    For me, watching Goalies who DELIBERATELY waste time at Goal Kicks and/or when clutching a shot or a Cross…and then fall to the ground when THEIR Team are Winning…or in some cases “Drawing” a game…is BLATANT Time Wasting and Ungentlmanly conduct and they SHOULD be Booked.



    One of the worse for this ” Conduct” is the Huns Goalie …Allan MacGregor…especially when playing against Celtic. Keep your eyes on him when the Huns are winning or even DRAWING a game with Celtic…he wastes as much time as possible, EVERY TIme he is able to clutch the Ball and/or at Goal Kicks.


    This is the VERY same CHEAT, who pulled off a fantastic save in the last game against them from a Celtic player, which was quite obviously a Celtic corner kick…….BUT He TRIED to argue withe the Ref that he DIDNT Save it….so that the Ref would wrongly award a Goal Kick to the Huns.


    Any other Goalies are HAPPY to be CONGRATULATED by his team mates etc when pulling off a great save…and receive the plaudits from the Fans etc etc…but NOT that Cheatin Hun McGregor……he alone can give Cheating a bad name !




  4. MARKIEBHOY on 18TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:34 AM




    I agree with you on some points in relation to Paddy Kilmala..he hasnt been given a fair chance for a run in the team, and I would rather HE did than Ajeti…who offers very little IMHO.



  5. My Post about Hun Goalie McGregor…I KNOW that here were NO fans in the ground for that Jan 2nd game…but HE STILL TRIED to get the Ref to make the wrong decision..


    Ugly Cheatin Hun Bassa.



  6. Regarding handball.


    For me it’s the consistency.



    For me not a pen.


    But he penalised a Aberdeen player later for exact same thing later on in the game.




  7. As much as it pains me, Paddy Klimala, at 22 years old and at £3.5m, can’t claim to be raw. Also, everything about him suggests he has a strength at running onto a ball and looks lost against packed defences. Pity but another incoherent signing who will probably be back in eastern europe next season.



    However, all of our forwards need pity given that we just don’t create anywhere near enough chances for them, from midfield or full backs (Taylor has worked hard to imrove his game at least but we seem to have ‘killed Kenny’ in the last few games with nothing coming from the right).



    Lot of work required – Klimala above, I’d give Ajeti a new start, any professional coaching team will chase Griff and our true class forward Eddie will be out the door sadly.




  8. What would really be interesting is to establish who actually watched the full 90 minutes + game.


    I look forward to every game ( especially during covid ) however that was not a good performance.


    If I had tuned in to the Chamber of Secrets then found out we had won our 5th game on the trot, then I too would be overjoyed.



    We are better, but we must have change.




  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    This season isn’t going to play out like 2007/08.



    The other league teams are too weak to take necessary points we would need them to from Sevco.



    And even though it’s 5/5 wins from us, team still isn’t playing to think they will win every league game now to end of the season.



    As others said last night, the Dubai farce has put an end to our hopes.



    Shame because I think we could have otherwise snatched it from them.

  10. BW @ 10.59



    PK @ £3.5mill — does that include the mythical £60K number that seems nto haunt our transfer fees?



    Who signed that off?


    Looks like a very agent friendly deal to me.


    A reminder of better days and a bigger stash in the bank.



    I thought JH at £1.44mill was barking.


    We now have GT at something just under £2mill.



    Who negotiates our transfer fees?


    Who ever it is they are very good at spending our money.

  11. TFOD2 — I don’t think they have much left in the tank.


    It will come down to the performance of the MIB — so we have no chance.


    Only issue is that the MIB are carrying history from earlier in the season.


    Another round and eyebrows will be raised.



    We need to work the data — SPL wide numbers:



    Players sent off in games vs players suspended after games.


    The numbers will be enlightening.

  12. Please, Please, Please



    Would any so-called Celtic fans please refrain from these types of comments;



    “Edouard will be off by the summer……………..



    “Let´s use the money we get when we sell Ajer to …………..



    I still remember when Lou Macari put in his transfer request in the early 1970´s because I couldn´t fathom why anyone would want to leave Celtic. Hay and Dalglish later followed and things were never quite the same as there were teams as good as Celtic in Europe by then !!!!



    But whether it´s Petrov, McGeady, Wanyama, Van Dijk or Dembele the hurt it causes any real fan is immeasurable



    Leave this patter to the bozo pundits.

  13. SEAN THORNTON on 18TH FEBRUARY 2021 10:54 AM




    I agree SEAN, as young Welsh was very close to Kamberi..and had little chance if any of getting his hand/arm out of the way…so NO Penalty was the correct call…


    But as we have BOTH suggested in our Posts this Morning…the Ref gave McInnes good cause to argue after McCrorie was punished, as HE was also very close to the Celtic player and he also had little chance to get his hand/arm out of the way.


    I am only trying to be fair and honest.


    We can NOT have EVERY Player of every Team…trying to tackle or close down opponents and at the same time have their hands behind their backs imho.



  14. I know there are many experts on here who know so much more than those directly involved in the Senior game bur here are the words of a professional manager:



    ” “I’ve got great respect for Lenny. He’s a good manager who has done an unbelievable job.



    “He’ll have more than enough knowledge and experience to let Liam know what’s expected and needed at Celtic.



    “Neil has done a magnificent job in his three spells at Celtic – one as player and two as manager – and doesn’t deserve some of the criticism for one bad season.



    “I know things haven’t gone as planned, but I know from experience there can be mitigating circumstances which people don’t see and you can’t always make public.



    “I understand that everything is heightened in Scotland this season because of 10 In A Row and all that but Neil is a good manager.”

  15. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    One can hope, I read elsewhere we have about 1% chance of winning the league this season. Algorithms and all that.



    Supporters will be looking back on the Dubai farce in 10 years time thinking…..WTF were they thinking about.



    Willo Flood / Stephen Fletcher ’09 window will pale in comparison to this clusterf**k when written into the history books.

  16. A better striker than Klimala, would have lifted the shot,as the keeper came out,granted it was a quick chance,but IMO a sharper finisher would have scored.

  17. RIMTIMTIM on 18TH FEBRUARY 2021 11:20 AM



    You’re gonna need to build up your resilence levels fella. They are going.



    As pointed out by MM, the sheer waste of our profit on £3m ‘bets’ that aren’t up to it is of bigger concern. And as our assembly line at youth level looks more like a departure lounge, we have some big systemic problems to fix.




  18. BBC highlights allowed me to freeze frame the penalty incident.


    I think the reason the ref did not give the penalty was that he was unsighted by Soro crossing between Welsh and the ref at the moment the ball was flicked by Kamberi.



    Under current rules it’s a penalty.


    Under first rule of Scottish Refereeing ( hinder Celtic, help the Hun)…. it’s a penalty.



    I think the ref didn’t see it strike the arm.



    There is no other explanation that makes sense to me.



    The Onlooker

  19. the ref MUIR is a total hun I would have backed him to give a penalty if he saw it



    therefore I assume he didnt see it

  20. I hope we use the money we get for Ajer on a decent striker to replace Odsonne when he leaves in the summer…



  21. Does anyone actually know, and able to post a link to, the rule about what does and does not constitute a handball offence?

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