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  1. There have been some dire performances this season. That one is right up there with the rest.



    We have progressed one bit

  2. 3 points, clean sheet……………………………..





  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    3 points will do


    Onward and upward, hopefully, though the spectre of NL being in charge next season still looms 🥺

  4. Some desperate defending there. Why can’t they keep possession in the last quarter of the match.


    Well done, Welsh, Ajer, Soro and Turnbull. Odsonne was very frustrating.

  5. I only watched the second half and was very unimpressed. Celtic just don`t look like Celtic. I wonder what Lenny`s secret is?


    Ajer gave a committed performance, Broony showed he is much better than many have claimed and Rogic showed that he had class that others could not capitalise on.


    Three points ,good,performance (2nd half) ,poor.

  6. well done Celtic – dominated first half with some good football and a great goal. 2nd half persevering with Ajeti and Christie let us down. Then instead of getting pace on the park or Griff to help Eduard , we went into our shell – was a great defensive hang on but that cost us this season and was another gamble.



    this time it paid off but its not the celtic way and not how top coaches would address that situation with the players we have on the bench.



    Ajer man of the match – happy with the result – not happy we didn’t capitalize on a great 1st half.

  7. ST TAMS on 17TH FEBRUARY 2021 7:54 PM


    There have been some dire performances this season. That one is right up there with the rest.



    We have progressed one bit




    Who is the ‘we’ you speak of,certainly not Celtic.

  8. I’m kind of content with winning bit not playing well.



    If we batter everyone between now and May the board might not see the need for coaching change.



    But if we keep winning and covid catches up on them uns as it did us, at least we might have a fighting chance of taking advantage. Even if that is only making things a bit nervy for them.



    Bigger picture I think we look a little less keystone cops at the back but we don’t seem able to adjust the midfield once we lose control of it as we did in the second half.



    The same fundamentals are still not right.

  9. Did Aberdeen actually have a decent chance in the second half?



    A very good defensive performance and a victory against a top six team.

  10. Are you lonely at home during lockdown ?



    Has your partner left you because you live your life shouting about Celtic ?



    Think you know better that the experts, just because you played 5’s for St Mungos back in the day ?



    Well, come to CQN and vent, all are welcome regardless of creed , colour, or sensibilities.



    Feel free to disagree with what you actually see, making up your own statistics and pure random observations to justify an outlandish view ………….



    cmon you know you want to.

  11. Great goal, 3 points. Did nothing of note after 30 minutes.


    Aberdeen are rubbish and now on their longest non scoring streak and yet we have backs to the wall stuff for the last 15 minutes, shocking.


    Who was the ref? Had a good game I thought, I’m away to lie down!

  12. Eddy reminds me of big Viduka, half arsed effort, big Mark admitted he only played about 80% while with us as that’s all that was required.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Not a great second half and another edgy finish similar to the the Motherwell game.



    This time I think it was Welsh who got his head to a goal bound shot.



    Hung on again for the 3 points.

  14. Well done Celts.



    Glad of the 3 points.



    OE too footery for me.



    We need a Sutton/Hartson centre forward.



    How many long balls did we play tonight?



    Midfield needs a bit more bite.

  15. Sometimes you win games by defending well.



    We’ve managed to find ourselves in the position where beating Aberdeen 1-0 at home isn’t good enough anymore.

  16. Ajeti face summed up his play when he got rightly subbed , he could’nt care less , oh and by the way Eddy was very poor once again he has a touch like an elephant , another player with more to give but only giving enough to get by.

  17. Brutal watching — no energy / no desire / no focus.


    We were lazy / sloppy / static and we got worse.



    The PL / NL combo is destroying the club in front of our eyes.


    We just don’t want to play good football we just want to pass it back and back and back.



    Have no idea people would praise GT — he just gives the ball away time after time.


    Now understand why JJK was going spare — not even SPL class going forward.



    Three points won but our footballing heritage lost.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Good first half 30 minutes then downhill after that, clean sheet and three points is as much as you can say. Champions league time!

  19. I was amazed that Alan Muir refereed the game fairly. He even smiled at David Turnbull. What on earth is going on?

  20. I’ve said it many times here – I know heehaw about running a football and wouldn’t make it in any professional sport so I ask a this from a point of ignorance and curiosity – what is with the falling off in games we’ve had many times this season?

  21. It was tired tonight but that’s our 5th game in February and our 5th win we have scored 13 and conceded 2. We have had 3 clean sheets in 5.



    That is clearly an improvement



    It is not at the level we need to be or want to be but it is better than where we were.



    I appreciate it’s getting better even if it’s too little- too late for the league

  22. C40M @ Happy Valley



    We made a terrible Dons team look world beaters.


    The last 15 minutes looked like Rourkes Drift.


    We were absolutely honking.



    As noted by others the team is playing at half pace.




    There are huns who post on here.



    You should know that!



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Glad for the 3 points, looking forward who will be our strikers next season?


    L Griffiths; is producing diminishing returns.


    Ajeti; still doesn’t look fit, maybe a good pre season will help


    Klimala; If I’m being kind id say he hasn’t had a consistent run of games,


    Edouard; Probably sold



    Klimala and Ajeti as our main strikeforce??