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  1. so



    if St Johnstone win this afternoon



    they become the 2nd most successful team since 2012.?







    All good here, hope you are all good too.



    No it won’t be, the wheels fell off the business model too with Covid, downright bad buys, and all round drooping standards. If only nine had been ten?



    If ever there was a club that would miss most it’s supporters it was us, and fitting there’s nobody there to see such a poor ending to a glorious period.



    Since we became a ‘buying and selling club’ for talking sake with Fergus McCann, it makes us unCeltic like, and no longer unique, the chore of Celtic needs to be rebuilt on home grown stars, don’t care how long it takes. Any money we have, should be much more carefully spent, with a full restoration of who exactly does the buying.



    Lennoxtown should be developed to full size, as a priority.

  3. Another thing change will bring is a fresh look at Lennoxtown.



    Are we getting value for money ? Can we afford a football academy ?Currently the answer is no.


    What percentage of youth players who have trained there will make a living from football. 1% perhaps.



    We should take a fresh look at Barrowfield, the Emirates complex and the spare ground. We can then fully support community projects and youth involvement in a needy area that we were founded from.



    Change must mean change.

  4. Interesting posts one after the other from BSR and Greenpiñata about Lennoxtown.



    One says go bigger and better.


    The other, go home.



    Whichever path we choose, the present set up doesn’t seem to be delivering the necessary results and flow through of talent.



    HH jg

  5. If anybody on here has been to a Glasgow Warriors match, they will have had a glimpse of the enhanced match day experience Dominic Mckay will emulate.


    Regardless if you like Rugby or not, you can enjoy a great night out.



    I would expect: Tie ins with transport infrastructure and eatery / drinking establishments. A variety of discounted goods and promo codes to mention but a few preliminary initiatives.



    HH to all.

  6. Bada,



    regards the Scottish players or Scottish based players, there have been a few that have got away and headed down south, even a few who were on our books who got away also. I wholeheartedly agree about Big Jock and the different era, All I am saying is, I think as a club we have been guilty of wearing blinders when it comes to the Scottish game apart from a guy like Turnbull.



    Porteous and Doig from Hibs I like and the keeper Marciano who I believe is out of contract. I think financially this is where we are at right now. Combine this with the shopping the lower leagues in England to help with the rebuild, Shaw for example who I think was smart business. We also have a few on our books signed in the last couple of years that I look forward to seeing.



    We need to get back to get back to Big Jock’s ethos about the jersey not shrinking, we need players who are committed to the crest and who would run through walls wearing it.





  7. GSU- thanks for excellent reply, totally agree we have let a few through the net,but IMO, no players who would improve us are currently playing in Scotland

  8. GP- there was plans about 18 months ago, to spend about £2.5 million on Barrowfield, to include a full size indoor pitch,physio/medical suite,and to move every team except first team there,Lennoxtown was for first team only,in the grand scheme of things now,I don’t know if/when it will happen.

  9. AN TEARMANN on 28TH FEBRUARY 2021 12:38 PM





    if St Johnstone win this afternoon



    they become the 2nd most successful team since 2012.?






    I’ll need to use that one with any uppity huns :O) hh

  10. lets all do the huddle on

    hope st johnstone win because livingston dont have a pub conveniently near their stadium

  11. lets all do the huddle on




    The Lime Kiln, 2 minutes walk to almondvale ?




    not really convenient for where we park the car there.



    but im now making it a mission to go there next time

  12. lets all do the huddle on

    park the car in the multi across the street, easy peasey,





    i will relay that info next time to whoevers driving 😁

  13. GREENPINATA on 28TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:09 PM


    ‘If anybody on here has been to a Glasgow Warriors match, they will have had a glimpse of the enhanced match day experience Dominic Mckay will emulate.’







    What a bloody awful prospect.



    Aping an anodyne, artificially created commercial entity in trying to drum up interest using razzmatazz and showmanship to mask the absence of any real substance.



    Regarding Glasgow Warriers, I wonder how many of the middle class huns who drifted away from Ibrox towards rugby during the banter years will now return to their roots given the huns are now back on top.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    if Bale keeps playing as well as he has been the last couple of games then we have no chance of signing him on loan next season



    thats my number 1 target crossed off my list!

  15. Sky Sports Scotland








    Steven Gerrard is reportedly being lined up to replace Jurgen Klopp as Liverpool boss with increasing doubts over the German’s long-term Anfield future.

  16. !!BADA BING!! on 28TH FEBRUARY 2021 1:41 PM



    Yes I remember that, it was to be part of the East End rejuvenation project. Planning permission was sought.



    Indoor / outdoor facilities, spectator viewing, woman’s football etc .


    We could also build Almores cafe in a grandiose manner. Combined with the Emirates, a hub of entertainment and a source of revenue outwith the normal match day.



    Expect accelerated thinking outside the box.



    Change means change.



    I wonder, do we have any liability for Lennoxtown taxation or otherwise.?



    Cheers and HH.

  17. Aipple



    Foggy Head sounds like it should be in Missouri.


    Population 742






    HH jg

  18. was CQN around in ye olde days.








    Susie Dent Blue heart






    Feb 25


    Word of the day is ‘huff snuff’ (16th century): one who shares their opinion far and wide but is quick to take offence if anyone disagrees.

  19. notthebus on 28th February 2021 2:44 pm



    Thought the smart money was on Klopp to the national team? So the Liverpool chap at works says.









    Sounds like a nice road-trip candidate. Kentucky has some belters of town names. A few personal favourites are:



    * Black Bottom


    * Oddville


    * BIg Beaver Lick

  20. Aipple






    I was rather disappointed by Glasgow Montana. Blink and you’d missed it.



    HH jg




    Kentucky also has some less attractive towns.



    * Glasgow


    * Middlesborough


    * Irvine


    * Melbourne


    * Warsaw


    * Livingston


    * Glencoe


    * Mount Vernon


    * Lebanon


    * London


    * Versailles


    * California



    If you venture 20 miles in to Indiana you’ll arrive in Edinburgh.

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