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    ‘Thanks for that.







    Only in Scotland would one team have 3 red cards and 4 yellows against a team with 2 yellows and have both teams carpeted for a so-called “shame game”.’







    And only in Scotland would a political party use it as an opportunity to introduce legislation targeting the fans of one club, the innocent club, ‘to even up the score’.



    Remember the grandstanding?



    The emergency summit?



    And only in Scotland would supporters of that political party be two faced enough to castigate a policeman for enforcing that legislation while continuing to urge support for the political party.



    But it’s not a cult. Definitely not a cult.

  2. Hibs now being punished for knocking the zombies out of the cup.


    2 reds in midweek then 2 disallowed goals this weekend, First one is farcical.


    About a yard onside when the ball played.

  3. So now the SMSM are saying we were lucky yesterday because of our second goal (bizarre is Radio Scotland’s description). Has any of them described Aberdeen being lucky for getting such a penalty?

  4. Six cases of Omicron discovered in Scotland and an emergency press briefing this morning.



    Not good.




    Sorry to say this shocked me…….



    They have some great tunes .


    Billy Connolly reveals he loves Orange bands and grew up following them in Scotland


    Lapsed Catholic comedian enjoyed watching Orangemen growing up in Glasgow.

  6. Marspapa.



    Each man has his own path i could safely say i did tae…..till I took the left up the hill to the Chapel.


    Dunno what age Billy was,but Partick,like ma bit,and prob your area now.you could not avoid them.


    But heres the thing


    They are dying they don’t walk the streets as much and the light on their bigotry is turned up.


    Do I get pelters for walking up to mass? :-)


    The oo just happened to be there


    They hold no fear or intimidation down this way am sure tis same at yours and BC,he like me just laughs at the cretins.try it.they merit it.pity I missed ye over weekend.catch up soon







    Time is a healer…so they say .


    Billy is an astute , erudite , for him to still enjoy the orange walk and their ” Tunes” is sad . imo .



    If he came out in favour and lauded a person of history involved in the slave trade…i would have the same reaction …..just my take on it .







    I should make the Christmas lunch next week pal…..if no drastic measures are brought in before as i didn’t get the passport to appease the wife .




    Good to see you all had a blast as per .



    take care Big Yin….see wot i done there 😂💚

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 9:35 AM


    Six cases of Omicron discovered in Scotland and an emergency press briefing this morning.


    Not good.





    Hi – we don’t actually know – as yet – whether this is good, bad or indifferent.



    It can be the case that viral mutations that become more transmissible on one hand, also become less severe in terms of their impact on health.



    So – it is feasible that this could be a good thing – we simply don’t have enough evidence yet, globally, with regards either transmission or health effect of the new variant to be sure. That will come in the next couple of weeks.



    Until we know more, best to – as always – maintain good public health practices – keep close contact to a minimum / wear masks in public / wash hands frequently / clean surfaces and other hand-contact points / maximise ventilation (really, really important) / undergo regular LFT testing (and if positive – say in the house).



    All of this is good advice for any virus – flu/colds, etc., too.






  9. I must say I was glad to read what Coisty said to Lenny. I always thought it might have been worse – something personal. For all his faults he (McCoist) seems a decent guy. I watched him on Open Goal or something and, like Barry Ferguson before him, he was respectful of players they played against. Some of our own supporters could learn a lesson about how to speak about players, including our own – recent comments have been despicable.

  10. Nice to read a person ,who rabidly attacks any person mentioning the SNP,cannot wait to utter his usual garbage about “Cu-ts”almost daily.



    ERNIE LYNCH is a cu-t.

  11. Norriem


    Hope you have many happy days with wee Judebhoy.


    I got a phone call seconds after the final whistle of the St J semi final,son in law says here someone who says he wants to phone his papa, “we’re in the final papa” says Sean P.not ashamed to say that I shed a tear that I was the 1st person he thought of at the final whistle.

  12. Billy Connolly has turned into an ersatz Pseud,and a pain in the arse.


    Much like our resident Pseud ,Ernie Lynch.




    Any increase in the transmissibility of a novel virus isn’t good news because it increases the chances of a more dangerous mutation occurring.



    More people infected = larger pool in which new variants appearing.

  14. I see that John Mason MP, who is not without his fanboys on here, has had his say on the foodbank parking penalty issue.

  15. ILJASB on 29TH NOVEMBER 2021 11:42 AM


    ‘I must say I was glad to read what Coisty said to Lenny. I always thought it might have been worse –’






    Ye. All a bit of a storm in a loving cup.



    Don’t be fooled by Coisty though. He’s a self serving snake.



    He likes to be liked by whatever company he’s in . You can never trust people like that.

  16. John Mason @JohnMasonMSP


    Replying to @KollaChampagne and @AgentScotland




    ‘Why could they not have parked legally?’

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