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  1. TIMBHOY2 on 20TH JANUARY 2019 12:55 PM


    It’s about Nick Power who plays for Wigan.


    The ” papers ” alleging that both clubs want to sign him.


    Hail Hail

  2. Alasdair MacLean on

    An Tearman and Macjay,



    Watched the whole hour now.


    Most sense I have heard to date on the whole subject.



    From a personal perspective – someone who has worked closely with workers from the all over the UK and Ireland for the last 30 + years and still am – even literally today – I would say the guy has nailed the current mindsets brilliantly.



    I can even forgive his little prawn cocktail crisps joke. Manys a true word…

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Great to be back to winning ways. Difficult to judge the performance precisely against a lower league opponent, but good to see more of our attacks coming down the right. Think we have been a bit unbalanced in this aspect. Great to see Tim getting a goal so early, and also seeing Nir Bitton back in action. Very much an undervalued player.


    Hope the good people of Cowdenbeath are managing to go about their weekend business without being terrorised by polar bears.

  4. CHAIRBHOY on 20TH JANUARY 2019 9:52 AM


    Well, Sunday! Sunday! So chilled for me…







    Hope everyone is n’joing a Champion weekend.







    Great to see us back to winning ways…







    See the match officials had a message for us, it goes something like this…
















    What a huge miss Res12 was, really hope we give this another think… a Club is paying out the money made on their Euro endeavours on a couple of players in the hope that their experience can secure the League. That Club lost £14M last year, should they have got a UEFA licence? Should they be allowed to gamble?





    The message coming from Celtic is that none of the other clubs nor UEFA are interested in pursuing Res12 but there is a process in train ie JPDT and that is under question.



    Whilst what happened in 2011 can be treated by clubs and UEFA as yesterday’s news, its currency lies in what took place then.



    Unless SFA can produce some contrary evidence, what is available and usable under football rules to make it so, tells us that RFC obtained the licence in 2011 on false pretences.



    Some of the folk involved are still there and a leopard, especially one from the Mulk with its lair in South Africa, doesn’t change its spots.



    The principles at stake driving Res12 will never go away, that is the nature of principles but if anything were to happen inside football it will only happen when the Celtic family (which includes the Board) say “Enough” and why. Silence will have had its day.



    It is not just Celtic who might have to pay the cost of the insane TRFC business model, league positions bring cash rewards so all clubs below TRFC at the finish will have felt the consequences of the TRFC business model but the Directors of those clubs appear to care not a jot.



    What happens if, in spite of all the help from Hampden that makes every decision on and off the park go their way, TRFC, face administration again?



    Is it more rinse and repeat or are clubs going to back a form of domestic FFP where external licensor are appointed? I think from memory UEFA allow this for FFP?



    What if administration led to liquidation? Would supporters of all clubs accept rinse and repeat again?



    The folk running Scottish football and that includes Celtic are so far not up to the task of introducing honesty and restoring trust. That is self evident or it would have happened by now.



    Res12 isn’t over yet, but if it ends without the need for reform to be accepted, then all tickets sold to supporters of all clubs should carry a ” buyer beware” warning saying:



    ” In purchasing this ticket you are accepting that the result of the games you will be paying to watch will not solely be determined under the published rules but an interpretation of them that fits the desired outcome”



    If I were Celtic I would make domestic financial fair play a condition of participating in Scottish football.

  5. My friends in Celtic,



    I would only give the huns a maximum of 200 tickets. However giving them none is very appealing and would be my preferred choice.


    The advantages are self explanatory. :-


    Makes Paradise a more intimidating and happier place.


    Allievates at a stroke any reason for segregation, and any potential crowding issues.


    Possibly reduces policing at the stadium. Cost saving ?


    Makes parents more comfortable in taking their children.


    And yes, tit for tat may seem juvenile, but who cares if it upsets the media and the huns. It would make US feel good.




  6. glendalystonsils on

    KINGLUBO on 20TH JANUARY 2019 1:36 PM



    I was lucky enough to see him ‘live’ in Glasgow , think it was around 67/68. Sensational.

  7. Auldheid


    I have come to the conclusion quite a white ago that Celtic are not interested in pursuing Res 12 and are hiding behind the inaction of other clubs to justify their spineless attitude, Res12 was only a small part of what has gone on EBT’s the farce that was Bryson’s interpretation of registration requirements, the depth and spread of EBT’s just who were all the recipients, I have a nagging suspicion that it certainly was not confined to a liquidated club.


    Celtic at the very least could say what they think the present day entity playing out of Ibrox is, old club new club are they in the opinion of Celtic entitled to claim the titles they have, however I think I have answered the likelihood of this happening in my first paragraph,until they do Celtic will not need to provide me with a warning on buying a ticket , my loss I suppose.

  8. Listening to the Fintan O’Toole programme, it should be pointed out that the prawn cocktail crisps issue was not a joke or a jibe invented by Fintan. It was a factual example of one of the “infringements of English liberty and traditions” which were being limited by European laws. It was not invented by Fintan or anyone with a Remain mentality. It was used, with serious intent, by one of the pro-Brexiteers that Macjay would like to see in charge, in this case, the man-child Boris Johnson, rather than the Bertie Wooster character, Jacob Rees Mogg.


    It was one of a long line of such examples from straight bananas, to chocolate to other absurdities, either flat out lies or “thin end of the wedge” type of extrapolated absurdities that was ll they could produce to show as examples of oppression from Europe. The lack of seriousness and lack of adult debate was the hallmark of the Brexiteer argument. And yet this fake news approach worked, when yolked onto resentment over immigration.



    I suspect it is another example of such joking and lack of seriousnessto suggest that Australia and the USA can replace some of the lost trade from being in the EU. Anyone who shops in a supermarket can tell you we already have trade with these nations but Sydney is over 10,000 miles from London, New York and Los Angeles are 3,500 and 5,500 miles away. Now there are vast distances in the EU (Warsaw is 900 miles away, Zagreb 830 and Tallin is over 1000 miles away) but they are significant fractions of the distances between us and non-European markets. Transport costs would swallow up any savings made by favourable r=trade deals, even if you could get them. China will swallow up more of Australia’s food and raw materials than we ever will and will pay more. That money will talk; there are very few pro-Empire old buffers like Macjay and the lady thet got featured in the Old Buffers Daily otherwise known as the Daily Express.



    We are a couple of months away from a real economic sh**storm. It is really too late to change much of what is heading our way. Fintan O’Toole gives a good insight into the psychology of the relationship betwen the UK and the EU. Europeans do not hate or oppress Brits or Englanders nor do they wish to punish us for leaving. They are really just bewildered by the baby-ish and tardy approach to planning and strategy used by the Brexiteer negotiators. The Little Englanders in charge have believed that if they just spoke more loudly and slowly, they would get a favoured outcome. They, and we, are just about to find out how mistaken they were.



    We will be sorry-too-late. Divorces are expensive and adding a Scottish Independence divorce to the cost of this inevitable divorce will just be lopping off an arm to balance your lost leg.



    AN TEARMANN on 20TH JANUARY 2019 11:22 AM




    Glad to hear your reasonable response.



    》》》Always Macjay tho it’s hard sometime



    Thought I may have caused you offence.



    》》》None on my part.brexit is self harm imo.




    My frustration is related totally to the opportunity which presents itself for the reunification of Ireland , if there were only an Irish statesman who could recognise that reality.


    》》》Brexit is not good.by definition it destabilizes the good Friday agreement which is an enshrined treaty superseding any backstop.if you are a 6 counties citizen you are a brit,irish and european..So if you take away any part of that identity you take it all.



    Instead we have the childishness of Brit bashing.


    》》Brexit by definition is self harming.brit stupidity personified..like the cheating Huns escapades solely made by Britain.no thought or mention of the remnant planters coming up to the original vote,otherwise terms like backstop would have been heard of then



    Britain`s difficulty is Ireland`s opportunity.



    》》True in the days of wolfetone and Pearse maybe,but in todays sophisticated, interdependent,just in time supply chains that can ping goods and capital around the planet at the hit of a return key i would argue it will make ireland poorer as so much of her worldwide trade goes through uk.





    Never truer than now.




    》》 LAny news from Derry ?


    Personally? Or well ….lost here,



    Guess who understands the realpolitik of the current British difficulty .



    》》Do Educate me,as that sky link exhibits the same dumbfxxkery/stupidity and self harm vomited out by boris or Liam.it nails nowt imo.




    》》 = my reply mate





  10. I would gladly chop off both arms ….so that the children that follow live in freedom from those creatures in Westminster….



    big smiley Saor Alba thing




  11. Blame it on the Chicago school.


    Blame it on Milton Friedman and his voodoo economics.


    Blame it on the Dog Boilers and the austerity freaks.



    However it is on the way back — the free lunch.


    The issue is all about timing and attitude.



    We either pay £5mill each for a new CB and a new RB now or in the summer.


    We are going to have to pay big money to rebuild our defence.


    The issue is do we pay it now or in 6 months?



    If we pay it now we have them for the second half of the season.


    If we pay it now we can set ourselves up for a quick start next season.


    If we pay it now we can manage the exit of certain players with more certainty.



    I cannot believe that our largest financial event of this month will be PL’s “Big” bonus.


    If it is then the Irish Raj will be at it and the monetarists will have won.


    Not good on an economic, political or football front — not good at all.



    Plus we have the ghost of 89 / 99 / 09 to exorcise.


    If we don’t spend big this month then the summer will be a bloodbath.


    Everything will point to carnage at all levels.



    Things will be so bad that mad / mental RD would not want to get involved.


    Currently DD is key not PL — been here before with MON and NL.


    When the love goes — things happen.


    And not for the better.

  12. NB @ 2.36



    You chopped off your head when you got involved in identity politics.


    You want to live in a world run by the SFA and the MIB.



    A world of cosy chats, Ludge meetings and favours owed and returned.


    A land of Edinburgh juries, Stirling JP’s and the flexible interpretation of the rules.



    In other words — a turkey voting for Christmas.

  13. our bairns will outlive and outwit that lot …creatures that breed through Westminster,s halls have to go first….



    smiley easy peasy thing




  14. Brr, it’s cauld. Just been ootside shovellin’ snow in a wind chilled temperature of – 28°.


    But I feel all warm inside when I think of the Airdrie goalie.


    HH A’body

  15. SENSATIONAL Alex Harvey Band drummer Ted McKenna has died suddenly aged 68, pals revealed yesterday.



    Tributes poured in after the Scot suffered a haemorrhage during hernia surgery on Thursday.

  16. Alistair MacLean 1.10.



    Finton o Toole,writes in irish Times,on Twitter too.


    Check him out mate.:-) .


    Hope life’s good.



  17. BADA BING, sorry to hear that, would he have been the drummer when they were called tear gas, remember seeing them in Coatbridge round about 69/70.hh.

  18. Good afternoon CQN from a scorching 2 degrees Garngad


    Scorching because I have just read TAL’s post of minus 28 yes -28…


    TAL where are you the Antarctic??? Stay safe. ???



    Good result yesterday and a good performance to boot.


    Young Timmy bhoy looks as though he likes the running at defences, exactly how we like the Glasgow Celtic to play.


    Ollie B will get better, just not sure about through the middle up top.



    Bring on the Buddy’s of Paisley






    D. :)

  19. Boys


    Tom Rogic has been away for 4 weeks now with Australia


    Who pays Tom’s wages during this Asia cup tournament?


    Celtic got money for our players playing in the World Cup


    Is it the same with players playing in this Asia cup ?

  20. Hopefully Ollyz turn and shot for sinkys mistaken goal is an indication of things to come.







    Twas good bumping into Malorbhoy at the end of the game yesterday..Aye Broony was a good candidate for m.o.m



    Hal hail my friend

  21. David66



    I agree with you about Tim Wean,though Dedrycks pass done a lot o the work.




  22. Fool Time Whistle on

    KINGLUBO on 20TH JANUARY 2019 12:14 PM


    Watched the game via streaming. My take on it suggested to wee me anyway, that our search for a right back is over. Young Tony Ralston was quite superb and there was one crossfield pass which was sublime.





    I to have beeen impressed with Tony Ralston since he came on as sub in the last game before the break.


    He does look good going forward & can tackle well – especially when the player is in front of him.


    Like all our fullbacks, he is required to overlap and he has shown that he is much more than just a fullback – he is a player.


    ALL our fullbacks, Lustig, KT, Izzy have all been caught out simply because they push forward & when the attack breaks down, the opposition attack down whichever of our flanks is missing the fullback.


    There was one yesterday against Tony in 2nd half when their man got away behind him. It came to nothing but for amoment we looked very exposed as neither midfielder nor centre back had covered for Tony’s absence.



    Just a comment on tactics generally, less of a criticism of him.



    Any news on his injury at FT yesterday?




  23. DESSYBHOY on20TH JANUARY 2019 1:58 PM



    Celtic”s reasons/excuses not to act with determination lead to an unwelcome conclusion, caused by such lack of action that somehow acting would reveal something they would rather was hidden.



    The answer to that conclusion is to act with determination at best, or explain to shareholders and supporters alike why they cannot.



    Your other point about ebts etc is also relevant as the decision of no sporting advantage came as the result of SFA being aware of DOS ebt narrative but excluding it from scrutiny.



    Either that or RFC in administration did the same when asked to provide all ebt related documentation for all ebts.



    Either way it’s the story of clubs, under the SFA ,doing all they can to stop the truth emerging and the consequences faced in order to keep 50k or so customers and their income, filling their coffers.

  24. Fool Time Whistle on




    Most of the scores were about what I’d have given.



    But the main point of having Oliver Burke is to be found in those who were not on the bench.



    Odsonne would have been asked to at least be there, regardless on any lingering injury. Just in case he was need to snatch a winner etc. Griff has been given leave of absence to get things together.



    No Griff & No Odsonne on the bench allows them both to regain full fitness for the business end of the season.



    I watch as much of the reserves etc as are posted on Celtic TV, but I’m not aware of a big, physical striker amongst them. Jack Aitchison & Mike Johnston are obviously the Larsson/Maloney types & we saw how that worked out in THAT game. As someone commented yesterday – Oliver Burke looked and performed (at times) like Tony Watt in his first season.



    After a quiet & too deferential a start, I thought OB showed good movement and touch as well as some physicality. He had one assist, should have had two and if James Forrest had converted it’d been three assists.



    Those assists are not coincidental.