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  1. CELTICCELTIC (4-2-3-1) Gordon; Hendry, Ajer, Simunovic, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, Edouard, McGregor; Dembele


    Subs: Bain, Sinclair, Christie, Allan, Ralston, Johnston, Kouassi(4-2-3-1) Gordon; Hendry, Ajer, Simunovic, Tierney; Brown, Ntcham; Forrest, Edouard, McGregor; Dembele


    Subs: Bain, Sinclair, Christie, Allan, Ralston, Johnston, Kouassi

  2. A resounding 0-0 tonight should have the SMSM salivating over our performance – just as they did for Sevco last night ;-)






    Havewesignedanyqualityyet? CSC

  3. Oglah…The BBC have killed that cheeky though before a ball is even kicked ;)



    Alashkert better than score suggests


    Celtic v Alashkert (19:45)


    Celtic’s first-leg win in Armenia was not as comfortable as the 3-0 scoreline suggests.


    Alashkert were as threatening as the visitors until Odsonne Edouard, Celtic’s multi-million pound summer signing from Paris St-Germain, slotted the opening goal in first-half stoppage time.


    A couple of second-half saves were required from Celtic goalkeeper Craig Gordon before further goals from James Forrest and Callum McGregor in the final 10 minutes all but killed off the Yellows’ hopes of progress to the second round of qualifying for a third year running.

  4. From Auldheid on the last thread



    I appreciate tonights game takes priority and perhaps the following by Canalamar on E Tims has been posted here but it is important enough to draw to attention of CQN and apologies if you have seen it.



    Perhaps the most interesting reply to yesterdays diary illuminates best the fact that Resolution 12, and those behind it, are not going away…



    The Res12 originator (Canalamar) is currently considering the decision on whether the following organisation get the report regardless of the SFA’s result, it has always been the choice of last resort but now it is being considered a moral imperative regardless of the result, however awaiting the SFA’s result is intriguing and worth following.




  5. BT


    He got too much grief on here for his troubles, no that he couldn’t handle it, but he just didny need it.


    Like Starry says, he is missed big time on here imo.



  6. Guten Abend from a 30 degrees Germany,


    Looking forward to seeing the new pitch and floodlights tonight.


    And with a 3-0 lead I expect our forwards to be getting some shooting practice.



  7. Maccargo


    As Brendan says – it’s only half time in the tie



    Game face on Bhoys

  8. Gene



    Agreed, tonight needs to be played at the correct level and mindset. I’m sure it will be. The original comment was more a dig at the somewhat disparity in the reporting between away scores of 0-3 and 0-0.

  9. BSR


    ‘re Ian Og’s suspension. An extra 7 weeks holiday for taking a wee family holiday(s) worth up to 112k, not declaring it and then acting as a lobbyist for them in the H of C.


    Ian has previous.


    Didn’t declare that his Constituency offices in N Antrim rented from his Father in Law at ×4 times the going rate. All paid for by the public purse. Pork barrel politics.


    Two types of Unionist


    Those who burn pellets


    Those who burn pallets.


    Onto more important matters 4-0 to the good ghuys



  10. Well said that man…



    Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has repeated his mantra on BBC Radio Scotland that there can be no complacency, despite the 3-0 lead.



    “You’ve got to have the mentality, especially at this stage of the season, that every team is dangerous,” he said. “We don’t want to make any mistakes.


    “We have a demand that it’s not just the result, it’s about the standard of play.


    “You sure the hunger in the friendly on Saturday against Standard Liege.


    “There’s never a game you can take your foot off the pedal when you play for Celtic.”

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Canman , Mags. Aw naw and Kit where mainstays of Cqn and unfortunately they left,



    Cqn was where debate was encouraged and enjoyed



    Only Mags now posts and being Mags it’s just for a response


    I don’t blame Paul as he set up the blog and can’t police it 24/7



    It was and is now overpopulated by self serving supporters only hoping to be noticed rather than bring something to the table..

  12. What is the Stars on

    I see people crying out for the return of El Grumpalo Grande or Canamalar as he is known on here.


    Of course I miss him as we all do. But he wasnt chased away by any stretch of the imagination.


    He would sometimes argue with the people who were trying to agree with him and of course his obsession with Putin was fun.


    One thing i admire about him is that like myself he is never wrong.


    Come on Grumpy. The mad house misses you

  13. Jimmynotpaul on

    Half time. Rosenberg 0 Valur 0.


    Old favourites, Qaraabag and Astana currently on course to qualify.


    Although both still just 1.0 ahead on agg.


    Hail Hail

  14. In my considered opinion CQN hasn’t been the same since the divorce referendum. A lot of nasty personal s**te posted by supporters of both sides.

  15. Oglach


    I would agree that a lot of personal attacks rear their head from time to time – play the ball not the man

  16. Broony leads us out.


    Cheers Gene.


    I feel a comfortable 4-0 win.


    For the ghood ghuys of course

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