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  1. JITBWP @ 10.10



    Fair point but I think that the Cluj disaster clouds the issue somewhat.



    It highlighted our lack of preparation after selling a top quality LB the week before — consequently the act of playing CMcG at LB looked like the act of desperation that it was.



    Now things are much more controlled and settled and so we can try things out of innovation and improvement rather than backs to the wall extreme panic.



    GT really is struggling at the moment playing at LB against any level of opposition. Just a case that most of the SPL cannot make the most of his lapses / failures / brain farts / wanderings / lack of pace.



    He is improving and he does have talent just a case that going forward he does the first two things well then crumbles at decision number 3 — actually quite incredible how quickly his performance collapses when he has to do more that two things to make the final ball.



    He is slow — should be sorted in 6/8 weeks with intensive training.


    He is un-focused in the face of an opposition attack — regular boot up the erse and more support would help.



    Consequently he is very lumpy — lots of good but some absolute *hite.


    We have paid over a million for him so we need to maximise that return.



    Taking him out of the limelight for a few weeks and working on his weaknesses would work for everybody concerned.



    Just a few thoughts to help one of the squad over his current trials and tribulations.

  2. MADMITCH on 19TH AUGUST 2021 10:30 AM


    Ma @ 10.05










    ‘BBJ was mildly irritating with his repeated comments trying to patronise the main man with CFC player detail.’






    BBJ didn’t strike me as being at all patronising.

  3. Brilliant result last night.



    Really impressed with what Ange has managed to achieve in such a short space of time – some of the playing out from the back took a great deal of nerve and it’s evident that hours of coaching have gone into preparing them for that approach.



    I thought Starfelt looked much better on the right side of defence – can’t quite understand why he has been getting pelters for last night. He had quite a few blocks, interceptions and was able to compete with their striker in the air better than Welsh. He did have a couple mistakes in him, but his passing was certainly more assured.



    Left back, however, is a real problem. Taylor is an honest pro, but you can see he is an individual playing at the edge of his capabilities. Upgrade required ASAP.



    So with our RB near enough signed, we need a LB, LW and potentially a CB and striker (if Eddy leaves). We need a big squad to play this type of football.

  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tremendous stuff last night.



    We played the 2nd leg of the Midyjjtland tie on 28 July.



    The improvement in just 3 weeks is astonishing.



    We psychologically forced ourselves upon our opponents last night.



    AZ played well, did a lot of things right and a lot of the right things ….



    …. and still lost 2-0.



    Take a bow Ange.



    Are we complete? No



    We’re there negatives last night? Yes



    Could we still lose the tie? Possibly



    But we’re on our way up !!!



    Exciting season ahead irrespective of final outcome.

  5. EL @ 11.04



    BBJ — I thought he got the tone wrong at times.



    He was mildly irritating trying to big up every CFC player in the face of some poor play on the park and his co-commentator being a MotD veteran.



    It would have been OK for fan-boy TV but hopefully CTV wants to work at a much higher level. BBJ has been good working for regular broadcasters so hopefully he can work to that standard for CTV.

  6. Today I’ll be mostly be walking around in sackcolth and ashes.



    Forgive me Tony Ralston, for I was wrong fella…



    Can Tony play CH perchance? Hate to lose that newfound talent when the Croat arrives tomorrow (who looks a great crosser of the ball too).




  7. Doesn’t matter who comes in, they are NOT definite starters, they’ll be part of an ever-growing first-team squad, who will ALL have to play their part at various stages of the season and during every game, por cierto.

  8. Given the outrageous slings’ , arras……………and scything fouls from sleekit hundom……………..


    strength in depth will be required. Ange will be as good as his word and we’ll add numbers to the team.



    On the evidence of the recent pressers his methods have been communicated and by the sounds of it, the team have bought into it.



    ‘mon Dom!



    SharpSoundin’ Man CSC

  9. Totally agree with Rolling Stone, that is my take on things as well.


    Credit to Big Wavy for coming on and saying he was wrong about Ralston, I wish everyone was as honest.


    This is a Celtic Fans site, of course we will disagree about various things and because we are passionate about Celtic, we can all lose it & maybe cross the line.


    My pet hate is Posters scapegoating Individual Players.


    If a Player is giving a 100% on pitch, he should be supported, if the guy is not good enough that is not his fault,


    At the moment Taylor falls into that category but until recently so did Ralston.


    I’m loving Ange and I trust him, he will ultimately make the decision about the Left Back position.


    Thought Starfelt did OK last night, I think it’s far too early to judge him.


    We do need another Left back & Centre Half and I am confident we will get them,

  10. Paul The Spark on

    Duff & Phelps have now lodged a claim for £25 million due to reputational damage. Losing count of how much the Crown Office have had to pay out now.

  11. due to hols, the last game i was at was Dundee and since then i have been on laptop or phone with lost of interruptions



    As such, I have have not been able to assess Starfelt properly yet. At this stage I have seen 2 errors (full backs and mids have made more) and several clearances from set pieces ( i may have credited him a couple that were Welsh).



    I don’t see a Bitton who is not really a defender but I don’t see an Ajer; great on the ball but can’t head.



    He is a new player and his strengths or weakness will come out. I’m pretty neutral right now which to me means he is better than what we had last year. works for me



    PS when Kyogo goes off; we need a fit McCarthy or Soro in CM as our ball players get overrun a bit at that stage ; IMHO

  12. Regards scapegoating, it’s just what some people do. Best ignored in the hope that whoever is on the receiving end won’t be affected by it. Taylor does look like the sort of guy who might let it get to him, but he’s playing with absolute confidence at the minute do you’d expect that Ange knows a bit about his to handle it



    It’s extremely unlikely we’re getting another high profile left back as long as we have him and Boli at the club. You can’t just sign more players if relatively expensive signings don’t work out unless you move one out



    What was particularly impressive last night was how we finished. Ange had us right up the pitch right up to the final whistle and it did make the last ten minutes more bearable. We should have scored as well, and the instructions to get people in the box for the corner bear the end were telling.



    It looks likely Ange backs his instincts, keep going at them until the end and it makes defending easier. As Hart says, trust 100% in the system

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