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  1. curly – Like a 100 metres final without Usain Bolt – I’m sure there were only hundredths of a second in it.

  2. No Kayal …the manager disnae really fancy him at present



    Mike upfront ….took his goal well…hope he isn’t playing there on his own …doesn’t work hard enough for that role IMO

  3. Only a couple of weeks ago we were saying that we had a really strong bench.



    Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we see the result of referees allowing our players to be kicked and fouled with impunity.








    I know he is.



    Some of the comments after the Killie game were hunish.



    From a hun I expect it, from a Celtic supporter I don’t, what does that tell you ?



    Anyways, got the tele to myself tonight, watching it on RTE, so at least they will not be against us.



    Dunphy and Giles always tell it like it is.

  4. Greetings from Denver. Mrs RobinBhoy at Celtic Park with some lucky sod using my ticket!



    Managed to find the game in the British Bulldog boozer. On the soft stuff. Too early for booze here.



    Mon the Hoops!











      A teacher’s  story about Stuttering  






    A teacher is  explaining biology to her 4th grade students.



    “Human  beings are the only animals that stutter,” she  says.



       A little girl raises  her hand and says “I had a kitty-cat who  stuttered.’



     The teacher, knowing  how precious some of these stories could become,


    asked  the girl to describe the incident.



     “Well,” she began,  “I was in the back yard with my kitty and the  Rottweiler that lives nextdoor got a running start and, before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into  our yard!”




    ‘That must’ve been  scary,’ said the teacher.







    ‘It sure was,’ said  the little girl.






    ‘My kitty raised  her back, went “Ffffff!, Ffffff!, Ffffff,” but before  she could say ‘F@£k off !,’ the Rottweiler ate  her!   









  6. To all at the game , watching from behind sofa or praying the blog don’t collapse with a dodgy Internet connection ………. Enjoy the party and COYBIG!!!!!!!


    Lets give them a game to remember



  7. TET



    Dunphy is a plank…he won’t give us any credit. He is an EPL loving muppet.


    He had to eat his words when Hartson scored against Liverpool a few years back. He called him a beached whale abut 5 mins before BBJ scored that cracker.



    Hail Hail

  8. Huns, Hearts, now what do we need for a treble?



    Thatcher or a win tonight?



    A win tonight will do just fine.



    Come on you bhoys in green.

  9. An ROI card and ROI Sim?



    Ffs you would be as well staying in Ireland.



    Looneys Bar it is.


    tontine tim.from earlier i asked my wife where BALLYCONNEELY was.right off the top of her head.”MAYO right on the coast.”ok no bad for a wee DUB lass.when i wrote that poem about DONEGAL totties i did not realise half of me is from there.other half CORK and SOUTH DOWN.Oh and i’m 5fit 7 same as you.hope we have lots more in common tonight.hope yir big grannie is smiling down on you in heaven when we score our 3rd goal.

  11. Dublinbhoy



    I fecked a pint of Guinness over him a few years ago, he came into my local in Rathcoole, Dublin, with his hangers on, he was wasted and started to slag off a few of the locals, I couldn’t help it, then thay fecked him out.



    And I got my pint replaced free of charge :>)



    I like his spats on the show, especially with Souness.




    Miku will not need Neil’s team talk once he hears and sees the full SUPPORT fully committed to where we belong.



    I cannae wait to see this display that the Brilliant Green Brigade have organised.



    Miku – Messi

  13. Oh father dear, I often hear you speak of Celtic team,


    You say they were the greatest club this world has ever seen.


    For the way they play, you use’ to say, they should get Champions Belts.


    Come tell to me the reason, dad, why you support the Celts..?



    Well, son, I’ve followed the Celtic Club for fifty years and more.


    I love to stand in Celtic park and hear the faithful roar.


    For in Paradise there always flies, a flag of Emerald Green.


    And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.



    Now I’ve no doubt you’ve heard about our famous Jimmy Quinn.


    The Bigots in the days gone bye, his bones they all could skin.


    Yet he was the greatest Centre this world has ever seen.


    And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.



    Those bye gone days in my memory I always shall recall:


    Yon little prince of dribblers who came from Donegal.


    His name was Patsy Gallagher, and how he reigned supreme.


    And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.



    In those bye gone days, the Green Jersey was hated by all Snobs,


    And how they dreaded for to hear of Shaw, McNair and Dodds.


    Who for 13 weeks without a break, had kept their goal sheet clean.


    And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team



    Oh never, boy, shall I forget, nineteen and thirty eight,


    When the Exhibition Trophy, that year it was at stake.


    Who beat the pride of England? — the Boys in White and Green.


    And that’s another reason why I love the Celtic Team.



    Oh father, dear. I will follow on wherever Celtic go.


    I’ll stand or fall by their football, in spite of all the foe.


    I’ll be the man to lead the band, beneath the Flag of Green.


    And with voices high, we’ll raise the cry:






    (Tune to Skibbereen)

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