Celtic v Benfica, Live updates


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  1. Are we back?



    Good but not a great performance tonight.



    Brown & Commons were excellent and Wanyama, Mulgrew & Wilson were steady. Below par from Forrest & Izzy.



    Benfica were much more cautious and respectful than I thought they’d be. They were there for the taking if we had a bit more composure.



    All in all not a bad night but I am critical of the manager for giving Hooper time when he was clearly not fit to operate at this level. A fully fit Watt is a much better option than a half fit Hooper who was a passenger. More foolish than brave in declaring himself fit.

  2. Mr X loves having a "fly kick" on

    Just back from game, about to read CQN’ers comments during live updates and only 6 comments!



    I know it was a nil nil but come on!

  3. Home from Paradise, and a tremendous occasion for Celtic supporters who never cease to thrill, no matter how many campaigns in which we’ve fought, their backing of the club was immense.



    Benfica are a classy confident side but they went away very contented with a draw, whilst Celtic deserved at least a point.



    We started well, and that would have been the time to score but we lacked a potency up front, all night and the Gods took away the Greek that might have given us a win, as Samaras is the perfect player for the furrow ploughed by the lone Miku Fedor who displays some nice touches, but lacked a partnering striker.



    Scott Brown was relentless, and there was also Roy of the Rovers stuff from firm favourites Charlie Mulgrew and Victor Wanyama. Kelvin Wilson had another good game, as did Adam Matthews. For the rest it was ‘could do better,’ and for the second game in a row playing against a very different standard of player, James Forrest was comfortably marked out of a game.



    Kris Commons sometimes wanted too much time for his touch play, and also playing against a higher benchmark of player Emilio Izzaguire couldn’t develope a game close to previous standards, before his eventual withdrawal. Whilst Hooper looked lively when he arrived, Celtic never really looked likely to score and with Mulgrew retracted to fullback, his goal threat disappeared as did his level of input.



    Neil Lennon will be quietly placid Celtic held their own, and the Celtic support showed the Champions League, a glorious Glasgow’s green and white.



    Hail Hail

  4. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy


    19:12 on


    19 September, 2012


    Miku is the man




    delete ‘the’ insert ‘a’

  5. Is it just me or is the blog even flakier after all the upgrades? Seems to go down even more than it did before.

  6. sftb,


    A bit harse on Hooper, I think.



    He provided good link up play and kept the line moving.



    If anything, Watt should have replaced




    Forrest, who had a complete off night.



    I look forward to seeing Sammi and Miku together.

  7. Not a great game but our young Celts showed a real desire to compete and win, something missing from last Saturday which is poor from our well paid pro’s.


    I think we will do well to finish 3rd in our group.



  8. Struggle to understand the “SB was immense comments”.


    He was very limited for 70 minutes, great effort but poor quality, especially passing forward.


    Then he upped a couple of gears for 20 minutes.


    Not sure why, injury worries I would suggest.



    Our big problem was a lack of quality.



    Ki is gone.


    GS was in the stand.


    GH is off his eggs big time.


    JF looked out of his depth and then some.



    Squad is looking very thin.


    Our good young players are not developing / growing up.


    We play with little verve and no intelligence.


    Hopefully we will get better when the clocks go back.

  9. ftsfa cqn BAMPOT



    23:49 on 19 September, 2012



    P.s watching the game on sky sports now,Whats Provan and the other clowns problem wae Broony /






    It isn’t on my Sky Sports now. Are you watching a recording?





    Early start on Wednesdays,so missed the game.



    My kid sis says SCOTT bROWN WAS OUTSTANDING.



    As she’s not his greatest fan,he must have been world-class! Well done,son.



    And well done to the rest of the players. We were missing Ledley,Kayal,Samaras,and Hoooper,who,had they been fit would have started.



    Bear that in mind,folks….



    And well done to the fans who were there too.



    Always like an extra man!

  11. Point gained or two dropped?


    Ambivalent about that…..



    Some great individual performances but we missed Sammy and Joe.


    Support superb.



    Great experience for all concerned.



    Roll on the future and the Champions League…

  12. So, there we are /My big Sevco suppoting mate convinced his local to dedicate one screen to our match tonight.So I got the whole match instead of highlights, just as well as highlights were few and far between.


    For all that I am pissed off we did not manage a shot on target, I now see how far removed we are from being a force at this level. I already knew it , just denied the truth from myself. Well played Celtic, you did your best and deserved the draw, 4 points is now our potential points total, I hope I am wrong.


    I am not too despondent, I would have taken 0-0 at kick off., just a shame that we could not raise our game to the correct tempo after a bright start. I see from the web sites that the DR and BBC Scotland are putting a huge negative spin on the performance, feck them!


    How well would any other Scottish team have performed?

  13. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;- A more than decent performance tonight I concur with SFTB young Mr Watt should have been in the team, some really good performances nonetheless.


    BTW The muppets in black in this country should watch that game and see what good refereeing is.




    post proelia praemia.

  14. the glorious balance sheet on

    Its a pity that we were without Samaras, Ledley and Kayal tonight.



    Samaras, I am sure, would have won his share of aerial challenges and his direct running would have asked serious questions of Benfica and would have made for a more open game.



    As it was we were lacking in creativity but certainly not in effort.



    Commons and Brown were very good, as was Wanyama in flashes (although he was disadvantaged by his early yellow card).



    Emilio is clearly struggling badly at the moment and he had a couple of horror moments tonight.



    Benfica, though, came for a point and got what they came for. The timewasting antics of their goalkeeper at goalkicks from the start to the end of the game, the length of time they took to take corners, and their frequent games of playing dead after losing out in tackles, leave a sour taste.

  15. It was v decent result. Not perfect but decent and fair. Scoreless drawn is 2nd best result after win and any scoredraw in Lisbon will virtually eliminate Benfica ;) Important result in Barca. SB was motm closely followed by Vic and CM. Miku had decent game as others were ok apart from Izzy and JF. GH seemed 2B not too mobile. Massive game in Moscow. With Joe in midfield, Sammi upfront and playing on artificial ground IMO draw is not off reality. NL set up good tactic and am pleased also how our young team handled with robust pressure playing on front of full CP. It is not easy to play such match at home.


    Good night to all CQNrs.

  16. Something wrong with the blog?


    Very disappointing performance tonight. Slow of thought, slow of action, no creativity whatsoever. Real Madrid had 30 shots last night, one every three minutes against an expensively assembled Man City. Benfica did not look that impressive, yet I don’t think we had a single shot on target.


    We need to rest Izzy for a while. He has lost confidence and is a liability. Charlie did quite well, but Wanyama looks as if he needs to go on a diet. Commons is as slow as a week in jail.


    We don’t work hard enough, we don’t support each other on the ball, and we are terrible when we don’t have it. Miku can’t head it, yet we pumped high balls to him all night. Bit surprised that Lenny didn’t call on Watt or Nouioui. Did we see a single 1-2 combination all night? Ah well, let’s hope Ledley and Sammi are back for Spartak.



  17. Considering that we were minus FOUR first choice players, I think that was a GREAT point.



    The energy of our midfield was very impressive.



    Great start to our group campaign.



    Well Pleased CSC.

  18. We looked a bit scared throughout the game which is maybe understandable being back in the big time after so long with a young team and manager and I was a bit scared watching it thinking we might get hammered. We did ok and if we had managed to attack a bit more we could have won it as they were not that good. Some of our players did not perform but the experience will had done them a lot of good and Lenny will realise we can compete on this stage and still have everything to play for, all in all not a bad night’s work.


    Hail Hail



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