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  1. Lol…guess we’re at home tonight. I’d convinced myself otherwise. Thanks D66, Lefty and Corkcelt (i dont drink spirits, they mess me up ;-))



    So now to revise my opinion…think we’ll need, and are capable of taking at least a 2 goal lead there

  2. Good luck Celtic, I think this will be entertaining and a difficult tie to go through over 2 legs, but make home advantage count please.

  3. Incredible to me how the Germans still show no urgency whatsoever. This is their heaviest ever home European defeat as things stand.

  4. Germans still walking the ball out. Makes you wonder if their is a pattern of unusual bets on this game?

  5. Huns almost score a 5th goal . Dortmund manager must be a worried man



    not as much as some on here going with posts

  6. Must say Zombie Club have been really well organized from back to front. McGregor kidding on he is injured.

  7. Celtic v Bodo/Glimt, Live updates



    Cmon Bhoys and Ghirls, check out the blog headline.


    We have a game tonight.

  8. Zagadou must be a closet Hun. Misses a sitter, gives away a penalty, scores an own goal, and is now booked. How much of a disaster can he be?

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  10. Oh well. Looks like more midweek games for Sevco and a surprise hike in the national coefficient. Never saw this coming. Maybe there is more than one Borussia Dortmund?



    Dinna fash yersel, as they used to say.😊. I’ll be even more voluble when oor gemme starts!

  12. No hatate tonight



    We going for a fairly attacking field of



    McGregor, Rogic and O’Riley



    Have Rogic and O’Riley played in midfield together?



    If they click it could be golden

  13. some heavy tackles on the hun would be nice…





    Are there two Borussia Dortmund’s?

  14. Working from home and told my Dons fan mate I’ll be watching CTV after the US UEFA blackout at 11pm UK time.



    No worries he said, have you seen the Huns HT score?



    Have to say it’s been a good 2nd half to watch (BVB just scored a second) – been hard to look away.



    Don’t care if they win tonight – hope they lose at Ipox and go through on away goals:



    – No gloating huns in Glasgow


    – Resources stretched


    – Our league reputation and coefficient improves


    – We can slap the swagger out of them in April



    What’s not to like?



    Mon Celtic

  15. 15 Hart


    88 Juranovic


    20 Carter-Vickers


    4S tarfelt


    3 Taylor


    33 O’Riley


    42 McGregor


    18 Rogic


    11 Abada


    38 Maeda


    17 Neves Filipe



    F&*k the huns and their pash



    No one even put the team up yet



    Mon the hoops

  16. Jack and Aribo off. That weakens the Zombies. Hopefully, the Germans can nick a third, and trust to Haaland at the Bigotdome.

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