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  1. First one up on line ‘Princess Noor’ 25-1 .Oh sweet Jesus please can I have some ,I promise to be goodish.

  2. Bring on the Moenchengladbachers!



    …and the curry night in September!




  3. kevinlasvegas on

    Mon the Big Balde today, shows what u got big man. Any new striker news?




  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Sun shining and the Hoops play today, 1 cider in my hand and a fridge full, Birthday on Monday and got the last seasons dvd and Anniversary dvd to get through tonight, Can’t wait.



    Hail Hail Bhoys!!!!!!!!!!




  5. Celtic team



    Nice yin,Neil… well..sorta..



    Guys,Ah am fair Chuffed that Young Herron is getting a Start.



    This Guy is a Very Valuable Property..



    He wull Dae Fine,the Night..



    A wee bit disappointed as the why..



    NEIL is Ignoring.. the Obvious Talents of






    This kid is the Real,Real Deal!



    He is the Best of the Best of the Youngsters..



    and that Folks.. Is Saying A Mooful!



    Neil.. Why ur ye no gien Paul George, a wee Shot at the Peerie?





    Still Laughin

  6. kevinlasvegas on

    Thanks Starry. Some crackers on there. Neil wants 2 in and i think we need them. We need a out and out goal scorer as The Archer does what he does, Stokes too inconsistant and Watt still raw like Amido so we need a finisher or 2, 2 would be good. ;)




  7. Brogan, Rogan, Trevino and Hogan



    The Talbot ( shudders) I would rather crawl on broken glass than drink in that hovel, but you new that anyway.


    If you want to meet sometime for a beer let me know if we are near neighbours. I met you in Clydebank when Mr Wallace was book signing. Your mum taught in my school St. Augustine’s.







  8. kevinlasvegas on

    Wish Gary Hooper all the best and hope he does do a Skippy down then and vanish, Good Player Gary, but he will need to be on his toes down there in the Biggest bestest superest league in the whole universe. ;)




  9. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Mighty Tim,



    yes let’s do that — get my e-mail from Paul sometime and give me a shout! Next week is goosed as I am all over the place with more meetings than AA!



    But any time thereafter.



    The Talbot —- Never been in for obvious reasons lol.

  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    By the way, I came home to find a very nice e-mail from a certain Mr Wallace to say just how much he enjoyed his few weeks here with the book signings and the so on.



    In particular he singled out the CQN Golf day and the night down at Greenock CSC as being the highlights — where he felt he was in with the real Celtic support– the absolute heart and soul of the club.



    If anyone has a copy of the BBC interview with him and “that other player” as he refers to Mr Auld, can you send me a link or a copy as he wants me to send it out to him.



    Cheers and Thanks.




  11. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles



    33 degrees right now here, roasting and the wean wants her paddling pool filled, trying to persuade her The Hoops are a much cooler proposition, they’re whoppers thon hailstones, jeezoh ye widnae want wan o’ them on the napper..

  12. Is the Fraser Departure.. a Loat Closer than Ah predicted?



    Ah expected him tae Heid fur the Tall and Uncut.. roon aboot. Christmas.






    Like Ah told ye.. Last year..



    Garry, is an Ambitious Fellah…. He so much wants tar represent his Country.. It Hoits!



    And ,noo he has Admitted that that wize the Prime Reason…NO THE MONEY.. (Huh!)


    as tae why he left the Celtic.






    Forster , Pines, fur the England Joisey..a Loat Mair than Gary..


    and that is Saying a Hellava Loat.. believe me!






    Ye know where Ah am Going wi this?



    Right oan..



    Forster,is Next fur Shaving..






    Ah always fancied . Young Fasan.. He is an Italian kid..and He is a Great Prospect..



    Best Young Goalie we hiv hid coming up.. since.. well..



    Ye goat Me!



    Ah wid like Neil tae gie Young Leonardo a Shot.. wan of these fine days..



    Who Knows..? We may hiv anither Good Goalie .. in oor Locker.





    Still Laughin’

  13. A Stor Mo Chroi



    I drank in the Cross Keys the Mrs worked in it 30 years ago. When I came out to Milngavie I drank in the Tuppenyhurl sadly no longer there. To many huns in the Talbot for me, but I would occasionally drop in just to give them a wee bit of stick. Cross Keys is no longer open either mate.







  14. Mike in Toronto on

    I see a lot of debate about the nature of the church of late … not going to wade into that (not my job any longer)…. but, if you can have that sort of discussion about the Church…. why not about Celtic? After all, this is a Celtic blog.



    For those of you s****ing on NA for his opinions (props to WITS for recognizing that the debate shouldn’t be personal )…. something to think about….



    We (at least I know I do) refer to our defunct former competitors as Sevco…. and claim that they lost their tradition when they went into liquidiation. Why? Because, they were INCORPORATED, and that CORPORATION died.



    Now… who else is a CORPORATION? Oh, yes … CELTIC PLC.



    A corporation is, by law, deemed to be a person. However, by custom, and by law, a corporation is required to maximize its profit.



    Some, like the Canadian law professor, Joel Bakan, who has studied this issue, and published the book called “the Corporation, have asked what impact this has on the operation of the corporations and their role in society. As a ‘person’ he applied a medical/psychiatric analysis of corporations, and, in a nutshell, concluded that corporations suffer from a severe anti-social personality disorder – as evidenced by their lack of concern about anything (incuding the harm that they do) other than their continual grasping for profit.



    What implication does this have for Celtic?



    On a practical level, as someone who lives in Toronto, the home of the famous Maple Leaf hockey club… the dangers are obvious. Although one of the strongest supported hockey clubs in the world (stadium sold out for something like 50 years in a row!), they have not won anything since 1967. Why?



    The Leafs were owned by Harold Ballard – a David Murray like character who ripped off the fans and club for years …. why? because, like Sevco, the fans here refused to consider the possibilities or question things, but year after year, bought season tickets. Then, the team was bought by a big corporation, who got a new stadium, largely paid for by tax payers…. and the club is making money for its big corporate owners…. but still no trophies. Why? Because the people that own it (it used to be the Teacher’s Pension Fund) see it as a CORPORATION…. a way to make a profit…. the idea is to spend as little as possible to make as much as possible; the aim is not to win trophies (unless that can be shown to boost the bottom line, of course).



    As I have said before, Celtic is, but is not only, a PLC. Those that see Celtic as a PLC are constrained by a certain languagae and ethos, which is largely contrary to those who see Celtic as a community and trust.



    In short, it is like each side is speaking a language that the other doesn’t speak; as such, it is no surprise that there is much frustration and disagreement. Each side feels like the other isn’t hearing (which is probably true), but also that the other side is not even listening (which should never happen).



    Unless and until there is a discussion about who and what Celtic is, and an effort to understand the other’s view (and language) these fights will only become more frequent, louder and more antagonistic.



    I think much of what neg anon says makes sense. As fans of Celtic, we have always had to question authority in the SFA/SPL…. all NA is saying is dont give up that right/responsibility – even (or especially) towards our own club…. It is the old saying, ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance’



    We saw with Fergus what can happen when the average fan is aware and engaged…. and we have seen from Govan what can happen when fans pretend the emperor is wearing clothes….. I am not saying that PL and co, are like Murray and his cronies… but, the goal of a PLC is to maximize profits (for itself and its shareholders) … while DM was illegaly it seems ripping off the company to maximize profits for himself. However, the aim of both was the same …. to maximize profits….



    So, while NegAnon sometimes loses people with his style of argument, which can be a bit aggressive… clearly his heart is in the right place…. and he, like Canamalar, are asking questions that are important in this age of domination by PLC’s.



    The rights he is trying to protect are not just his…. they belong to all of us.



    In a funny way, while many of the so called ‘right wing’ element on here are dismissing NA, he is actually the one trying to assert individual rights …..



    So, do him (and yourselves) a favour, and try to listen to his points, rather than only the way he expresses them….



    I am not saying anyone has to agree with him (or with me)… but try to listen, and try to hear, and if you dont agree…. disagree (with vigour…. but with civility).



    That is what Celtic is about. Of late, this blog seems to be forgetting what the ethos of Celtic is (football, charity, tolerance…. to name a few). It would nice to see more of that on a Celtic blog.



    Hail hail

  15. ThomtheThim



    Speaking of Intelligene,pal



    Whit is Your opinion of the Stewardship, so far, of the Celtic Board of Guardians.



    Dae Ye Gie it a Pass ..or .. A Failure?



    Simple Question..






    Let’s Hear ye..





    Still Laughin’

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