Celtic v Borussia Monchengladbach, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.
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  1. Corkcelt



    The same Question , tha Ah jist handed oot tae ThomTheThim..




    Ah noo .. Ask of You?







    Let’s Hear ye,pal..



    Dae ye gie the Stewardship of the Celtic Board, so far.







    Pass or a Failure?






  2. Starry, my car is in getting repaired from the storm last month and I have a replacement car from the garage – it has been damaged quite badly. Next door neighbour just got her car back from being repaired – damaged again. Body shops in this area have been making a fortune, they’ve just won the lottery again.

  3. Strikers I’d be excited about (should do well in Europe):



    Charlie Austin


    Phillip Hosiner


    Artjoms Rudņevs


    John Guidetti



    Those who would I’m sure do a job but would fall into category B (do well in the SPL):



    Billy Sharp


    Leigh Griffiths


    Chris Wood (can’t believe he’s still only 21!)


    Kevin Doyle


    MIKE IN TORONTO. 1445/1448



    Outstanding post,reminding us it ain’t all black,and it ain’t all white.



    The problem arises when opposing camps refuse to acknowledge any grey.



    Without grey areas on which both can agree there is no compromise.



    That,I feel,is one of the major failings of the board-they are driving us into camps,polarising our opinions,when we all really want concensus.



    Divide and rule,perhaps?

  5. corkcelt



    14:46 on 27 July, 2013


    thomthetim, That’s a bit deep for Kojo. Maybe for a few more of us as well.






    It works for me , though I am reasonably tolerant of those less intelligent as I, as long as they refain from name calling and insults.



    Which, unfortunately, involves some of our less well informed coresspondents! : > )


    KOJO finally proving at 1450 what we all suspected…..



    He canny even SPELL intelligence!



    Sorry,bud-I know it was only a typo,but I couldnae resist that one.

  7. Malone Bhoy






    Ah disagree.. that ye hiv Categorized Billy Sharp.. as a “B”,in your opinion.




    Billy,is a Rootin’ Tootin’ Shooter..



    And he wid dae a Great Joab fur us. In Europe.. as well as At Hame.



    Ye hiv underestimated this Guy..



    In Ma Opinion,of Course.





    Stil Laughin’

  8. Mike in Toronto on

    Cheers Kevin




    BMCUW …. absolutely right! They and their minions are in trouble, and are trying to divide our support and drag us down to their level. Now, more than ever, it is important that we stand together.

  9. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    VP – I hope all the other ones win for ye fella.Good luck mo chara.

  10. Gawd i hate Niall Quinn, what an awful commentator.



    We don’t need another striker to win the SPL, so we really only need to be looking at a player that can be a success in Europe, and how much would they cost?

  11. Mike in Toronto on

    BMCUW… the board does have a vested interest…. and it needs to be discussed.



    but, to be clear … the ‘they’ I was referring to in my last post was more the media and their master over Ibrox way.

  12. Bobby Murdoch






    Ah set a trap. tae catch wan of they Guys who Tells Everybuddy tae Scroll


    Past Kojo’s Submissions..



    fur a Knew that Any good Kojo Hater, worth his Venom..



    Widnae Pass up an a Golden Opportunity tae Blast Poor ole Kojo.







    Instead ..



    Ah goat YOU!









    Still Laughin’

  13. pogmathonyahun



    jeezo their fekn huge!!


    take a 3iron to them for stress relief..just about to buy an audi a3sport for 10 g’s i’d be raging if one of them came near it!!crash helmet and a bobcar for safety m8 takecare hh

  14. BMCUWP


    I agree that people see no grey areas,i think that’s why NegAnon2 and Sydney tim get a hard time,from what I read they refuse to concede that the board do a decent job,instead they suggest everything is done to improve PLs bonus


    16 ROADS



    How are ya,fella?



    Was for an outing in Bristol today,but saw the weather forecast.



    Gonna be wet,so stay at home and get a bath at the bookies is the plan.



    You at the match,or saving it for next week?

  16. kevinlasvegas on

    I posted that sentiment last night Mike, Our unity is what scares them but they are doing a good job of dividing us and the GB is always the button they push and we always fall for it. The world has changed we are a business and a football team people still think we are one or the other. Good to have guys like yourself on here posting sense, Of late its been a different site.




  17. The Quiet Man on

    Who’s James McLean -twitter saying we’ve had a £2.5M bid accepted. Is he at Sunderland?

  18. Mike in Toronto on




    Clearly you are not a lawyer!



    You managed to say in 4 lines what it took me a page!



    (the ‘not a lawyer’ thing is a compliment!)




  19. I think they are doing very well at the moment, Kojo, however I reserve the right to criticize any decision that I disagree with.

  20. kevinlasvegas on

    Good signing of true, Will that make people happy, He’ll do for me.




  21. Kojo,



    My opinion is that Celtichave never,in their entire existance, been better run.



    The game has changed so much, especially in the last 20 years, or so.



    Prior to that, clubs wre more or less medium sized business, with fag packet accounting.



    Now, it is aglobal business and for a club in our jurisdiction to be operating at the level we are at, takes good,sensible and pragmatic hands on the tiller.



    We have that.



    I don’t want Celtic run on passion and emotion, that’s our job.



    Hard headed business people, who have the sustained well being of the club at heart is what I prefer.



    You asked for my view, so, there it is.



    It would appear to be a minority opinion amongst today’s support, but, I want my grandchildren to have a Celtic to support and not just legends from the past.

  22. £2.25mill, is he out of contract this year? Seems cheap, though can’t really see where he would play.



    Always thought of him as an less skilful Kevin Kilbane





    I’ve never told anyone to scroll past your posts,mate.



    I reckon that input only from those with whom you agree makes Jack a very one-dimensional human being!



    Most of my mates hold different views from me on many things,and I sometimes hold different views from myself now and again…..



    Keep posting,keep noising us up,we’ll happily correct you when required-as you do us.

  24. Help wanted!



    Does anyone have a link to the radio commentary when Rangers got knocked out of Europe by Malmo. The one where Billy or Bobby is giving BFDJ a summary of how the game is going when Malmo score.



    I’m trying to give my Dad a right laugh and can’t find a link to it.



    Thanks in advance.

  25. Celtic have bought for 2.25mil (from twitter) James McClean (/mˈkleɪn/; born 22 April 1989) is an Irish footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Sunderland and the Republic of Ireland national football team. McClean played with Trojans, Institute and his hometown club, Derry City, before moving across the sea to North East England in August 2011. Although signed by Steve Bruce, McClean did not make his first-team debut until Martin O’Neill’s first game as manager of the Black Cats in December 2011.



    McClean was born in Derry

  26. McLean is a winger, he would play in either Sammy or Forrest’s positions, he’s not better than either player.

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