Celtic v Borussia Monchengladbach, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.
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  1. The Quiet Man on

    TTT agree 100% with your post – which is what I tried to say in a long-winded rant in the last article. Well said sir





    I dunno where the expression comes from,but I’ve experienced it once or twice!



    Glad you got the e-mail,will make sure you don’t miss out. And venue suggestions very welcome!

  3. kevinlasvegas on

    Yeah Starry but has pace and creative, i worry we are too flat in the SPL and take too long to break the 10 man defense down, I think its good business but it just a rumor so far, Not sure if we would spend that on a winger though tbh,




  4. kevinlasvegas on

    Majestic Hartson try youtube mate, theres lots of celtic stuff on it.




  5. Bobby Murdoch



    Ah did not mean tae Imply that You,pal




    Wiz a Kojo Hater..


    one….who went oota his or her Way tae Instruct Ithers tae Scroll Past ole Kojo’s Posts.



    If it seemed that Ah did… Tae You,pal..




    Ah Profusely. Apologise..






    A consider You tae be A Friend of Kojo..







    Still Laughin[

  6. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Im not too bad thanks Bo


    oby M.Gona go to the next home CL tie after we eliminate those turnips. Is it raining in that England place? I hope all is well with ye chief.

  7. normanstreet49 on

    mike in toronto 14.48…….


    good points, well presented…..


    so well said you my friend……



  8. If McLean signing rumour is true am seriously disappointed. Russell would have been a better bet, a third of the price and lots less in wages and a prolific goalscorer. McLean is not a not a natural goalscorer from what I have seen, would be more of a wing man.



    He ho….

  9. If McClean does join, the vitriol & abuse that Lenny & McGeady got will pale in comparison to what will come his way.

  10. McLean hasn’t signed for us or he wouldn’t be playing for Sunderland on Sky right now.

  11. starry plough



    I would be surprised if we’ve splashed 2 mil on him when we need a goalscorer…




    £2mill is quite cheap for an EPL player but i can’t see where we’d play him when we’ve better players here already,

  12. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    VP – Your 25/1 winner was the best bit of news i have read on here in yonks! Great shot mate. :)

  13. kevinlasvegas on

    I am just happy (rumour) we are spending money on attacking players if true, I will give him time like i do with all Celtic players to show me what he can do. before i judge or comment.








    Not at all,bud.



    Just using the opportunity to point out that your posts are of value.



    There is only one poster on here whose offerings I scroll past,and that is due to a promise made to our genial host.



    Even the few whose posts are divisive are of value,as they unite the blog in condemnation.



    Yours,on the other hand,are thought-provoking



    Though with the greatest of respect-not always,haha!

  15. kevin, Can’t get a sausage but going as per Celtic Twitter it looks as if we are under a bit of pressure first 15 mins. Still nil all.

  16. macanbheatha on



    If McClean does join, the vitriol & abuse that Lenny & McGeady got will pale in comparison to what will come his way.



    They will have a feild day but the lad pulls no punches himself .Would be fun to see it happen

  17. kevinlasvegas on

    Well thats that Allgreen, Good spot mate. If he had signed we would want him fit and not risk injury ahead of the euro tie.




  18. Celtic playing some decent stuff the young team look as tho’ they have played together before Tony Watt involved Scott Brown too, John Herron holding his own, Big Balda looks willing..

  19. kevinlasvegas on

    Thanks corkcelt. Nice one. Not expecting much today just hope Amido and some of the youngsters show up well.




  20. James McLean has just came on as a sub for Sunderland on a pitch that looks like a swamp , if they had agreed a sale for 2.25m I don’t think that would be happening .


    16 ROADS



    Aye,bud. Brand new.






    Not yet.



    But I hear it may be raining moonbeams chezVP shortly.



    He might even buy a round on the 28th!



    Oh bugger,forgot how big he is again….

  22. fekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 2nd wan nae where. Aff oot tae wurk the night.


    Saying that if 3rd comes in I maybe get a round in at Boaby’s doo. :O)

  23. KLV – have tried that but can only get the game at Ibrokes.



    It’s a great clip, the mood is buoyant in the studio until Billy/Bobby on the phone from Sweden interrupts the laughter to say Malmo have scored. Cue deathly silence and the sound the brown stuff hitting the fan.








    And I hope it does,but what about that for timing and great(!)minds!

  25. kevinlasvegas on

    Majestic Hartson I remember it mate, i was working with a couple of guys on their break when they went up the park and scored. they went green, lol same colour as me. ;)




  26. @tayrumours: #Celtic have bid £5million for christian atsu of Porto




    @tayrumours: #Celtic have also made enquiries for Charlie Austin, Billy mcKay, Leigh Griffiths and Billy sharp to replace Gary Hooper #YHUHF

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