Celtic v Borussia Monchengladbach, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.
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  1. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Bobby M – I was rared on the Olde English cider mate,don’t think the stomach could handle the west country scrumpy nowadays tho.

  2. The Germans are a Hellava goo Test..



    Celtic defence is Constantly under Pressure..




    But.. We are Holding out very well..




    Ambrose in Particular is Having a Great Game..




    Young Fisher ,is doing very Well…



    and Stevie M is Doing well..




    This is A Good work oot.. fur the Germans are a Real Crack outfit..





  3. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    VP – Don’t forget ye are allowed to post the names of any horses that ya fancy on here in future mate! :p Laters.

  4. Darnell Fisher a very good prospect for us, Borussia getting way to much possession for my liking, Celtic losing the grip on the game a wee bit..

  5. Ah notice the Germans are not Shy in Making Key fouls..



    Is seems that is their Tactics in Breaking up.. and Celtic Threat



    Dirty Pool..



    But, that is the Continental Way.. isn’t it?



    Good Lesson fur us .. For when we Play in Europe.




  6. Yep googybhoy, got friends with about 8 CQN’ers at the same time, just got a bit confused there for a sec but the Switzerland thing put me right again.

  7. Looks like we gave away possession in our own half. That type of thing will always hurt you.

  8. O.G.Rafferty on

    googybhoy ♥ Celtic




    @tayrumours: #Celtic have also made enquiries for Charlie Austin, Billy mcKay, Leigh Griffiths and Billy sharp to replace Gary Hooper #YHUHF



    I know he had big shorts but are they all really going to squeeze into them?

  9. Young Calum McGregor. gies the Ball away.









    We are Punished..



    Germans1 Celtic 0



    The Celtic Youngster must feel Terrible.. but tha is How one gathers Experience..



    The Mair Painful. Usually.. will Help ye tae learn.




  10. A Stor Mo Chroi



    How long ago did you drink in the Keys or Talbot. Are you from Milngavie or did you stay here for a while. Just a chance that I may know you or the wife might if you drank in the Keys.


    I am originally from Maryhill ( God’s Country ).








  11. kevinlasvegas



    Listening on CTV audio in the UK, heard the words ‘blasted into the roof of the net’ other than that not sure but think there was some poor defending involved.

  12. The More Ah see of Mouyokolo.



    the Mair Ah am convinced that We hiv Goat oorsels




    A Winner!



    Yes.. Moko wulll Dae!




  13. We have Seven Subs for oor Regulars.



    So we canny be too doonhearted



    This German Ootfit is FIRST CLASS..



    Far superior tae any wan whom we hiv played against….so far




    And they are Still up tae they tricks..



    Breaking up any Celtic danger in the Mid field Before we kin get weaving




    They are Fly .. son of a Lady Dogs..awe Right





  14. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    mighty tim:



    Since I lived in Milngavie, 20 years, since then I’ve maybe been back 60 or so times.


    I doubt I’ll ever go back again between now an the end. The Talbot… it sold beer.

  15. Christian Atsu……



    What a signing that would be. I hope we can get this Ghanaian, even if it does cost us an arm and a leg.



    The counter attacking style we Must adopt in Europe, well he is just what the Doctor ordered alongside Forrest!

  16. Half Time.



    Good Game.. A hope the Kids Learn a Few Home Trewths..






    “Ye know Toto.. Ah Don’t think we ur in Lennoxtown, any mair!”



    Yes.. It is a Learning experience all right .and As such.. this is good fur us.




    Ambrose, Fraser, Moko..and Broonie… and Tony Watt, when he has hid a Chance. ..and even Balde,in Spots are all doing well..



    Ah am enjoying this.




  17. Just thought I’d log in to say that I don’t really care about the score in a meaningless friendly, as I’m in Mauritius polishing off a bottle of watermelon rum. Hail Hail to all of you Tim’s (hic)

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