Celtic v Borussia Monchengladbach, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.
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  1. Elfsborg scout going to go home a confused man after watching the reserves today. I cannot wait for Wednesday!

  2. If we sign James McLean I have no doubt Vman will be the first to let us know.



    Could be interesting if we do come poppy time, him and Stokies would make a good duo at a party.

  3. adi_dasler



    They did indeed, beat dortmund 1-0 in the Telekom Cup pre-season tournament. Mind you they got humped 5-1 by Bayern in the final ;)

  4. BobbyRussell




    15:52 on 27 July, 2013



    Sacrilegious! what they’re doin to rum these days :)



    Tontine Tim




    16:00 on 27 July, 2013


    Posted earlier I thought he was related to a CQNer, nephew I think




  5. 2nd call-



    Does anyone have a link to the Real Radio commentary when Rangers got knocked out of the Champions League by Malmo?



    I’m looking to give my old man a laugh.

  6. Thanks for the updates. Not able to get a link that works. Any idea about attendance numbers? From what I saw on SSN just before KO, it looked a bit sparse from their camera angle.







  7. Again.. the Germans..Foul. Balde ..breaking up oor Attack



    It is jist lke clock work..




    We attack…they Foul.. game comes tae a Standstill



    Lousy Tactics.. and the Germans don’t need tae dae it.. fur they hiv the superior Players oan the Park




  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Christian Atsu fits our profile a young player making his way in th game but 5 Million is a bit steep for him in my opinion if it is true.H.H.

  9. Alright folks, new to this site. Take it there is no stream for the game then?




  10. Mike in Toronto on




    I agree that BM foul frequently… but the fault is Celtic’s …



    watch the germans when the get the ball…. someone moves into space to get the ball (no celtic players around him) … whereas, Celtic often play balls to a stationary player with (i) his back to the german goal, and (ii) a defender already on him before the ball is played to him.



    Its not the German’s fault for fouling us … it is our fault that we keep putting ourselves in a position to be fouled!



    Not laughing about it, tho!

  11. Same as in First Half .



    The Germans a Controllin the Game




    We are mainly in the Role Of Interested Onlookers..




    One way traffic..




    But…… wait. Balde Forces a Corner for us..




    Hope we Make something of this..it is oor First Chance.



    But,,, It comes tae Naught.




  12. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Mike in Toranto. It happens all the time even when we are at full strength.H.H.

  13. Watching Elfsborg game.



    Momo Missed a penalty.



    Vulnerable in the full back areas while attacking.



    Vulnerable in the centre of defence while defending.



    Competent 442 shape and they are looking to the wings for supply lines.



    In and around the box they look directly for passes behind you to get a race going.



    So far it’s been quite enjoyable.



    Hail Hail.

  14. kevinlasvegas on

    Cant post those sites on here Zander67 mate, Paul can get into trouble.




  15. Mike in Toronto on

    Joe Filippis haircut



    I know it… it is the thing that most frustrates me about NFL’s teams …. good players, but dont get the most out of them because of the lack of passing/movement.

  16. Celtic Football Club @celticfc


    Over in Sweden, Celtic’s CL qualifier opponents, Elfsborg, are currently getting beat 1-0 away to Åtvidaberg in the league.

  17. Trust those Germans..



    Tony Watt runnin in on Goal.. Looking Good



    And… the German Goalie commints a Professional Foul



    Whit a Louse Load of Cheats..



    Is this Fitba.. the German Way?



    Well Ah say.. Tae Hell wi them..they are Jist a Buncha cheats.



    Our Free Kick from the Foul. comes tae Naught…



    But, Tony widda Scored if he hidnae bin Fouled by the Keeper.







  18. leftclicktic on



    Welcome aboard.



    Illegal streams frowned upon as they can get our host into big trouble.

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