Celtic v Borussia Monchengladbach, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 15:00.
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  1. Singing Detective



    Ye ur Hivin me oan..



    A guy called Ranger..and The Badge of Ignorance Emblazoned oan the Side of His Heid!!



    Ah wid Wander that Fellow…ah wid tak him tae the wilds of Campsie Glen..



    and Leave him there..withoot a Compass!




  2. Starry Plough




    Ah know Ah shouldae Denigrate the kid






    Geez Louise.



    Balde in No Looking very Promising ..as a Guy tae Become Celtic’s Next Big Thing!




  3. Fisher has bin Given the Man of the Match Performance




    and the Kid Deserves..



    Like Ah said. . Fisher could turn oot tae Be anither Victor..





  4. Seen Fisher before and he impressed as a strong wingback with a good engine. Not sure how good he is in terms of delivery or defending but he certainly got up and down the wing.

  5. Well played Darnell…



    This might sound daft but I think this season Mikael Lustig could be a big player for us, if Adam comes in I could see Mikael in midfield, he’s a scrapper reads the game well and is dangerous going forward, as a sitting midfielder I don’t know but stranger things have happened!!

  6. Game Over



    Ah enjoyed the game.. no as much if Ah hid bin A German Supporter..




    But, It wiz an Interesting game



    Neil, musta Learned Something… Ah Hope..




  7. We have a player, his name is Stephen Mouyokolo. We will have another player his name is Liam Henderson.

  8. My Dear Mike In Toronto….



    He Has Much Baggage….



    Besides The Rape Charge….



    And Given The Relationship That Newcastle Huns Enjoy With The DeidHuns….




    Possibly The Next Signing To ‘Grace’ The Darnel-Infested Turf At AsbestosDome…



    Diouff Part II….






    James Mclean/White Poppy Man….?



    No Way…..Jose !

  9. Ach well, Pre season friendly oot’ the way and the Germans deserved to win.


    We gave the kids a run today, which is great to see.


    Bring on the Elfs.


    Question ; Does Sweden have a better co-efficient than Scotland? – I’m trying to figure out why Celtic are at home in the first leg, when we are supposed to be seeded.


    Teuchter ar la

  10. And it is over. Celtic can take these Bergman loving blondes. Get Celtic Park full and noisy.

  11. Teuchter, After the draw is made there is a separate draw between opponents as to see who plays at home first.

  12. Mike in Toronto on




    If I recall correctly, the seeding effects only who you can play … once the teams are drawn, they are put in a hat/bowl, and then selected as to who is home first.



    BTW …. how’s the summer treating you?

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Come on Bhoys Celtic have hardly set great standards in there pre-season matches as Neil says its about fitness its nice to win but getting games under the players belts is the name of the game.Balde is a young player in a new Country it is going to take him time to settle he needs our support not our moans and groans. H.H.

  14. ThomTheThim



    Well,Pal.Ah jist read yer reply tae that Burning Question of Mine



    Ah Am Delighted tae Tell Ye ..




    that Yer Answer exceeded all Ma Expectations!



    It wiz a Brammer!



    Therefore… Ah am Mair than Happy tae Agree with Every Single word that wiz in Your Reply.




    Pal.. Ye go tae the Top of the Class!



    As Ah knew Ye Wid..



    You Possess Scads Mair.. than the common or Garden ..Native Intelligence..


    with Which awe folk ur Born..



    But ye show me that You Also





    Mallam…and in Abondanza..



    and that, Folks.. is Something that Aloata Folk . even Oxford Dons




    Dinna Possess,at awe!



    Ah am Prood of ye,pal..






    Still Laughin’

  15. Bangura missed (pass back) a penalty today and was hooked after 63 mins.



    Hope they play him against us.



    Elfsborg looked good in phases of the game. I watch Atvidabergs a lot, they were a second div team a couple of years ago and Elfsborg really should beat them. Game ended 1-1.

  16. A Stor Mo Chroi on

    Young Hoops beat Spurs in Swiss Cup



    By: Laura Brannan on 27 Jul, 2013 14:38



    CELTIC Under-16s have booked their place in the semi-finals of the prestigious Swiss Cup tournament after an impressive victory over Spurs today.



    The young Hoops overcame their English opponents 3-1 thanks to goals from Ciaran McKenna, Calvin Miller and Regan Hendry to top their group. They will face either Manchester City, Bayern Munich or FC Zurich in the last-four of the competition on Sunday morning.



    “We were playing in 39-degree heat this afternoon and it´s really tough conditions and Spurs were difficult opponents, technically and physically, but we didn’t just match them, we bettered them,” said coach Michael O´Halloran, speaking to the official Celtic website.



    “We played a really European-type football, kept possession and looked for opportunities to go and break them down. We did really well.



    “We opened the scoring through Ciaran McKenna and then Spurs pulled it back. But we showed great character and resolve to score another two goals and finish off as comfortable winners.”



    The 12 teams are split into two groups, with the likes of Manchester City, Bayern Munich and FC Zurich possible semi-final opponents should the young Hoops progress this weekend.



    Celtic opened their fixtures with a goalless draw against Werder Bremen on Thursday before taking on Grasshoppers of Zurich the following day. Despite going a goal behind, goals from Josh Kerr and Calvin Miller, turned the match around and recorded a 2-1 victory.



    That set them up for the Rapid Vienna clash in the afternoon, which the Celts won 1-0.



    O´Halloran has been pleased with their progress so far, and added: “Looking at the opposition you can imagine how tough this tournament is but aligned to this the part of the country we are in is in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures of 35 to 39 degrees, so this is an added challenge for the players.



    “Playing in top quality tournaments such as this provides an excellent challenge for our young players and provides experience playing against top European opposition, which will serve them well in the years ahead.”

  17. Well final score in Sweden 1-1, Elfsborg do like to go forward, but I think we have a great chance against them, they don’t like defending and use dirty work as a way to maintain shape and cohesion. We should exploit set pieces against them and draw them onto us to use the space behind their fullbacks and centre halfs if we get behind them they are liable to do something rash.


    We will also need to be wary of the space we leave behind our own defence while attacking because they are very direct and errors will be punished.



    Hail Hail.

  18. corkcelt/Mike in Toronto


    Cheers lads……Wasn’t sure.


    Mike….Up at cottage (Crowe Lake)..First weekend off in ages – and going out to cut the grass and paint a chair………Stressful stuff:)


    Teuchter ar la

  19. What does worry me is that the Swedes are well up to match fitness being half way through their season.




  20. mungolian bhoy on

    In my humble opinion I do not believe the celtic players made themselves available for the pass as quickly and as readily as the germans. Its all about making it easy for your mate. Oh and, its all about fitness. For some reason German footballers all seem up to pace. I wonder if that is normal for them at this stage of the season.