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  1. Very attack minded team. Looks like 3 at back. Letโ€™s get fast passing game going. And when losing possession, be first to second balls, as theyโ€™ll throw plenty forward.




  2. glendalystonsils on

    Lenny’s found a way to combat the leaked team sheets . Put out such a weird formation that naebuddy will believe it!-))

  3. So, here we go.


    August 13th.


    Big game tonight.


    No nerves here.


    Perfectly calm.


    In control.


    Confident, of course.


    Not feeling anxious.


    Uh… uh.


    No way.


    Not at all.


    Well maybe.








    Almost certainly.


    Most likely.







    I can see my wife.


    Walking down the path.


    With the doctor.


    Need to go.

  4. due to illness, this is my first live match back at celtic park since the 2nd rangers game, august last year.



    i did see us lift the league and the cup by sneaking in at each for the last few moments, but this is the real prize for me, my fully fit-ish comeback, with my own ticket. I was at cappielow hospitality on saturday, which was a gentle reintroduction to real football, with aiden nesbitt the star morton player, but its just not the same.



    so looking forward to tonight. several reasons,


    disco lights, celtic legends brron and forrest, new players, the idominable spirit that is neil francis, and in hope of a smooth easy passage through.



    oh, and no need to read CQN moaners and to be there in my corner of positive supporters,



    here we go.



    oh i wanna, wanna, wanna …………

  5. No Timmy’s for me tonight. Chez Almore with a glass of water and a dodgy stream if I can get one.



    I tried posting this on my iPhone but the comment”s box kept disappearing.



    C’mon the HOOPs

  6. Not surprised there are so few posts getting near the impossible now especially on a handheld.



    Very, very surprised at the team selection three major signings donโ€™t start, with Shved not even on the bench.



    Fancies Celtic to blitz the Romanians, or telling the board he wants more cash?

  7. Bringing back the thunder or hopelessly naive? Time will tell I suppose but considering Cluj’s strengths lie in the counter attack, I’m hoping we don’t go guns blazing.



    Also, a bit concerned that a coaching team that was brought in for an eye for talent is leaving ยฃ10m worth of his signings on the bench.

  8. I can handle the 10m talent on the bench.


    For one it proves that our manager is not going to pick anyone until he feels they are up to the job.


    Up to the two boys to do a bit more when they get the chance.



    My major gripe is that wee are ‘cutting off our toes to spite our feet’ by putting one of our genuine pieces of class at left back because he is versatile enough to play there….we need him in the midfield not at left back.


    Lets hope it all goes well and I am just a whinging idiot.

  9. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Celtic win tonight ,then it doesnโ€™t matter whether Calum plays in goal


    Lenny doing the right thing in protecting Bolingoli-Mbombo


    And even though we take Calum out of his best position,. We still got Ryan. And we love Ryan

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