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  1. glendalystonsils on

    An utter defensive shambles . At least we will be spared the humiliation we would have suffered from much better teams than Cluj in the CL. Neil Lennon got his selection wrong and the players did not start the game aggressively enough . Far too passive in the first half . All very well having talent and pace middle to front but defending like that will undo you. Bain made an arse of the cross which gave them the corner for their second , surely Gordon must get back in.


    A second successive season without CL football must question where we are headed as a football club.

  2. onenightinlisbon on

    lazydynamite on 13th August 2019 9:47 pm



    Never want Celtic to lose but what you say about us in europe is 100% accurate. We are a bog standard Scottish outfit who could have progressed if our board had shown some ambition.

  3. If only we had 10 million pounds worth of new defensive signings in the squad?


    You simply could not make it up.



    I feel physically sick and I should have known better and expected it.



    Sadly Celtic will not throw the Europa play off and the stage is now set for thursday/sunday football til christmas.

  4. SID on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:44 PM


    Lawwell GTF


    Take a deep breath laddie and think before you post.

  5. BIG WAVY – He’ll try and sell Jozo and Ntcham for starters.



    The KT money won’t be spent now – that’s the insurance money to cover not qualifying.



    Same old nonsense every season now – never learns.



    Then he’s expecting the support to buy into that Europa league pish.



    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

  6. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Utterly embarrassing. Schoolboy defending. Ffs Lawell buy a couple of full backs. Is it too much to ask. Saturday we started with our best centre half at right back, tonight we had our most consistent midfielder playing left back. Last year we had Boyata gate, this year full back gate. It’s time we wise up Peter couldn’t give a monkey’s if we qualify or not.

  7. We were ahead twice and still played open.


    I said during the game, Game Management.


    Defend properly, keep the ball, slow everything down, take the sting out of the game and frustrate them. We didn’t even try that.


    That was criminal in terms of this game.

  8. This is like ground hog day. Every year we put up with this gamble and every year we have gambled we end up with shite like this. 10m of defenders sitting on the bench and our most effective MF aim LB position. What the F? To lose 4 at home as well. Wow that’s new. Where do we go from here? Spend a bit of money and expect us to do what we always do… enough.

  9. HENRY JOY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:46 PM


    O’Dea’s an excellent coach and only going to get better. Very highly thought of in the game.



    An excellent coach, already? Was he not playing for Dundee last year?


    He’s being brought in because he’s an Irish ex-Celt and that’s how we operate, narrow minded amateurish thinking.

  10. Not expecting any signings now.



    Bain needs dropped. Brown – inexplicable from him. Morgan isn’t good enough in my view.



    Bayo, Shved, Boli and Julien. £14 million and not one starter. Dear God.

  11. Petrescu knew


    McGregor was suspect, targeted him the whole game,all their attacks down his side,Lennon to blame,get 3-2 up,put Bitton on for Brown who was abysmal, again Lennon to blame,cant close the game out,if you lose 5 goals against a team of that calibre,we are in trouble

  12. People now saying focus on 9IAR and worrying about Thursday EL games.



    It’s this kind of complacency that has lead us here.



    Neither AIK or Rangers will fear us and will feel they can score.

  13. The £7 mill defender is not fit, what a joke, of course he is fit, he has had months to get fit, Neil doesn’t rate him obviously.


    Open your eyes ffs

  14. No idea why PL is being mentioned here.He gave Lenny 11.5 million,for defenders,Lenny chose to play without two of the 3 buys.Lenny bought them,scouted them,and has had them enough time.


    Rodgers copped it at Ibrox for crazy line up,that was 3 points.For £35 million you dont change your line up,weakening your team.


    But carry on.

  15. DOC



    Disagree mate. Our defending was that shite we had to option but to keep attacking. I’m genuinely shocked at how poor our defending is against what are very, very average, European teams.

  16. 67 European Cup Winners on

    !!BADA BING!! on 13TH AUGUST 2019 9:55 PM


    I counted 9 times in the second have they spread the ball to their right winger putting CMcG under pressure


    They definitely targeted him


    NL huge mistake huge




  17. An Dun the problem is losing 4 with our defence at the moment is not that unbelievable- we could have concede 3 in the first 20 minutes at Fir Park. When Cluj need the first goal, they got it, when we went 2-1 up and they neede a goal, they got it, when Ryan scored they needed a goal they got it. The 4th was just salt in the wound – fact is our defence is there for the taking.

  18. Alasdair MacLean on

    Heard the team sheet off the radio on the way home. Have to even my limited knowledge raised an eyebrow at Callum at left back. What happened the last time. Hope this works this time I thought. Went from pure elation at Ryan’s goal to depression now.


    Back to just hoping things work out from here.

  19. The Comfortable Collective on

    Look on the bright side.



    Celtic still have to play St. Jonhstone another couple of times this season.



    ‘Scintilating Celtic’

  20. I think Neil does not come out well from this


    All our money is on the bench in the biggest game of the year…when it went to 3 2..needed to bring on a defensive mid to take sting out of game…they were good on the counter.

  21. £ 14 million not starting.Shved must be a dud if Morgan is picked ahead of him.Another thing,Mikey Johnston still has a long way to go.Decision making very poor.

  22. Terrible, shocking.


    Never saw a Celtic manager make so many incompetent decisions.


    McGregor, seriously ? An attacking midfielder playing fullback in one of the most important games of the season ?


    Leigh Griffiths on the bench ?


    Not a clue how to reorganise the team when we go 2-1. Again not a clue when we go 3-2.


    “Play away there lads, ye’ll be grand.”


    We lost it on the bench. Simple.


    I am fuming, sickened.

  23. Doc,



    Watched game in London and even here picked up the chit chat of the bizarre team selection; Lennon has failed big time against a team whose maximum transfer fee is 300k.



    Lennon should never be near the job. He is so outdated in his football philosophy that we will never progress under him. He is also Lawwells puppet who will not question Lawwells decisions.



    Lawwell the beancounter will throw Lennon under the bus to appease the fans. That will be the First Monday in September after the Ibrox game. Lawwell now knows he has made a mistake ; it’s just a question of timing and who to get in.



    Ps some of the players have clearly regressed this season , notably Callum McGregor, Scott Brown, Scott Bain. Lennon will lose the dressing room soon.

  24. It’s only taken less than an hour for Neil to be getting the blame, have to hand it to cqn, it will all be Neil’s and Brendan’s fault by the morning, what a shower


    Neil scouted them, as hun like as it gets

  25. It’s a killer for the season. McGregor at left was an unforgivable selection. Lenny does this though, he loves throwing up a selection surprise for big games. Team lacked balance and had zero confidence in defending. Brown electing to punch a ball in sheer panic. Bomb scare stuff.

  26. Absolutely disgusting.



    CM played out of position = clueless from Lennon.



    Nitcham took the hump and plays a good 45 minutes and is then granted a start tonight and CM has to be moved to LB to accommodate = clueless from Lennon.



    We spend £10 million but bring in £9 million for Brendan.



    We bring in £25 million and we look at a Killie player from Gourock for £900K.



    We look at the bench tonight compared to a few seasons ago when we played the scum at paradise. We had Griffiths, Armstrong, Sinclair and other first team players and tonight we bring on Bayo and Morgan.



    This board are taking the piss and it’s about time fans started to wake up and open their eyes.

  27. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Tonight’s game was winnable with the players we had at our disposal. What is even more concerning is that we didnt need to win tonight’s game. All we needed to do was set up a rigid defensive unit to frustrate the opposition, make them come out & attack us then hit them on the counter. A system that Lenny is very familiar with & used to great effect in his first spell as manager.




    Exactly. And while the board will rightly get criticism, we have the resources to beat Cluj as it is. How much more than Cluj do we need to spend to actually beat Cluj?

  29. Still shell shocked. We all deal with disappointment differently. I regard this as the first real kick in the baws for over 3 years.


    There will be a huge inquest, I agree with lads who say Bain is not the player he was last year, I think he needs time on bench, so first thing I would bring back Gordon.


    Lenny had been going well but will have huge questions to answer after tonight’s selection


    There was no cohesion or confidence at the back, every time they got forward you could sense danger,


    We all have to deal with this our own way. Things will get better, life will go on.

  30. Don’t blame the board as they are only looking after the interests of the PLC’s major shareholders. The supporters are to blame for this mess by being too quick to fill the board coffers with season ticket largesse at which point the board appoint Lennon as manager.



    Have the supporters not seen this movie before? The big fucking iceberg is always going to sink the Titanic. There is no different ending to this story.



    Don’t buy tickets in advance and the boat doesn’t leave Southampton. Just when us the Celtic support going to wake up? Till they do, they deserve nights like this.



    Withhold the green pound from the PLC and things will change for the better. It worked in 1994. It worked in 2016.

  31. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Don’t tell me it’s irrelevant – its not its the whole problem



    McGinn, PL would not pay an extra £250k



    It’s all about Peter




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