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  1. The Comfortable Collective on

    The ironic thing is that everyone is up in arms about Celtic and NL not qualifying for the champions league play off round.



    But that was why NL was brought in.



    To deal with a Europa League team. Not a Champions League team.



    Why the fuck is that not so clear to everyone.

  2. All that hard work and graft to win a league title and qualify for the glorious champions league….then make a complete dogs dinner of the first even reasonably difficult tie.




    Our forward players actually did their bit tonight.


    French Eddie and James Forrest /Christie have no blame.

  3. I’m going to have a go at articulating my thoughts on tonight even though posting on CQN these days is as frustrating as trying to hit a speeding gazelle on the arse with a large water balloon……..



    We were bullied tonight. Especially in the first half and as we were all last week. The tactics were symbolic. I love wee Lenny but he should never have been brought back. But Lawwell doesn’t like managers with independent thought.


    I believe we have reached a crossroads here. Tonight reminds me of the time in ’94 when we all bhoycotted a midweek game to bring down the board. We let them know that thus was OUR club not theirs.



    I watched the game on a stream. Why? Because since the AEK debacle of last year I no longer allow Lawwell to treat me as a cash cow.


    So, I have my ST. But I bhoycott SC and SLC games (#FuckTheSFA) and since AEK, all CLQ matches.


    I would like to suggest that the fans make a strong stand here and turn their backs on next weeks play off in a show of protest against the stockpiling of tens of millions of OUR money that they have once again refused to use to strengthen our team.


    Champians League- they’re having a fucking laugh!



    I suspected this night was coming. It’s why I passed on the Celtic Festival, the Celtic Triple Treble books, DVDs and all the other crap that they produce to fleece us of our hard earned.



    Finally, I do hope that tonight’s disappointing outcome doesn’t impact too harshly on Mr Lawwells £3m bonus for stockpiling all that money.



    He’s only doing his job after all !!!

  4. Read Neil’s post match comments.



    Quite disappointing really. A lot of us and we in his comments but no I.



    Lennon is responsible tonight and I’d have a helluva lot more respect for him if he had of fronted up, accepted his selection was wrong and apologised.

  5. Well done, all you sheep, accepting the mantra that Lennon was the answer, that he was the only logical choice, that we could rid ourselves of our entire first choice back four, that we could spend £12M on a new defence and leave it on the bench. Well done on letting our criminally negligent board piss all over the fans, well done on accepting the bargain basement temporary stop-gap replacement as our future long term permanent boss. Well done on giving Lawwell the easiest of rides as he takes the piss out of each and every single one of us.


    Well done on accepting that we are customers who should just be grateful for the disco lights and the SECC green & white carnival and should just keep digging deeper as the board and puppet manager let us down again and again and again…


    Theres a reason Bolton & Hibs got shot of ‘Lenny’….


    Theres also a reason why Kennedy & Duff & Woods aren’t currently residing in a leafy Leicestershire suburb…


    Our squad is weakened, but our coaching staff are just weak, full stop.


    Tonight was shameful, our manager is embarrassing, our captain was moronic, our keeper was awful, but more predictable than all of that will be the usual suspects on here tripping over themselves to tell me just how wrong I am, to keep the faith, to be ‘a true supporter-…


    I mean, after all, who is top of the Scottish Balance Sheet League???

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Huns throwing everything at stopping the ten. Big Pedro looks down the barrel of history and thinks… what does just enough look like…?

  7. Its not about champions league teams or Europa League teams.


    The sad cold truth is that almost anyone we could have drawn in the champions league qualifiers will be worse than most of the top two seeded teams in any europa league group.


    UEFA actually give us a golden ticket every year the way the champions route and seedings go in qualifying.


    It is shocking the way we performed these past two seasons at the first mildly difficult tie.




    Because I can’t be 100% that we’ll beat AIK. Some people seem to be taking the EL for granted now….



    ….some never learn….

  9. Vale Bhoy,


    that the best you have in the insults department,


    i never even mentioned PL but you batter on,

  10. McNeil Lennon plays CMC at left back Why ? Who tells him that’s a good idea JK because BR done it .


    Weaken two positions brilliant .


    The coaching / management set up is absolutely crazy.


    Celtic supporters are being taken as mugs ,I will admit I do not support Celtic financially now but for fifty years I did , but now I am losing faith in the way our great club is heading.


    Neil resign and let PL explain why .

  11. The Comfortable Collective on




    Huns throwing everything at stopping the ten. Big Pedro looks down the barrel of history and thinks… what does just enough look like…?






    I could post all night long. But you sum it up perfectly.



    Night. Night.

  12. Hands, Not giving anyone a free pass, but as Djokovic says the most important point in Tennis is the next one.


    No matter how much vitriol we pour out on these pages we can’t change the result.


    I think Lenny must carry a major part of blame but Brooney, Bain & a few others have to take their share as well.


    However how many times have they been our heroes.


    We have a League Cup game this Saturday & Europa Qualifiers plus League games coming up fast, we had a terrible night but we are not a terrible team.


    Fine I can understand people’s need to vent their feelings but ultimately the show goes on, I’m looking to net game already but first I’m looking to go to bed, I dread the moment I wake up and the feeling I will get in the pit of my stomach, but I’ll get over that too, as will Celtic get over tonight.

  13. It’ll take a long while to get tonight out of our system. Confidence in lennon’s capabilities will be at an all time low.



    Make no mistake, this could very well get a lot worse if tonight’s dug out shambles is repeated in a few weeks.



    What annoys me most tonight is that the vast majority of our support would have had serious concerns about our selection and set up, in particular, McGregor at left back. Wtf were Lennon, Kennedy and Duff thinking ?

  14. I actually hope we don’t qualify for the Europa League and that Sevco do. We can then concentrate on the League while they are forced to play catch up through the Thursday/ Sunday scenario. Our manager performed like an amateur tonight. I hoped he wouldn’t be appointed he was. He failed us totally tonight. I’ll be making my own protest by not attending the Dunfermline game. I’ve paid for my ticket. I’ve attended all these games during the last 3 seasons. I hope many other fans don’t attend this game to demonstrate our displeasure to the Board. We’ve all agonised about players leaving during the close season and the signing of others. We have to listen to the platitudes and put up with the parsimony year after year after year. I won’t be getting involved in it next season.

  15. If Boli was low on confidence and struggling to find his feet before, what will tonight do to him?



    Lenny needs to pick a settled back four, preferably including his big signings and let them build partnerships and relationships on the field. Put CalMac back in midfield and hope that we become tighter over the next few weeks.



    Tonight was either the beginning of the end or a huge hump on the way to a decent season. Let’s hope it was the latter.

  16. As the majority of people said on here in May , Neil Lennon should never have been given the job.


    Tonight has proven this


    McGregor at LB and Morgan for Johnston are just 2 of a number of shocking decisions from him tonight


    Also this standing at the side of the park continually clapping his hands .Why

  17. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CORKCELT on 13TH AUGUST 2019 11:35 PM



    “but as Djokovic says the most important point in Tennis is the next one.”



    Sure, but tennis is an individual pursuit. This is an issue with how our club is run. We have seen this movie before. As a club we prioritise profits and cash at the bank over performance on the pitch.



    We had a disjointed summer last year and this summer isn’t much better. We continue to sell the family silver without adequate replacements- the well will eventually run dry.



    We paid a CEO £3m last year (equivalent to top CEOs in the EPL) and for what? Leaked transfer documents, a head of recruitment hired on a summer internship and a manager offered the job in the Hampden dressing room showers?



    The platitudes about continuing on, the sun rising tomorrow, focussing on the next game etc, inevitably lead to history repeating itself. There is a very good chance we will blow 9IAR this year- snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  18. Didn’t see the board taking too many plaudits when Lennons team were hammering the St Johnstone’s and Motherwells of this world. But now due to the tatical naivety of the same Neil Lennon it’s the boards fault. A complete change of defence to that which faced Motherwell on Saturday and if there was one man from Saturday that needed a seat on the bench tonight it was scott brown with Bitton replacing him in the midfield alongside Christie McGregor and Ntcham .Playing a makeshift left back against a side that had to come and score was suicide. Neil Lennon happy enough to take the plaudits for the results against St Johnstone and Motherwell, he should be man enough to put his hands up and say he got it wrong tonight.

  19. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    Anyone else think “Tony Mowbray – Love Street” with the subs in the last few minutes tonight?

  20. Tonight was really disappointing because of our performance and manager.



    We should be careful though in believing that football begins and ends with UEFA’s cash cow.



    Someone earlier said tonight made our league championship win pointless. That’s absolute shite.



    I will pay little attention to a Europa campaign should we qualify. It’s all about three points at the weekends now.



    Get the league won as soon as possible Celtic.

  21. We bought two ‘defenders’ for £10m and didn’t play them then crashed out the CL.



    WTF is going on?



    If Lennon is the answer then it must have been a stupid question.



    Lennon, Kennedy & Dunn…FFS!

  22. gone all quiet from the happy clappers , lost your tongue , SB throw his teammates under the bus tonight , to punch the ball out then try to kid on he headed it and finally tell the coach to take him off shocking an absolute shambles from the whole team .

  23. Don’t agree..


    UEFA’s ‘cash cow’ is open to us.


    We love it and we can get better players just being in it.


    UEFA’S ‘Cash cow’ is actually very very acheivable for a club with our budget.


    The qualifiers are a good step below Europa group stage level.


    Failure to even make the play off round is utter miss-managment

  24. AuroraBorealis79 on

    For 4 years now, we have been taking regular humpongs in Europe. This is not some new trend that came with the appointment of Neil Lennon.



    I will say this though, the appointment of Neil Lennon after the resignation of Rodgers suggests to me that the Rodgers appointment was made for 1 reason, to help bury Resolution 12

  25. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Can anyone put forward a sensible suggestion as to why we are hoarding so much cash?



    I’m trying to think of the rationale and, frankly, I’m struggling. It makes zero sense, particularly when the team needs investment and we are blowing the opportunity to earn £40m of CL money.

  26. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Night night y’all for the second time. Thanks for getting us through that. Not a bit of that was ok. Utter sore one. No one came out of that ok, nor should they.



    Onwards and upwards