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  1. Just read Lennon’s after match comments.



    We didn’t crash out of the CL, it was just a blip.



    I think.




  2. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on



    Can anyone put forward a sensible suggestion as to why we are hoarding so much cash?



    I’m trying to think of the rationale and, frankly, I’m struggling. It makes zero sense, particularly when the team needs investment and we are blowing the opportunity to earn £40m of CL money.





    If you can sell your best players to make a profit, then this is the easy route, rather than having to invest and speculate ( gamble) to get CL money. Trouble is you eventually asset strip, get weaker, lose support and cut further as your turnover decreases, Remember the Previous Neil Lennon/ Ronny Delia years. Peter is back in charge and has put in his ever decreasing circles strategy



    Domestic dominance is all that matters and even that is potentially at risk, but we all love the old firm dont we?









    ps This is not a sensible suggestion IMO

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    What position was Lawwell playing ?


    The kneejerk response.



    He is the Board lackey who does what the Board tells him to do .



    The problem was on the field and in the dugout.


    And very possibly in the Board room.

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Defensive frailty has been an obvious failure for years.



    A defence shored up by bandaid temporary ” solutions ” who come and go on a whim.



    Rule number one.


    Shut the back door.

  5. Callum McGregor is ‘A defence shored up by bandaid temporary ” solutions ” who come and go on a whim.’



    Or is he a proper footballer played out of position.

  6. Turkeybhoy couldn’t have been at the game….he stays to far away he says…. so why is he not on here?

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on







    When a dyed in the wool like you is responding like that , then maybe I should be having a rethink.



    Not been a good night.

  8. spikeysauldman on

    31003 – Turkeybhoy has been on….he might live in Turkey….it’s 2.20 over there….he obviously doesnt love you enough…

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    VALE BHOY on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:13 AM




    Can`t disagree with that.


    I`m sorry to say.


    Which takes us back to Lenny .


    Possible he may quit ?

  10. I’ll check again in the morning to see if Lawwell and/& Lennon have resigned.



    Then again, P67 will keep up up to speed with that.



    £10 m game.



    Whatever could be the consequences?

  11. I am sorry for swearing tonight but it is so frustrating what can we do you have people who cannot see how far we have regressed all mr lawell thinks is who can we sell we need a big groundswell of support to force change or ground hog day will be here forgood

  12. I like NL, but tonights sequence of events makes supporting him very difficult.



    1.Wrong selection,McG at LB a disaster because it weakened the MF.



    2.Bain messed up in away leg,and M’Well, and should have been replaced,dodgy at first goal,palmed ball back into danger area at 3rd and the Penalty was within his body length.


    I said this the other day on here prior to this game.



    3. Broony,needs to stop being arrogant,allowed cross for first,and cost us the penalty.



    4 . Game management,shop should have been shut at 3-2 with 14 mins to go.



    5.Dropping the £3m LB to appease the masses was wrong thing to do,so protecting him effectively has ruined his confidence.



    6.Where is Hayes and why not him at LB if Boli so fragile.



    7. Introducing Bayo alongside Jozo up front,madness straight out of Glasgow Green.


    last time I seen a move like that was Sean Fallon playing a big ex Taxi driver at centre when Jock Stein was ill,never worked then either.



    Not only were we beaten, but the entire capability of our decision making process, and those in charge,for me is questionable.



    I would take a draw at Ibrox right now,and they aint great.

  13. terrible terrible defending tonight, all over the place.



    however, KEEP IT LIT







    SAINT STIVS on 13TH AUGUST 2019 7:13 PM


    due to illness, this is my first live match back at celtic park since the 2nd rangers game, august last year.







    i did see us lift the league and the cup by sneaking in at each for the last few moments, but this is the real prize for me, my fully fit-ish comeback, with my own ticket. I was at cappielow hospitality on saturday, which was a gentle reintroduction to real football, with aiden nesbitt the star morton player, but its just not the same.







    so looking forward to tonight. several reasons,





    disco lights, celtic legends brron and forrest, new players, the idominable spirit that is neil francis, and in hope of a smooth easy passage through.







    oh, and no need to read CQN moaners and to be there in my corner of positive supporters,







    here we go.







    oh i wanna, wanna, wanna …………






    PHILBHOY on 13TH AUGUST 2019 7:16 PM









    Best wishes mate and hope you have a brilliant night!












    Enjoy the game and bring back a result 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀



    VMHAN on 13TH AUGUST 2019 7:26 PM


    Saint Stivs, good on ye and enjoy the game pal HH








    !!BADA BING!! on 13TH AUGUST 2019 7:27 PM


    SS-Brilliant ,enjoy HH



    BANKIEBHOY1 on 13TH AUGUST 2019 7:30 PM










  14. lets be clear.



    1.the PLC is in name only


    2. peter lawell controls everything, from lights to scouting, he is a poor manager who want let his people do anything.


    3. DD remit is clear no debt, but for love of god we had 40M at start of transfer window, sold our best player for 25M( tahts lost tonight and we had chance of 30-40 more


    4. the fans need a leader, don’t think Paul67 would do too many rumor’s of nice contracts helped by you no who :(


    5. fans need to do something boycott


    6. this is corporate mismanagement at its best no forward planning which leads to massive loss of incomes

  15. I’m loathed to post after a result like tonight, at least until I’ve slept.



    But…that was SO sickening.



    Apportioning blame is the knee jerk thing to do. I’d like to see the important incidents again.



    But, on “live” viewing, our captain looked poor tonight. Too many games in short timeframe? He looked heavy-legged from early on.


    At their 1st goal, he got caught wrong side of opponent, by poor positioning and allowed a free cross into our box. Granted, not all unblocked crosses lead to conceding a goal, but it did tonight.


    For their 2nd, his legs couldn’t get him into correct position, resulting in him getting caught under the ball. Still no excuse for his handball. BTW, didn’t thus corner come from Bain putting the ball out when crapping himself from an opponent who looked like colliding with him?


    For their 3rd goal, our captain failed to close down their shit from outside the box. Poor positioning again? Again, Bain must take some blame for pushing ball back out into danger area, instead of out for a corner.



    Not looking for scapegoats, but these were my observations tonight.



    Didn’t agree with playing CMG at LB, but that decision alone didn’t cost us the tie. Though I believe it was a contributing factor. Along with Brown & Bain’s poor play.



    Lennon admitted playing CMG at LB was done because he wanted his (technically) best XI players on the field. Even if it meant square pegs in round holes. For that alone he deserves criticism. It’s a team game. Choose your formation and pick the best player for each position. CMG is not our best LB.



    Feck this. I m rambling now. Should have heeded own advice & slept before posting. I’m off to bed. Back to lurking tomorrow.




  16. IF we win the league this season…..is anyone confident we will reach the cl next year….. knowing how we now operate as a BUSINESS?

  17. Just back in from the game. Not even going to think about scrolling back. Not putting my mental health at risk. The thing I’ll salvage from the game, however, was the feeling of utter elation I shared with my grandson at 2-1, then 3-2. At 2-1 he suddenly came alight , lost all his inhibitions and didn’t stop screaming and shouting till the final whistle. I can safely say he “got” Celtic last night. The final outcome merely confirmed it. This is really what it’s like to get Celtic. My job on this earth is done. That will make up for my own deep disappointment and frustrations. Going back under my carapace now till Saturday, then all will be well again when The Celts take to the field once more.


    Hail Hail to one and all.

  18. excathedra44 he was not dropped to appease the masses, he was dropped as he is danger should not have been brought in , even as free transfer shows up how Pl influence is ruining our transfers window,. was told that agents are scared of PL , which leads to them avoiding Celtic at all costs

  19. Wonder what the board will come with no to get the masses back on side….I’m going with either a £10 million pound signing or a big name free transfer

  20. if we cant get rid of peter lawell then we are cooked neil lennon is his patsy that’s why he got the job why do you think mr rogers left?

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SCANIEL on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:34 AM



    In your grandson , we have a new Tim.




  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SCANIEL on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:34 AM



    In your grandson , we have a new Tim.



    Congratulations .


    Well done.

  23. Prague will thrash Cluj. Lenny out his depth . Need to make the change before Sep. that was embarrassing tonight. Why Shved not even on the bench ? Morgan ?

  24. Delaneys Dunky on

    Absolutely scunnered and sickened by that tonight. The regression of this Celtic team is dramatic. Would prefer we do not qualify for Europa League. Tactically naive throughout the team. Petrescu handed Lenny his arse on a plate. Calum at left back was a reenactment of previous disasters. Cluj scored when they needed to with ease. Feel sorry for Edouard and Christie who should have been on a comfortably winning team. Bit like how I felt for Big Jackie against Partisan Belgrade in Europe. We have downgraded. Our PLC, management team, captain and goalie need to look at themselves and realise that they are culpable for this tonight. I seriously fear for us this season. Heads should roll for this. We are not a good team anymore.

  25. SYDNEYTIM on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:34 AM



    You do not drop your recent signing for a problem position because Chris Sutton and online bloggers are all moaning. I know Boli needs a bit of time ( I hope ) but if it were me I would have played him,assessed him, and if not doing well then change,that way you are affecting 1 position only not the entire team structure.

  26. MACJAY1 FOR NEIL LENNON on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:42 AM


    SCANIEL on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:34 AM


    In your grandson , we have a new Tim.


    Congratulations .


    Well done.






    So shines a good deed in a weary world (C Willy Wonka).



    Good stuff Scaniel – great to bring a new wee Tim into the fold (latest result notwithstanding).



    Agree with what Corkcelt has said about tonight.






  27. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    DELANEYS DUNKY on 14TH AUGUST 2019 12:50 AM



    I seriously feel that we have some marvellous players , DD.


    But , you`re right.


    We don`t have a team.



    Lenny may well need to reflect on his position.