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  1. 16 roads. having to wide forwards in Johnstone and Forrest who are invisible when opposition has the ball, just hands midfield to other side




    school boy tactics

  2. Lastly going forward as a club it is a real concern how we operate and what will happen to the good players we unearth. Why if you are Eddie, Big Kris, Ntcham (there are others) would you not be interested in moving on? We can’t/won’t offer the wages but we can offer the platform of CL etc – well no we can’t ? We don’t invest in progress so why should we expect these guys to invest their short careers in us? If we can’t keep dyed in the wool Celtic men like KT what chance with the decent overseas guys?


    On the basis of this close season, and its not finished yet, we have gone backwards as we did last season – it is indisputable – and honestly i fear we are more likely to sell than buy well now.


    Our main domestic rival appears to have improved and we have gone backwards – you don’t need to be a genius to know what next. It may or may not happen but you would be a fool not to be very concerned and to have allowed our financial and playing advantage to have been eroded to such a level is to be asleep at the wheel.

  3. I await an article today about floating pitches and casinos.



    And how nothing can be taken for granted…. despite dispensing with Cluj being a leader in its own right only a few days ago.



    The most significant additions to our club/company in recent years have been the old stalwarts – Complacency and Entitlement. They always come as a trio. Hubris will arrive this season. And there will no 9, let alone 10.



    HH jg

  4. Cluj were there for the taking.


    A reasonably good side and better than aek in my opinion but our tactics were terrible.


    The first leg showed that when they came at us and we counter attacked at pace our attackers had their defenders on toast.


    The most important thing tonight was to not lose a goal.


    I would have set up 451. Boli at lb and bitton in front of the defence. Christie or calmac wideleft. This would have frustrated them. The percentages would have then favoured us with eddie getting one on one with one of their defenders.


    This would have allowed us to go more attacking with subs if needed in second half but if winning this would have frustrated them and we could have closed game down more easily… Bitton and boli would have given us more height also.


    Now Neil had 10 million on bench of defenders bought for this game ..he has to take blame for this not pl.


    But we now know and have known that most important transfer window for us is January…it is the only one that gives us real time to get a team ready for the qualifiers.


    To go into the qualifiers and have not one single player from our first choice defence of last season…listing boysta benkovic Tierney ..is criminal and it is clear that we knew all of them were going…no prep.


    The rat has to take most of the blame for this and the summer previously but this was when lawell should have stepped in…Rogers was going but hire a director of football to buy players who could do a job for us and have time to bed in.


    Gutted but we match on..need to do a bit of thinking for “the gers” game…Lenny owes us or he could be on a shoogly nail

  5. Good morning from a damp North Staffordshire – gutted about last night – we sign 3 defenders and play 1 of them ,- play others out of position – ah well what do I know.


    On the upside it means we won’t get hammered in the CL

  6. mullet and co 2 on

    26 pages of comments already.



    Here’s a prediction. Lennon will have lost the dressing room by September if not already.



    Undone yet again by a club with a modest portion of our income. I’ve no problem with selling players to the over hyped EPL but treating these qualifiers with no respect year after year really begs the question if this is a football club or a money making meat factory.



    Petrescu turned down the Celtic job after Lennon left. How much did we offer him? What is the reputation of the club among the best managerial talent in Europe? Truely?

  7. After that hand ball you would have thought Scott would have taking the night off from social media. But no, our club captain takes to social media and supports the criticism of his gaffer.



    Lennon had a mare last night but now our captain has made a devastating night even worse.



    A clown on and off the field last night, Broonie.

  8. SYDNEYTIM on 14TH AUGUST 2019 7:18 AM






    I understand this.



    We also should have shut up shop when we twice took the lead – cool heads were required, but the crowd was going mental, encouraging the team to keep on the offensive.



    It wouldn’t be Celtic if we didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot.



    We are conceding goals, yet are scoring with impunity.



    You need to find a balance.



    I don’t think we should be so quick to turn against the manager at this early stage – much more beneficial to support the team and the manager.



    HH. 🍀

  9. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Once again our club promise so much and deliver little.



    We gave a good core squad however we need to invest in the squad.



    Our season started many weeks ago and our Euro campaign has once again went tits up.



    Dermot Desmond should immediately refund all ticket costs to the support and secondly stop the bullsxxit and inform the support exactly what funds are available and whelt their intention is.



    Oh an who is this nugget we appointed. Hammond? We would be better with Hammond from The Grand Tour.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    Free bottle of snake oil with every ticket purchased for next weeks EUROPA League qualifier



    Given the monumental balls up it should be free entry

  11. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    When team sheet appeared couldn’t understand why we were playing 3 at the back in a game we didn’t really have to win.Stupid me!Why didn’t I know that CMG was a left back?Well I did know he wasn’t as I had watched him twice there and the team and he were mince.


    Said when appointed not the man for the job but will support him but even that is difficult now.10 million on the bench and not on the field at anytime!We were still in the winning position 8 mins to go…10 mil still watching same as me not worth 10p.As for not fit enough to play?Didnt seem to apply to Bayo who hasn’t kicked a ball.We could have had steak and got turkey mince.


    Custodians of the Club?More like Keeper of the Purse.

  12. I remember when Parkhead was a fortress for European games.


    We must dust ourselves down and prepare for the next game but admittedly there is not one positive from the game last night and we are all absolutely gutted.



    We need funds for investment, but what use is buying players if we don’t play them ?

  13. 16roads Neil record in Europe apart from Barca game is poor



    We have been doing that in **** we trust ever since Peter lawells PR company made it magically appear after Maribor game




  14. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Collosal!!! mega… jesus. Totally winnable, petrescu couldn’t believe his luck seeing a game changer at left back – might aswell have had the GB tifo – oi dan, we’re shi**ing it! Press high and we might nick one. Then we change nothing, then the captain has an almighty brain fart. Jesus




  15. lets all do the huddle ? on

    i read on here a lot about how we struggle in europe against teams with a fraction of our income



    so what’s the difference between those teams and ours?



    simple – they arent loaded with scottish players



    apart from 1 or 2 gems, scottish players have been pish for years, just look at the national team and that should make you think about why we have so many scottish players in our squad



    a grand ideal to mirror the 67 team, but the reality is the quality isnt there in the country for us to load our team with home grown players and compete in europe



    too many wee boys who can run around but dont have the physical presence to impose themselves their opponents



    forrest, mcgregor, christie, mikey johnston etc etc – they all end up on the floor as soon as an opponent breathes on them because they cant stand the physical challenge



    time for a clear out and a rethink of our squad structure

  16. Last night was much worse than Maribor. Maribor we were undone by one moment of madness.



    Last night we were systematically and tactically taken a part. To concede 4 against Cluj is an all time low in our not so successful modern European record.



    Sevco have been in Europe three seasons and they would not have made the plunders we did last night.

  17. It’s looking like the board won’t be releasing any further funds for the manager to spend because we won’t be in the CL.



    Same old story – qualify for the CL, then buy players instead of buying players that will enhance your chances of getting there.



    It defies logic.



    The policy cannot be defended.

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ 16 ROADS. on 14TH AUGUST 2019 8:27 AM



    Agreed. But it is a myth that we buy players when CL qualification is obtained. Who was the last (big) signing to be made when we qualified for CL?



    Sinclair, Dembele, Ntcham, Edouard, Boli, Jullien, Elhamed- all signed before our CL fate was decided.



    When we qualify for the CL, the money is just banked.

  19. Lennon and Lawwell still here?



    Disastrous team selection and absolutely NO idea about protecting a lead.



    Calmac at left back! It beggars belief. Did Kennedy not tell Lennon that we tried that before and it was a disaster?



    Lennon, Kennedy & Duff. FFS!



    Who put our game ‘plan’ together?



    What does all this have to do with Lawwell?



    He jumped at the cheap option.



    I would love to be proved wrong but nothing about last night would suggest I will.

  20. We had enough in our squad to comfortably see off Cluj.



    The board deserve criticism for appointing Neil in the first place – this is the result of that appointment rather than any lack of investment in the squad.



    Lennon will imo win the league but he’ll never take us to where we want to be in europe.

  21. SYDNEYTIM on 14TH AUGUST 2019 8:22 AM



    16roads Neil record in Europe apart from Barca game is poor






    He got us to the last 16 that season.



    Celtic’s problem in Europe is constantly conceding soft goals.



    It’s gone anyway – the league is everything now.



    HH. 🍀

  22. Honestly cannot bring myself to argue on here all day about club policy. I’m sure it had some part to play.



    But the Celtic squad available to Neil Lennon last night was far more expensive than the Cluj squad. Would we want to buy a single player from them? No.



    We were outdone by an inferior team. The coach botched it in many ways. The captain threw the team under the bus and I’ve never been convinced by that keeper.



    Very disappointed that we sign 10 million worth of players and can’t trust them off the bench. What an absolute joke.

  23. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    The bad news is that we now have to face AIK to qualify for the EL and that is no guarantee.



    The even worse news is that we go to Ibrox 4 days after the second leg of that tie.



    Looking at our situation now, we could be in a bit of trouble and it’s only the start of September…

  24. AN DUN on 14TH AUGUST 2019 8:35 AM



    Totally agree. We want somebody at the cutting edge of football.

  25. mullet and co 2 on




    £50m in the bank. (And a £9m loan untouched)


    £85m to £90m projected turnover if we reach the EL and don’t sell anyone else.


    I can guarantee the club will use last years wages to spin the lack of quality players coming in.


    The wage bill will be down substantially with EL football this season. The wage bill will be less than £50m with Rodgers et al gone plus Dembele, Tierney etc.


    It’s not great for team morale when your better players are constantly micro managed towards the door. (Sinclair).







    Fair comment.



    They do pay the players well though to be honest.



    I switch off now completely, until after our next win.



    No social media, no football talk, no nothing.



    Over & out.



    HH. 🍀

  27. Last night was not about lack of investment. We should have won the game with the squad we had. Lenny set the team up wrong and was too stubborn to admit he got it wrong.


    We can rant & rage all we like but reality is Lenny is not likely to walk away,if he does he walks into football oblivion , he will be unemployable.


    By the same token Lawell is not going anywhere fast and even if he did does anyone really believe that a new CEO would change the entire funding strategy of Celtic. You would need a change of ownership and a totally new Board to effect that.


    Reality is we will still probably get in 3 or 4 new signings we might move on a couple and we will have to face up to the season for better or for worse.


    WE face a huge battle to retain our Title but we can still do it, that needs to be our focus now. The fight back starts next Saturday & more importantly Saturday week in our next League game against Hearts,,

  28. mullet and co 2 on

    P67s article will concentrate on the time of year, the tactical mistakes and some random variable that takes focus away from the real problems. If he is pushed managers are disposable- Lawwell is not.


    There may be some dark comment about Rodgers causing this. There may be some dropping of info on Lennon being in some doubt.



    Lennon was a cheap Lawwell pick. They signed Boli and Julian and didn’t play them. They refuse to pick Sinclair because they are trying to punt him. They sold Tierney. They didn’t buy a second left back. They tried to sign Turnbull then didn’t sign another centre mid.


    The list of mistakes in a short time goes on and that is only the things we know about.

  29. An Dun @ 7:56 said that Scott Brown took`.. to social media and supports the criticism of his gaffer.`



    Here is Scott Brown`s tweet:




    `Was just flicking through Twitter must of (sic) touched the button by accident.. Not my style to slag anyone off on Twitter. I am fully behind the manager and all the players are as well. If anyone should be getting a slagging or a abuse it’s all on me tonight as didn’t perform. Sorry`