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  1. Corkcelt,



    Always a voice of reason on here, and of course you are correct.



    However It’s been a very long time since I felt so down after a game, and im sure many others will feel the same. There will be repercussions, of that I’m sure.




  2. I blame BSR



    It is happy-clappers like him, that can’t see the wood for the trees.



    Content with regression


    Content with lack of ambition


    Content with little to no planning.



    But not content if anyone speaks out about the points above.


    Mind numbingly thick

  3. It still hurts this morning.



    We went out at the same stage as last year. Two vastly different managers- same result.



    Cluj had a more talented attack but AEK were better coached and had a stronger defence. None of the 3 teams (AEK, Cluj or Celtic) were good enough to trouble the scorers at CL Group Stage.



    We lost a lot last night- pride, ambition and a wheel o money too.



    This cannot be fixed quickly- a win against Dunfermline in the LC will not ease our pain much.



    We can see from all the comments last night and today we are in a hurting place and our enemies will rejoice and take comfort in that.



    I expect a few defensive recruits for our Europa play off task but it won’t quickly re-awaken our optimism and pride. Only the slow unfolding of the league campaign can do that now.



    Off to work

  4. Corkcelt. Was waiting for 1st lawwell fan and could not believe what I read



    1. Who appointed Neil ?


    2. If on the 1st day of window we had invested in a right back and left back instead of waiting


    3. Boli boli is a result of our football department head Ie being Peter lawwell and not a director of football


    4. A new CEO would not have sat there after seeing that our football department is a shambles I mean John Kennedy. The stop watch boy as our assistant manager , he would have got a plan ready to spend our cash, which would not put us into debt


    5. Peter lawell had no plan. Only plan is there is to have spare cash to buy big posters when the upper stand is shut again




  5. CorkCelt



    Neil won’t walk away. He might quite easily get sacked. I think he will.



    His tactics, his stubborness and his treating of players will lose the dressing room is my fear.



    He has previous. We have a holy grail coming up.

  6. failure to qualify for the europa league group stages and defeat at ibrox and neil will pay the price.


    my brother-in-law thinks we are a well run club.


    how much money do cluj have in the bank?

  7. traditionalist88 on

    We’ve racked up quite a back catalogue in European underachievement, defeats to teams we have been favourites against. Most alarming is the disintegration of the home record in recent years.



    But we had more than enough in the squad to see of Cluj over 2 legs. Our exit is a result of bizarre team selection, refusal or inability to see what was happening and change it, and inefficient use of subs.



    We’d better hope Julienn is up to speed soon, that it is a fitness issue and not that we’ve wasted £10m on two defensive duds.



    Although it doesnt fire the imagination we NEED to be in the Europa League group stage. Its an improving competition with lots of interesting potential trips and the money for participants has been bumped up in the last 2 years. So even if only to give us a yardstick for Europe next year, relieve the monotony of domestic games all the time and get some more coefficient points, we need to be in that group stage.



    Even if we do (the manager will not survive another Euro exit so soon) this obviously does not exonerate the shambolic events at board level and unfathomable lack of planning in recent times.







  8. From 6.30 pm last night until kick off all of my reasoniong and logic told me “straneg selection at the back, but absolutely must be a back 3 he’s going with”. Crossed my mind that he could be thinking of Calumn there but, logically, I dismissed that – had Boli not been on the bench and was unfit then he’d have to play somebody there. Then I thought, but surely the replacement in that scenario would be Hayes? So, as Boli WAS on the bench I thought it MUST be a back 3. Not that I was looking forward to that as it would then stop Elhamed getting forward, but at least it would have made some sort of sense. AT 7.45 my fears emerged, with Calumn at left back. Not Calumn’s fault by the way and he did the best he could in that position. Indeed his replacement in midfield, Ntcham, was one of our better first half performers.


    The rest is history as they say. Watcherd the 2nd half in full again last night. So much to be pleased about going forward and we could have scored 5 or 6. But to concede 4 (FOUR) goals, at home, was a real, complete downer.


    I do feel really sorry this morning for a few of our players, particularly French Eddie who put in maybe his best 45 minutes in a Celtic shirt during that 2nd half. Good contributions too from Christie and Elhamed.


    Gutted. And not enough sleeps till we have to play again.

  9. Not one of us is unrealistic.


    We all know how tricky it is getting into the champions league but to lose before the play off round two seasons running is a bit of a tragedy.


    And to being picked off like that at a near full Celtic Park by a team from Romania who earn a fraction of what we earn is simply frightning.


    I fully supported Lennon as the manager but now I have major doubts because his own performance yesterday was even worse than his players.



    There is now one huge cloud hanging over us.


    The scottish media will be all over this and to be honest I have no idea how it goes away.


    We became a laughing stock last night for so many reasons.


    The club may well receive offers now for our better players before the window closes.


    The club might close ranks and refuse to sell [Lennon has already stated this]


    But how do you then have a happy player when the club turns down good money and he loses his chance to progress and triple his wages because we are in a shitstorm?


    As for buying new players?..well as we saw last night what is the point.Clearly something is completely broken in our player recruitment operation.


    We are either buying duds for decent money or someone else is buying players the manager does not rate better than he has.


    Our best bet moving forward for the season is that the team that play out of Ibrox are not as good as they think they are.


    It is highly possible and perhaps when they too face reasonably good oposition [like we did last night] they too will crumble.


    Easy wins certainly promotes false esteem.

  10. Mullet and co 2


    While I agree with most of your post,how does not playing a player help if you are trying to sell him?


    HOT SMOKED on 14TH AUGUST 2019 8:56 AM


    “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”





    – Kenji Miyazawa



    does he play at back or mid.

  12. Go tell the Spartim on




    I seldom agree with you but I do today.



    Usually after a good nights sleep last nights result would be put to the back of my mind and I’d be looking forward, why is this morning so different …….. it’s because we never learn anything or try a different tract.



    I thought last year we st least got to the play off game (might be mistaken)

  13. mullet and co 2 on



    Last night is about lack time f investment.


    Lawwell picked Lennon. A cheap option.


    £50m in the bank.


    We should have had enough to beat Cluj with theirs£9m wages but didn’t have a left back because of poor scouting and recruitment. (We could have had a proper replacement in January)



    It’s doing things by the cheapest option possible every single time.

  14. I have never wanted Celtic to lose a match in my life.


    But I 100% hope we somehow lose the Europa play off tie.


    Most seasons I would grab Europa football as a decent consolation.


    But this season we need all the advantages possible to fully concentrate on winning the league.


    Of course Celtic will give it everything next thursday to try and make it to group stage football.


    Perhaps I will change my tune by then.


    But the thought of thurs/sunday football til christmas is unsettling.

  15. Silver City 1888 on

    I buy into the Ajax Model but are we following it? If it is indeed the plan, we should have players coming in to replace the ones that are leaving. I don’t mean scrabbling around after our star is out the door but planned purchases giving them a chance to familiarise themselves with our systems. With the number of games we play we should be able to keep happy one good player and one decent one with potential in each position. I know there are no certainties in football but did we have even a left back of failed promise on our books left over from last season?

  16. “We’re Celtic supporters faithful through and through, oh-over and oh-over we will follow you…”


    Greatest fans in the world, eh? But only when we don’t get our arse unexpectedly felt though?


    Expect I’ll be in the firing line for daring to suggest it’s not the end of the world; watch them go!


    There’s a lot to like about this squad & recent performances. Last night showed very good going fwd and really bad defensive.


    Absolute SHITE night at the office; managerial tactics, individual mistakes, brain farts, fatigue, failing to hold a lead. Yet HEAPS of fwd thinking positives; scoring 3 goals against a street-smart crew of big con/journeymen.


    Great night at the office for the Romanians, inept refs, gloaters, trolls and bhuns. They’re welcome to it.


    I keep remembering the words of the song…


    “…Faithful through and through” It means in the good and bad times.


    Yeh I’m down, but still mindful of a dramatic, gutsy – but fatally flawed – effort.


    So, we’re a Europa standard team for now. And the 9 is still on. KTF

  17. After last night I’ve little confidence in Neil setting us up for Ibrox. Gerrard will be robbing his hands after seeing how we couldn’t cope with a high press and have serious defensive problems from set plays and down the left.

  18. HOT SMOKED on 14TH AUGUST 2019 8:51 AM



    I wouldn’t accept that excuse from a child never mind the Captain of Celtic Football Club.

  19. traditionalist88 on




    Feel the same – we reluctantly accept when we lose to team with more resources than us that it was maybe inevitable – yet even in those games we often don’t give ourselves the best chance we can, make ridiculous individual mistakes and tactical errors.



    Then we do the same against a decent team but with far less resources than us and they punish us too.



    Maybe its my imagination but we seem to be innovative in finding new ways to lose stupid goals in big European matches (step forward Brooney and Bain last night) which allied to the bizarre selections and stubborness to change sees you lose 4 goals at home to a functional but hardly potent Romanian side.



    So mistakes from Lenny and those picked, including old ‘reliables’.



    But people are right to look at the bigger picture.



    The ‘just enough’ approach is not working and will not work when you decide to haggle 250k for John McGinn and eventually miss out or spend all summer looking for a RB.



    The ‘just enough’ approach with a patchwork team is impossible and lessons are not being learned.



    We rested on our laurels after Rodgers qualified twice in succession but even on those occasions it was hardly comfortable, away to Beer Sheva hardly felt like a night for celebration and we should have kept in mind the dangers lurking in these qualifiers.



    Think we went out at exact same stage last season, then had to play Suduva to get into EL.




  20. Silver city



    1. Ajax always have a ex footballer as CEO


    2. Ajax sell very very big and buy very big Top players are brought in to play with young players



    We sell big and bring in Cheap projects to make sure cash is in bank for AGM

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    You just know the Whites and the Kelly’s would give give their right arms for CQN back in the day.

  22. onenightinlisbon on

    “Faithful through and through” not “blind faithful through and through”



    Lawwell and our sheisters of a board take the support for mugs, they are no better than the Ashleys of this world laughing and mocking us but we will always be there and they know that. That’s the main issue, we need to show these imposters how we feel, but will it take us losing the 9 to do that? We are sleepwalking into oblivion here.

  23. Last night was horrible.


    But Win Lose or Draw – being a Tim is still the best option……..



    The only fine performance so far has been from sleekit gloatin’ huns….



    never mind them, we’ll have our day and thull change their tune. Again.




  24. HeknowsWHOknows on

    I completwly agree with most of what’s being said. For me this defeat is the straw that instigated the removal of Lawell or at the very least to demand answers from Dermot on the way forward.



    The stadium will be empty but what does the board care. They have our hard earned cash bmkwd and spent on Julio and Bolio.



    How do we demand answers?

  25. mullet and co 2 on

    Out of the Europa and or defeat at Ibrox and the pressure goes on Lennon big time. Any other defeat in the weeks after that would bring the noise to a crescendo.

  26. What would be the worse scenario….



    A/ Losing last night with no new left back purchased and no replacement centre half purchased .?



    B/ Losing last night with our new left back and centre half to the tune of 10million sitting on the bench?




    To be fair answer A/ puts far more pressure on PL whilst answer B/ surely has to fall at the door of NL

  27. Totally scunnered,.. with the finances that Celtic have generated in the past five years, 10 in a row should be the minimum, but it’s Celtic we’re talking about, they don’t work like that.



    Who would be willing to put their life savings on this 4/9 to win the league?