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  1. we lost because PL was not interested in improving Celtis. As long a s season tickets are sold then the more bonus he gets. NL should ne4ver have been given job without looking for someone better. To admit they didn;’t ebven repond to applications was unforgivable. Whole defence from last year gone andf they don’t sign new players till too late. Management of players abysmal.. SS treated like a leper. CMcG will be furious and demanding transfer after snub last night. Other good players will want away as they can see club has NO ambition whatsoever.

  2. PS Huns will run over the top of us. Different defence every week . No strength in middle of park and no shape when opposition have the ball. Unbelievable first half and NL says he tore into them at half time.. it’s his job to hhave hois player ready for game. or did he let them just walk onto park and try to work it out foor themselves?

  3. PS Huns will run over the top of us. Different defence every week . No strength in middle of park and no shape when opposition have the ball. Unbelievable first half and NL says he tore into them at half time.. it’s his job to hhave hois player ready for game. or did he let them just walk onto park and try to work it out for themselves?

  4. A point nobody is making is that Cluj have completely rested EVERY single player in their league games before both ties with Celtic in the champions league .


    Depends how much you want it I suppose…



    Shame that we play in such a strong domestic league that we need all our big hitters to overcome the likes of St Johnston and Motherwell.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    I’ve got a lot in my head today that needs to come out


    Before that I am very interested in Paul67 update today


    I want – a change is required ra ra ra message


    I fear we will get – the players did not perform message




  6. Short term, Lawwell is going nowhere and neither is Neil Lennon. Both have fecked up big time. But for all the moaning and groaning, the real Celtic supporters will back the team to the hilt. First priority, last week we sold a player for £25m. We need to cover that position a soon as possible with a suitable replacement. And then one game at a time thereafter. We must stop moaning, making excuses and feeling sorry for ourselves and take decisive action on and off the pitch.

  7. traditionalist88 on

    LAZYDYNAMITE on 14TH AUGUST 2019 10:06 AM


    A point nobody is making is that Cluj have completely rested EVERY single player in their league games before both ties with Celtic in the champions league .





    Honestly think that has nothing to do with it mate.



    Tactical errors, team selection errors, individual mistakes cost us. None of which came as a result of playing a game of football last Saturday lunchtime. Almost wish it was, at least that’d be an easy fix.



    This runs much deeper unfortunately.




  8. DAVID17 on 14TH AUGUST 2019 10:08 AM



    Don’t agree.


    Much though I like them both [lenny and lawwell]


    They are both potentially 2.5 weeks away from leaving.


    Get knocked out of Europe completely and well beaten by the huns I see immediate action on both fronts.

  9. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Lennie bottled it over boli: as soon as that decision was made, the script was written for cluj to have a go. We were all over the place. Lesson learned? Nope. I thought Lennie would have given us back Europe and some stability.

  10. Just checking…still no left back.






    Now that’s what I call forward planning.



    Once again we failed to strengthen (or even replace players we knew were leaving) when we were on top.



    A complete lack of vision and planning.



    Time to go Lawwell.



    As for our ‘management’ team.




  11. Every club should have their line in the sand.


    For the big boys down south top 4 is that.


    For the better spl teams surely it is top 6 split.


    We know that very few Celtic managers would survive not winning the Scottish title.


    For us getting into the champions league is probably a step too far to insist upon.


    However reaching the ‘play off’ stage should be our realistic minimum target .


    We have failed two seasons running.

  12. traditionalist88 on




    Agreed, if anything last night was the perfect night to play Boli given that we in theory should have been doing most of the attacking and he likes to bomb forward, and could then slot back in to LB when the ball was lost.



    The fact we didnt was a double blow of our own making- we had an incapacitated left back adept at neither attacking or defending from the position and we lost one of, if not THE best midfielder we have from the centre.







  13. 3 Main culprits from last night , DD PL and NFL . Not one penny at the gate from me until we change our model , DD and PL not good for Celtic

  14. I thought that Julien and Boli should have played. Big J is an organiser and Boli ,though erratic gives balance and good attacking options. Should Bitton have been introduced when we had our lead? NL should get in a tactician to be his assistant. 21s got beat too.

  15. Neil Lennon has a seriously long road ahead of him in gaining back fan confidence and possibly player confidence.



    One major flaw in NL is that he constantly makes a strange positional change prior to a big game.



    He did it in his first tenure and he’s doing it again. He needs a steady starting 11 and to stick to it, week in, week out. He’s not Guardiola and needs to know his limitations.

  16. Although I blame PL for where we are as regarding fleecing the fans and pocketing the money last night was down to one man – the guy who picks the team and forms the tactics. I said on Saturday that Broony is not capable of playing 2/3 games a week. Cluj rested a whole team on Saturday, we could have rested Broony instead of the younger players.


    You only need to go back to BR’s defeat at Ayebrokes to see that playing CalMac and left back and expecting Mikey Johnston to beat all in front of him doesn’t work. I’m sure NL would have watched this game. We effectively played with 9 men from the start. However, one simple change may have made the result completely different, bearing in mind NL doesn’t appear to trust Boli, taking off MJ, bringing on Jullien, moving Kris Ajer to LB and playing CalMac in his natural position.


    This change could/should have been made at HT but unfortunately I don’t think NL is capable of seeing or even admitting his mistakes – a serious flaw in football management.



    Most professions now have self reflection as part of their employee path to improvement and progression. Two people immediately come to mind with regard for the need for self reflection, namely our manager and our CEO.

  17. Haven’t read back and 13 or so hours later, it doesn’t feel any better.



    One question: why was Callum McGregor (imo, our most important player) played at left back. When my mate told me this as we walked to the ground, I couldn’t get my head around it. The last time we tried this, if memory serves, was at Ibrox, where it was every bit a disaster. Could we not have at least tried Johnny Hayes?

  18. 67 European Cup Winners on




    The man that said that (no not PL) The CEO of Nokia


    In 2007 half of all mobile phones used in the world were Nokia


    4 years later they were nearly bust and Microsoft bought them on the cheap





    Apparently 3 reasons


    Nokias technology was dated and fast becoming inferior and Nokia did not invest


    The CEO was arrogant and thought it was all about him


    lack of vision




    See anything familiar here !!!!!!!!!!!



    I have respect for the time and attention Paul67 puts into this brilliant site


    But I believe (no proof just my opinion) that Paul67 from time to time will deliver a PL message


    Paul67 has told us many times that we will enjoy monumental success for many years




    There is only room for one main man at Celtic and its PL



    Look at our structure as a business


    The strategy is to buy good players at a reasonable price and sell at profit


    I support that 100%


    So I would assume we place a lot of attention and dedication making sure we have a top man doing this job





    I see no evidence (and not just because of last night) that as a club we are developing building improving on the football front


    There is no doubt that we are an example to many regarding the way we manage our finances


    The last 4 or 5 years have yielded some great returns on sale of players


    But we are weaker for it


    Have we ever replaced Van Dyke, Wanyama, Dembelle, Roberts (loan I know) Boyata, Tierney


    Not really


    Our football structure is weak


    The appointment of NL was done in emotion after the Scottish Cup Final


    BTW if a CEO of a any other Plc did that there would be an outcry from shareholders


    Oh I forgot the majority shareholder DD sanctioned it


    Damien Duff has no coaching experience


    John Kennedy is probably a good bloke but is he going to pull out a tactical change to make a difference when we are 1 nil down



    PL surrounds himself with non confrontational yes men



    Like the CEO of Nokia, PL thinks he has done nothing wrong



    9 in a row is at risk




  19. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Easy to be wise after the event but I feel we could and should have started with Boli at LB in a standard back 4 with Elhamed, Ajer, and Jozo/Jullien. We could then have played Broony and Ntcham in front of them with Forrest Calmac, and Christie in a 3 behind Eddy. We didn’t have to chase the game after all. In plain terms the manager got it wrong with his team selection and failed to make the changes that could have got him put of the hole he dug for himself.

  20. glendalystonsils on

    Peter Lawwell places no importance on European progress . If he did he would plan for it . Dermot Desmond does not care if PL plans for European progress or not . He simply lets him get on with it as long as the books balance.


    Lenny is not a manager in the modern mould . If he was , last night’s tactical and personnel disaster would not have happened .


    There is no accountability .

  21. traditionalist88 on

    As long as we dont repeat the mistakes of last night we will beat AIK. They have scored a few goals recently but overall they are not high scorers and their strength is at the back. Ominous I know but as I say tighten up, nothing stupid (I know) and we’ll be ok.



    Again, this will not be en exoneration for what happened last night and the bigger picture.




  22. Losing at Ibrox on Ist September will not determine where the League title will end up this season. That will be determined by our dealings in the transfer market while it still remains open and all by the choice of manager to replace Neil Lennon. Peter Lawell is a lucky man. He still has these options open to him. In 19 days time, there will only be one of these options available to him. Celtic will face the biggest supporters’ rebellion at season ticket renewal time next season since Sack The Boatd in the early 1990s.

  23. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Maybe a statement of intent from the green brigade to the board is what’s required. They listen to nobody else… We need a voice 9nce and for all.

  24. I’ve no idea what Morgan has done to warrant a place ahead of a Sinclair.



    Neil can maybe explain that once he’s finished telling us all what a great LB McGregor is…

  25. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat… to infinity and beyond.



    I don’t want to be too harsh on Neil but last nights team selection, especially calmac at the back was a shocker. Even if he feels Boli may not have been up to the Job, a LB who is not up to the job is a better option than no LB at all or playing a player out of position that has already been a proven failure.



    Broonie was poor last night and has taken responsibility for his poor performance. He has been a stalwart of Celtic this last 10 years but to me I feel he is really starting to wain. Not just last night but watching him v Motherwell and in previous qualifiers he is not reading the game as well as he used or he is off the pace physically and cannot keep in touch with the pace at which he reads the game.



    Neil’s appointment, for me was a poor decision and like others previously, that appointment is a symptom of the ‘do just enough to win the league’ policy as strictly adhered to by Peter Lawell.



    I have said for a few years now the board room needs fresh ideas at CEO level. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat… to infinity and beyond seems acceptable to many on here who for whatever reason cannot bring themselves to accept, at least on these pages, the downward spiral we are on. PL is surviving now on the Celtic’s supports need and want for 10 in a row. Once 10 in a row is gone, we will once again start to see decline in numbers willing to shelve out for season books. Whether that is after this year if we fail to capture the 9 or next then I expect nothing more than ‘Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat… to infinity and beyond’.



    French Eddie & Ryan Christie were once again outstanding last night with a James Forrest cameo goal. They were let down badly by Neil in his team selection and tactics, the captains poor performance and an inept ability to defend. I think we will be lucky to hold onto French Eddie in this window and it is not beyond the realms of the imagination that PL will now be looking to punt him to further bridge the profit and loss after failure to qualify.



    Blaming PL for last nights performance and result is not just a symptom of one game. It is a symptom of years watching the rinse and repeat shambles he is presiding over. He will only act positively towards investment in the playing side when he is faced with dwindling numbers and seats once again covered by advertising hoardings. Whether that is this season, next season or the season after is only a matter of domestic success in the league and winning 9 and 10 in a row. After winning 10, going for 11, 12, 13, 14 won’t save him from supporter disinterest in those numbers. Without some sort of advancement towards investing for CL group stages and at a minimum being able to compete for 2nd and 3rd spots he is as you say a dead man walking in his current role. If we get the 10 though I think he will walk at that point and leave the shambles he has created for someone else to deal with.




  26. I get the impression that FOR ALL THE LOVE BOMBING ……Petrescu is really saying….”jeepers if I had your budget and fans I would be giving you a great european side’

  27. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Watching the game last night there were periods when it was like watching school boy football everybody running after the ball – it was embarrassing


    When I saw the team sheet I thought we were going to play 3 2 4 1


    When I saw McGregor line up at left back my blood ran cold


    Our game management – we did not have to win – pressure is on them – was non existent


    Our possession of the ball was appalling



    Within 10 minutes they pinged the ball to their right winger every chance they could


    They could smell blood knowing our left back is not a left back



    The knock on effect is we had a weak left back and a weak central 2


    Brown did not have a great game its not a coincidence that McGregor was not in that space with him


    Brown needs help legs and space – I also think his days of 2 games a week are over



    NL picked the best 11 players at his disposal but he did not pick our strongest team



    Our manager cost us this game




  28. Lennon is the manager and the manager deserves our support.


    He has a chance now to learn from the pigs ear he made last night.


    The league cup fixture will be perfect to bring back Craig Gordan into the team.


    If he plays well enough the jersey should be his.


    The league cup fixture is also perfect for big Julien to forge his partnership with Ayer .


    Clearly Boli should also be restored to the team and given a chance to shake off the rust.



    There will be other changes of course but the above are a must and if Lennon does not act he will be out of a job within the month.

  29. It has taken a long time to penetrate my thick skull, others realised more quickly. I always considered Celtic to be a European team. I’m certain that was the view of all Celtic supporters True we play in a small, not very good League but we are a huge club and the ambitions of our fans was for the Club to do well in Europe and keep a high profile there. However, having suffered through the last few transfer windows and watched the cavalier approach to manager recruitment last season by our CEO and Board (offering Lenny the job while he was in the shower), I now finally realise that Peter Lawell and the Board harbour and share no such views or ambitions as those held by the support.



    “Being a Celtic supporter is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile”, said Fergus. I am really not so sure of the accuracy of that statement when the Club has the money to give us the best chance of success but is continually undermined by our so called leaders.

  30. From cr02887062



    Brendan Rodgers fought to end the austerity at Celtic, and remove Peter Lawwell’s control of the club. The Celtic support roared and cheered as Lawwell chased Rodgers out the door.