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  1. Im sorry ..petrescu 1 lennon 0….neils setup and tactics have been terrible…not impressed…too many changes…personnel and formation

  2. Dexter P. Bampot on

    SOUTHSIDE on 13TH AUGUST 2019 8:28 PM


    If bolingoli plays left back and has a stinker, it’s bolingoli’s fault.



    If calmac plays left back and has a stinker, it’s Lenny’s fault






    It’s the board’s fault

  3. HT



    We need to regroup and focus for the 2nd half…surely we can’t play as badly for another 45mins…don’t forget we are still in this…so all this blame game sh#t can wait

  4. 45 mins or the KT money has gone



    All that money and we can’t buy a left or right back



    45 mins to score or lawells cash cow is over

  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Again, a savvy euro team have done us. Helluva a cupla minutes ahead for lennie. The line up has given them a goal. We’ve got the talent; we’re going through but sweet jesus ……………

  6. Dexter P. Bampot on

    Utterly pathetic first half. Both performance and tactics.



    We are a man down without a left back.



    Our central midfield is absent. Completely absent.



    Attacking wise, only Forrest looking anywhere near good.



    Unforgivable that there is also a general malaise about the team. They are harassing and hacking and we look like we don’t give a monkeys.



    Massive HT for NL here.

  7. I am a Tim….brought up on the holy trinity of Jock, Billy and Jimmy..


    but anyone who watched the first game knew they were good on the break…Neil should have kept this tight…the most important thing was not to lose a goal… we seemed to have the pace to trouble them at the back when over there…just frustrate them until they come out and this game was ours…


    hope everything I have said is wrong and Neil has a cunning plan…

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Petrescu’s played a blinder so far – he’ll have them set up for another break away – sweet mother, their goal was outta nowt

  9. Honestly I’m in shock that our best midfielder is more or less playing left back



    Total shock



    I mean seriously wtf

  10. Game different to what I expected as I thought Cluj would be a threat on the break. As it turned out, they were mostly on the front foot…passing crisper and yes, dirty/streetwise when needed to break up the play.



    Lennon clearly the only man who didn’t see that the CalMac experiment at Ibrox was a disaster. Not only out-jumped for the goal but the whole midfield and team is unbalanced.



    Despite his critics, Boli has to come on even if it’s just to push CalMal back up the park?



    Is Boli good enough/ready? Maybe not but we literally have no other choice.



    The inquest on that one can start in 45 minutes.

  11. GET Calmac back in midfield Bring on Boli.


    Perhaps Griff on after an hour…that’s all that’s needed here.


    No need to panic.


    Everyone gets teams wrong….now that Lennon has seen this I will judge him on what he does to fix this.

  12. Very diappointing first half. You must give credit to Cluj for nullifying our threat but we have been very poor.


    Ref is a pure Dick, they should be down to ten but that doesn’t excuse our performance. Must say I’m really worried right now. Would take one all and extra time.