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  1. Good morning CQN from a delighted Garngad



    Oh the weather is pish.



    What a performance, everyone of our players played at a high tempo and were brilliant.


    I hope there were no injuries.



    We move on to another tricky game for different reasons, the park is shite and the Livi team will kick feck out of everything that moves.






    D. :)

  2. Great Stuff…Super Celts.


    Every Player played very well.


    Celtic now Top of TWO Leagues at the same time…to any lurking Huns..GIRFUY !



  3. Good Morning, Drizzly In The Chilterns This Morning…



    Big well done Lenny and the bhoys.



    Missed another match, so thanks for the updates ghuys.



    Turns out Cluj is a dish best served cold;)



    Top of the Leagues!!



    Hail Hail

  4. Obviously very pleased with the result, the effort and some superb play but a little dampener was put on it by someone telling me that Calmac was going to Leicester in January.


    Anyone heard this? Can anyone add to it?

  5. `Ah Wanna be Edouard` was at its best last night. Just like Odsonne himself.


    Cheerio for now.

  6. …need some assistance here……….



    can’t stop grinning.







    Keep It Fluffy!




  7. Good morning, friends, and a Big Happy Friday from a grey and drizzly East Kilbride.


    Most definitely one of those ‘white shirt, green tie’ work days!


    Absolutely delighted to see that 45 folk have already emailed in their top 3 performers from last night’s game so we appear to be well on the way to having the most votes sent in for any game so far (203 votes [or around 68 voters] is the target to beat. i haven’t read any of them yet but that joy awaits me after work today.


    So don’t be shy, a survey open to all! Stick 3 names in an email and fire it off before 10.00pm tonight to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM


    On a separate matter, if ‘GG or BGFC read this would you mind contacing me as jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk – a a lurker from your past is looking to get in touch and I’ll pass on his/her email ;-)



  8. Had trouble sleeping last night out of the excitement of this team of NL .


    Yes I am a 46 year old father of three and this is the case.


    Despite the immense pleasure the previous managers team at their best brought me there is something even more special about watching this Neil Lennon team.


    I think it is the feeling that they are getting better and the belief that there is much more to come.


    I am not sure that we should start thinking we are going to start tearing up Europe but I am convinced we are no longer an inferior European side [which we always were under BR].


    This team has a bit of everything.


    We might not get the same level of domestic dominance but only because our major rivals are at a far better level than at anytime under BR.


    Last night I was so impressed with Bolingoli.


    What an athlete.


    And although the usual suspects were outstanding like Ryan Christie and french Eddie.


    James Forrest deserves special mention.


    His composure and use of the ball is simply sublime at times.


    Very very very happy going to work this morning.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    HOT SMOKED on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 6:54 AM


    `Ah Wanna be Edouard` was at its best last night. Just like Odsonne himself.





    I hate that ‘Edouard’ song – nae bliddy tune / flat / monotone !!!








    GrumpyGitCSC :-)))

  10. That was a really good Celtic park night.



    What impressed me the most ?



    The discipline in defence.



    Almost as if we had learned from the last game.



    Ajer bringing the ball out but then running back to his centre position. No chance then of being caught up the park and having to chase back. No real pulling or grabbing shirts either.



    Next. Broony. What a performance.




  11. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Well said. Progress in a short time has been great to see, and with so many young players so much more to come. This is epitomised by Bolingoli who was a joke figure at first but is now showing exactly why he was signed, great energy, composure and a real attacking threat.



    Only negative for me was the final ball at times, but the conditions didnt help. All in all job very well done and unlucky not to score a few more.




  12. Sent my motm to Jobo, such a hard call as the full TEAM were immense last night.



    Magic Celtic, just magic



    Hail Hail 💚🍀💪🏼✅

  13. WEEFRA………………



    Glad you got the all clear!



    Onwards and upwards!



    Take care!

  14. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    SAINT STIVS on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 8:54 AM



    Yeah, Broony commanded the midfield better than ever, won the ball back countless times and kept possession cleverly.




  15. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on






    I see the huns game is the early kick off tonight.



    Tough one for them, they only get to start with 11 men tonight and YB are a solid outfit, not exactly rattling goals in but competent and quite strong defensively. Can see a 2-1 home win.



    And 2-0 home win for the bhoys.








    I hope some of you lumped on, I know I didnt ffs










    The Roses being played in paradise is a thing of beauty 😀💚🍀




    Good prediction!



    Just in from the game, good revenge by the bhoys, as our bus left homeward bound, thought I would have a wee two hour sleep. Then noticed a bus from Tyrone, no idea when they get home but never tire taking my hat off to those bhoys.






    And don’t forget the Donegal bhoys! Because of these late kick offs everyone has to leave the game 10 minutes before the end, (we’re not all leaving early to get to the bar first, well in the boat we are!) as last time we were not allowed on the boat when we arrived even though it was still in port. Last bhoys home this morning would have been about 5am!


    Certainly is an easier journey when you win and win playing the Glasgow Celtic way!

  19. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 9:22 AM





    Good prediction!





    Circumstances of the huns loss pretty hilarious too which made up for not having any money on it!






    A wake up and smell the coffee time – don’t try to shaft Ireland:





    Thanks for sharing that link, I gave up on QT a long time ago as it wasn’t good for my blood pressure!



    It’s remarkable how little people in the uk know about the situation in Ireland (and indeed what leaving the EU actually entails).

  21. Morning CQN. Brilliant team performance last night, with some touches of class from Eddy, a “how to run the midfield” masterclass from Broony, and a duracell show from Ryan. Everyone else were only superb. Lenny has shown that he can set up the team to play controlled, attacking football against a seasoned European side.


    We can now proceed to enjoy the rest of the season if we keep this level up.


    Oh, and the huns got beat too. If Carlsberg did wet Thurday EL nights, ……..

  22. By the way, on days like today its important to put some more of the negative things into context..



    Remember the Whatsapp text rumours? Some suggested the players hate Lennon, the training is rubbish and Brown had a bust-up with the coach. The more recent one suggesting that Damien Duff, Griffiths and Greg Taylor had a huge bust up. Just nonsense.



    Then you have PhilMac peddling rumours that Lennon doesn’t rate Boli & Julien and they are absolutely useless.



    There will always be some sad cases making hay out of the bad feeling around the club

  23. Back to football, I watched the starter match before the main course last night. I thought the game in Berne was so bad that it could possibly have football banned, However, it did have a delicious ending 😉


    Now the main course was entirely different fast flowing, skilful football on display with entertainment in abundance.


    We are improving on a weekly basis and the blip against Hibs was caused by poor refereeing and a team of spoilers (Hibs) who were desperate to get anything out of the game. I’d quite happily see Heckingbottom get his jotters.


    Secure 6 points out of our 2 remaining home EL games and we are through. We might even do it before Rennes visit CP.


    Last night Broonie was immense he was Dr Jekyll in comparison to his Mr Hyde performance the last time Cluj visited CP. Ryan Christie – what an athlete, anybody who brings up the John McGinn debacle should consider that we may have lost Ryan had McGinn signed. Apart from both of them I know which one I would prefer to have in my team. Odsonne has the best of both worlds not only does he want to be Édouard he is. 😉


    That being my top 3 players for last night I will say this we saw glimpses of why Southampton paid £16m for Elyounnoussi and he will get better with more game time – he is also useful in the air.


    Finally, Arses fans raving about KT proves we sold him far too cheaply.

  24. This cant be the first time that Celtic have “Topped” TWO leagues at the same time surely ?



    I am not counting any reserve league etc from the past.



    Slippy Stevie Greetin about the Huns not getting a Penalty, and YB Berne not having a Player Sent Off….didnt the huns get away with a red card just last week, when a Hun defender FOULED an attacker and was the LAST MAN in their league Cup tie?


    I dont recall Slippy Hun making any comment on that “honest mistake”…Funny that ?



  25. Now, if we could only make our Final ball count more…and teach Big Jules how to header a Ball AWAY from a Goalie and Between the sticks ?





  26. Still buzzing about last night.



    Very pleased with a great start to our Europa campaign but I am under no illusions as to how tough it will be to get out of this group. All of these teams are better than anything we face in Scotland and the Nazis of SS Lazio, have better players than we do, but they will still have to prove they are a better team.



    Sandman ratings are up and today’s are one of his finest, riffing on the old Romania/Dracula theme.



    Before you read them- try and guess which Celtic player this apt Sandman description serves:-



    “He stoats about Paradise like one of us who’s rolled up after a stag night to find the gates unlocked and a ball sat on the empty pitch.”

  27. My friends in Celtic,



    What a night. From the spectacular light show which set the tone to the dazzling football on the park.


    It was so difficult to name just three players.



    One of my picks was big Fraser Forster. He has brought a much need stability at the back. Looks like an inspired move.



    Without being disrespectful to our resident goalkeepers , one is an exceptional shot stopper but has poor distribution, the other is polar opposite. We now have a combination of both.



    My man of the match was the support who were mainly magnificent .


    It was monsoon weather with rain more associated with the tropics. Coming out of the ground I can’t remember ever seeing such heavy rain and newly made lochs.



    Singing in the rain indeed.



    Our European pride is returning and when you look at European results elsewhere we have every right to be buoyant and optimistic.



    HH, the journey continues.



    ( PS : Talking of journeys, the transport infrastructure to Celtic Park must seriously be looked at, but that is for another day )

  28. I dont think the weather is bad…I love the rain….especially when it rains on the Huns Parade…imagine getting gubbed by a bunch of Wee Boys ?


    Young Boli ( or BB as I call him )…is going to be a STAR !


    Likewise ….El Hamed..and Big Mo….the Ritz.



    I am one of those Celtic Bhoys that isnt too bothered about Domestic Cups and Europe…for the time being anyway…as I just want Celtic to do Nine in a Row again…and then go for the MAGIC TEN….Apart from the obvious joy as that achievement…there will be Huns getting sacked outta ipox…and many of there Fans jumping oot of Windaes……More Magic !


    Yes, it would be great to do The Quad Treble and deny Slippy Stevie ANY Glory…but for the League is a MUST !



  29. GREENPINATA on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 11:03 AM



    Remember when people were complaining about the Forster signing?



    Bunch of bedwetters

  30. That was great last night…absolute top marks against a decent side.



    Bring on the Lazians? Lazioites? Them uns…..



    And get Moi Elyounassi signed up…..on a perm.

  31. TIMALOY29 on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 11:25 AM



    I was one of the “complainers ” , but credit where credit is due.



    I guess that I’m old fashioned in the sense that I still dislike players who leave us for ” bigger” clubs then when it goes pear shaped think they can waltz back.



    I’ll give myself 1000 lines.




  32. Tierney was brilliant last night and it looks like he’s having the time of his life… good luck to him



    But he played to a crowd of what looked like about 30k at most, with empty seats everywhere and a single pin could be heard dropping



    Contrast that to Celtic Park

  33. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    JOBO BALDIE on 4TH OCTOBER 2019 7:43 AM



    On a separate matter, if ‘GG or BGFC read this would you mind contacing me as jobobaldie@yahoo.co.uk – a a lurker from your past is looking to get in touch and I’ll pass on his/her email ;-)





    Hi Jobo – have emailed you :-)






  34. If sevco had a Scottish referee last night they would have been awarded a penalty. No doubt.


    If celtic had a Scottish referee last night cluj would have been awarded a penalty and the offside goal would have stood. No doubt.

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