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  1. Turkeybhoy



    The fact we aren’t playing him. Like the fact we weren’t playing Kouassi.



    We seem incapable to plan without Scott. Do you know what, I’d play him in one of the back 3 but for the love of god who is goin to crack this one?

  2. for a start we have to get Elhamed fit and playing right side of the back 3 , to early to judge how good or not he is considering he has only played a handful of games but looked promising when he has been involved.

  3. Oh goody we ‘ve got another wan , can we keep him/her, can we , can we ? Or will he /she disappear like snaw af a dyke ?

  4. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 28TH FEBRUARY 2020 10:42 AM



    The Lazio results were fantastic and we all loved them, but someone made a comment last night which resonated- many of our games in Europe this year have been played like a basketball game. End to end and frantic. Lazio followed that pattern. Luckily we scored two last minute goals in both games. However, even after scoring in injury time at home, we still needed Fraser to produce a world class save. We couldn’t even see out a couple of minutes without giving away a big chance.

  5. If you give Bitton a new deal you have to expect that he’s either better at Jozo at CB or able to pick up the slack when Scott Brown is injured.


    There’s no way Scott Brown should have played more than an hour last night. Rogic either.

  6. reading alex gordon made me think my first european game at celtic park was a french team called Sudan think it was a draw it may have been called the frenhip cup think it may have been 1960 here is a wee Q witch Lisbon Loin made his debut in the Camp Nou in barca think may have been 1964 any help with the sedan game

  7. In my opinion although he has done well for us , one criticism I have of Lenny ,is he does have his favourites . He has can’t do without players .who he fields immaterial of form . Now I am going to anger many on here but it is my opinion , I like the Bhoys but in a match where a Bit of bottle is required we unfortunately have a few who wont show up , who Can’t Get stuck in , yes smashing skilful players no doubt , but on occasions bravery is also required , we have seen it all before . in a few weeks we play a match that if out attitude is right we will win , put them , there support , and the sevco loving media back in there box . Neil Lennon was a fiery wee guy in his playing days ,liked the rough stuff ,and gave 100% all the time ,he knows the guys he played with were mainly the same , it’s not in this team sad to say . That team across the city bully us ,they know where we are weak ,they know who to target , and if they know our coaches also know , but immaterial Neil will play them . Remembering the guys we used to have , guys who would be itching for this game to come around . Brogan , Kennedy, gemmell . Wee Bertie , davy hay , Bobby murdoch ,roy aitken , if only . I hope to god I am wrong guys HH.




    We couldn’t even see out a couple of minutes without giving away a big chance.



    I know the shame of letting a high scoring Italian team have a chance in goal



    Without the meaningless game in Cluj we conceded 4 goals in 5 games in a tough group



    Even if you include a game where we played a second string team we conceded fewer goals than all but 9 teams in the groups



    That isn’t a team with a defense that isn’t good enough at that level

  9. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 28TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:08 AM



    We have conceded 7 at home against Copenhagen and Cluj in games we didn’t even need to win.



    We have good players but are seriously deficient in tactics and formation. That’s what it comes down to. You cannot expect FF to produce world class saves and man of the match performances each and every game (as he did home and away v Lazio). We really need to get better at being the sum of all parts as opposed to needing Eddy, Jullien or FF to have a stormer.



    Case and point, Sevco go away to Braga and start Edmundson (playing for Oldham last year) and Kamberi (a Hibs striker) and without their star striker and deservedly go through. This is a Braga team who are selling a player to Barca for £30m in the summer.

  10. Go tell the Spartim on

    As Bognorbhoy said



    Its a movie we’ve seen too many times before but the issue is that we never learn from any of our mistakes.


    Ajer has plateaued as a CB and is never a RB, Bauer is an internationalist thats not trusted and Frimpong has tons of potential but wasnt trusted. Taylor i can live with at this level as he needs to learn, hoping thru games of this nature will help.


    My personal bug bear is game intelligence, thats the reason i think \0/ played, that and his leadership, if we had an ample reserve for his position they shouldve played (i know injury and suspension didnt help) as he wasnt fit.


    The problem with buying projects is that we mould them based on our tactical prowess (or lack of). Klimala and Soro are obviously not up to it, yet?


    i think if everyone is honest, and whilst i have little faith or confidence in the board to do anything proactive, we were crying out for an experienced CB in the January window, i get that transfers are tricky especially in that window, but it really shouldve been addressed.


    We continue to have no European ambition and pat ourselves on the back when we get further than we reasonably expect.


    We need to seriously address our CB position, Bitton is good as a stop gap and domestically, CJ i like, Ajer needs to push on, El Hamed was really unlucky with injury and we dont know when he’ll be fully fit, prefer him at RB. Jozo we should just let his contract expire and wish him well, he’s got too much baggage which will stop him from advancing and whilst it wasnt just him last night i think we should aim for better.


    It was a perfect storm, tactics, players off form, players shoe horned into unfamiliar positions and mistakes (mentally and physically), but as has been said its a movie weve seen too many times before.

  11. There are genuine hurting Tims, there are ghuys who are more interested in self justification and there are Trolls and we have them all,


    Last night was a collective failure, bad set up, bad team selection, bad tactics, failure to change things. poor individual performances, Eddie was found out big time, Jozo, Julien & Ajer are frauds, Brooney is past it, We are looking at a total rebuild.


    Aye Right.


    I said before game Football can be decided by fine margins. Thought we played extremely well first half, created a few great chances but didn’t take them. Then just like Cluj one of our Bhoys has a Brain Fart & suddenly we are up against it,


    We get a penalty well put away by Eddie & its game on again and 2 minutes later we gift them another & it’s game over.


    A real bad day in the Office, I understand & share in the hurt & disappointment but I refuse to throw Lenny or any of our team under the bus,


    I love Lenny, I love our team, we are on the cusp of winning 9 in a row, have a decent chance of winning the Domestic Treble for the fourth year in a row, wonderful wonderful times, in 50 years time Celts will probably be having displays in hopefully the 10th minute of games to honour what our team are presently achieving.


    We blew it big time last night but we must also credit our opponents, if we are entitled to go to Laio & beat them, teams are entitled to come to Glasgow & beat us.


    Two huge games coming up in next 5 days. In this period we will learn a lot about Lenny & our team & a lot about ourselves.

  12. Brendan Rodgers,



    Apologies if you have previously posted, I haven’t seen it.



    If new : Are you a hun ?

  13. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Won’t argue with any of that, managers are fair game, and if any good always learning.


    I’d suggest though, he’s got a lot more right than wrong or we wouldn’t be disappointed with last nights result

  14. Disappointed is putting it mildly. Didn’t sleep too well but I (we) have been here more than once (or twice) before.



    We have to learn. Can we?



    , Ach, as my Dad (on the cusp of 97) said to a friend the other day: we are both mad Celtic supporters.



    Let’s do the Treble.

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I seen that incident, player ran to the supporters, polis grabbed him and manhandled him forcing him back to the pitch, looked to me like he struggled to get away from the polis, probably just used to better treatment from the polis and more civilised conditions where celebrating with the supporters is not a criminal offence that requires polis brutality

  16. “We really need to get better at being the sum of all parts as opposed to needing Eddy, Jullien or FF to have a stormer.”



    You’ve conveniently forgotten that the sum of all parts topped a difficult group with a game to spare.



    You’ve been very quiet recently, I would have thought you’d have been glad that your worries about the lack of goals in the, very specifically, nine games before the break have been proved to been proven to be unfounded.



    Loads of goals! It’s been great hasn’t it!

  17. Broonie the only one willing tae put a foot in!.


    At this level every team needs one or two in their side!, he was 50% fit last night and shouldn’t have played ( hindsight and all that).


    Although the atmosphere on big nights is second too none, feel it can sometimes work against us as teams know it will be gun ho from the start, the sit in and wait on the inevitable mistake, on a domestic level we get away with it, but against this level no chance.



    HAIL HAIL ☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘☘



    Roll on Sunday. ☘💚

  18. not heard or read that our captain was not fit to play, only speculation , so if he wasn’t fit who decided he was able to play? , he was definitely targeted by them as they surrounded him and took the ball from him at every opportunity.

  19. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ CELTIC40ME on 28TH FEBRUARY 2020 11:37



    I’m delighted with our return to scoring for fun domestically and admit that I did not see it coming. I didn’t see LG getting back up to speed either, so very happy to be proved wrong in that regard as well.



    You are missing the point re Lazio. FF put in a man of the match performance in both games and against Sevco in the cup. When he isn’t doing that we have be turned over by both Sevco and Copenhagen at home. Earlier in the season we were turned over by Cluj when FF wasn’t around to save us. We are very reliant on individual brilliance. Can you say the same for Sevco in Europe? Have you seen headlines about McGregor saving the day for them time and again?



    There have been warning signs regarding our performances of late (notwithstanding results). We have had a habit of playing 1 good half of football and 1 poor. Copenhagen (x2), Motherwell, Aberdeen, St Johnstone etc. We have managed to get away with it domestically but have been severely punished in Europe.



    I love Lenny, but we have to improve our tactics, formation, discipline etc. Here is a link to the 2nd goal yesterday:






    Pause the video immediately and look at our midfield shape. Scott Brown does not have a teammate within 30 yards. Look at Copenhagen’s midfield shape. We cannot get away from our complete lack of organisation.

  20. We have had a habit of playing 1 good half of football and 1 poor. Copenhagen (x2), Motherwell, Aberdeen, St Johnstone etc. We have managed to get away with it domestically but have been severely punished in Europe.



    What? We beat Motherwell 4-0 at fir park and we were 3-0 up in Perth when we took the foot off the gas.



    That really is one of your more bizarre narratives



    We’ve been punished twice in games 6 months apart out of 16 games in Europe this season.