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  1. JF needs to keep his concentration, a couple of times he’s switched off with scoring opportunities at his mercy.

  2. Tremendous stuff. Worry is the misses could come back to haunt us.


    Only danger so far is losing possession playing out from defense. Happened twice first half. Pleased with performance but worried by lack of goal.


    If it stays scoreless they will start to push forward as game progresses.

  3. glendalystonsils on

    Broony maybe not fully recovered , a yard off the pace , as is Jozo and Tom . Need to stay switched on at the back as this has a look of 0-0 or 1-0 about it , make sure it’s us that get the goal.


    Not a lot of chances , need to start taking them when they come along .


    Enforced changes not helping , Christie and , dare I say it , Ntcham would have added a bit more dynamism to the midfield .


    All to play for.


    BT commentator is getting a bit wearing talking up Copenhagen constantly too.

  4. The only way I see them scoring is by hitting us on the break.



    We need to box clever – 0-0 puts us through.

  5. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Wait til Celtic score. The commentator will change tune and tell how crap Copenhagen are.

  6. glendalystonsils on

    N’doye should be on a yellow for his next foul . If the ref can’t see what his game is he must be blind.

  7. Big Mjalby sounding more like Big Arnie by the minute.



    Let’s terminate these bams. Especially unbookable N’Doye.

  8. Copenhagen didn’t really create one chance, we had about five,


    It would be a terrible game to lose.

  9. Corkie it is no wonder the missus will come back to haunt you if you keep banning her from the main TV lounge…



    smiley slow down relax take it easy Celtic thing




  10. Grew into it after a scrappy first 10, and we have controlled it. Our passing in final 3rd a bit slow, but did get better. Think Tayor has been good, always involved and looking to make good runs. Eddy not really had much service so far. Not sure about the 4-3-3 so perhaps a wee change up perhaps. Really missing Christie in my view!