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  1. AT 9.53am



    90pts in betting I think is 10pts a yellow and 20pts a red card… I could be incorrect but that’s my understanding

  2. GFTB,


    Ihave a feelling Russell wont be joining us.He would be a squad player,and I dont think Brendan wants anymore of those.He will be trying to unload some.Going down that road,I would be trying to get Jack Aitchieson a loan to club,like St Mirren where he will get SPFL experience.Need to get him stepping up a level.


    Anyway,have a great Christmas in sunny Coatbridge.

  3. Although I cannot make the Valencia game ( Pesky work) I just bought a ticket as a Christmas present.



    A very polite and efficient girl wished me ” Happy Holidays ” on conclusion of purchase.


    I immediately wished her a happy Christmas back.



    A very happy Christmas and Hail Hail to all.

  4. Saw the Sevco game yesterday. They were mince for 75 minutes and were lucky to be only 1 goal behind.


    Came on strong last 15.



    I feel at their midden we simply need to give them a further education on football.



    Outplay them, out score them. Job done

  5. Karamoko Dembele has signed his first full-time professional contract with Celtic FC in a deal that sees him remain at Paradise until at least 2021.






    I blame Peter Lawwell CSC

  6. Am I failing to understand the mechanics in Tomic Rogic not working for his employer when reasonably asked



    stay in Oman Tom

  7. Delighted with Karamoko news but thought a player had to be 16 to sign a Professional contract. The wee mhan won’t be 16 till the 22nd February,

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