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  1. Just in case sumdy thinks I’m being two faced ?


    There was a counting facility at the top of my screen today, that counted the amount of empty seats, to feed my apparent agenda.


    Empty seats = 24,000.


    Best days of our lives, for those who haven’t lived.


    Anywye, another skint Scoattish pub team skelped, on our way to the nackers yard.


    Mikey Johnston might turn out to be, the Kevin Gallacher that we missed out on, in the day’s when Dundee Utd reached the Uefa Cup Final.




  2. It’s Christmas, the weather was f@cking atrocious. I don’t blame supporters for not going, however they missed the most enjoyable Celtic performance for a loooooooog time.



    HH, the journey continues.

  3. A comprehensive demolition of an , admittedly poor, Dundee side.



    Good to see Sinky’s mojo flickering into life- just as he was given a start due to injuries.



    I know the last 2 competent home wins will do little to ease the angst of those throwing out the “complacency” jibe as we have not, yet, changed our away form, or had a chance to.



    That job starts in Aberdeen on Boxing day and contines in the hell hole on the 29th. I will be happy if we can earn 4 out of the 6 points available but, if we could only win one – which would you choose?

  4. A good performance with the exception of finishing.


    Got to convert chances at a higher ratio than that.


    The little triangles between Sinclair,Izzy and Ollie were excellent and how the game should be played.


    Wish JF had been more involved but Ralston created threat on that side with great runs.


    Johnston is a star and will become a target for the hammer throwers so needs managed carefully.


    Benkovic oozed class.


    Also thought Bain’s distribution was very good.


    Christie looked like he never missed a beat on his return.


    Joso looking like his old self and Calum a deserving captain..

  5. Kev



    As I posted yesterday, in advance of the game, there are always low crowds for the early round LC fixtures and for the Christmas fixtures against non-challenging teams. That has always been the case. These numbers mean nothing and neither will the crowd vs Airdrie in January.



    I was pleasantly surprised by the number that actually turned out- Probably a bigger turnout than all but Man City and Arsenal today.

  6. “ And now you can see why Celtic decided to play this little boy today “



    A striker’s double for Michael Johnston a new Celtic hero popped up in our Christmas stocking, with the clubs record signing now chomping at the bit with the boxing day Pitoddrie bash in sight. Unrecognisable with all the pieces back in the right place Celtic’s puzzling away form banished with two fine home displays now its turkey and mulled buckfast, till Wednesday.



    It was the playmakers ‘what did it really’ with Captain invisible McGregor playing like Pirlo with a better engine, pass after pass was played in behind the Dundee defence that held a good line until just before half time , when it was shredded with a dip of Johnstons shoulder a sublime turn he slotted home in the corner and made the half time Bovril drinkable, and the £2.40 roon pie nearly edible.



    The second half was a procession Tom Rogic’s wizardry was ozsome Forrest remains on fire and Scott Sinclair made some fantastic interplay especially where he laid on Johnston’s superbly taken header off the underside of the bar into the Jock Stein end.



    Bain didn’t have a save to make and there hasn’t been a team so bereft in attack as Jim McInytre’s Dundee who were playing very much for damage limitation only, Benkovic even took time out and smashed home the third., to bring on the disco lights. Both full backs were excellent Tony Ralston was mature and very unlucky to hit the inside of the post late on, ole Emilio linked brilliantly with Sinclair for 90 minutes.



    Another Hoopy day in Paradise for the massive Celtic support on Christmas eve’s eve , eve .



    M.O.M Callum McGregor

  7. Kev


    Don’t know if you are 2 faced but you are greetin faced. ?


    Bet it was painful watching us win.



    Support the team on the pitch.

  8. Big game on Wednesday – Aberdeen are on a good run and out away form is poor.



    Night out with Mrs Gene



    We already know Rogic is unavailable so Brown will come in.


    He would have played against the sevco cloggers anyway to make them think twice.


    They are terrified of Broony.


    KT or Izzy gives pause for thought.Unless KT is 100% fit Izzy should keep his place.


    Same with Ralston and Lustig.Though would love to see Ralston putting a hun right through the stand.


    Gordon will return but i prefer Bain.


    Ed has the physicality over Johnston and if fit i think Brendan will go with him.


    Tough choices for the coach.

  10. Didn’t get to game today,Christmas shopping instead ?


    Any links to goals please?


    Kev-your a belter?

  11. just in from the game , SS only thing missing today was a goal , AR was strong going forward but still to be tried defensively.


    some lovely inter play on the flanks between wingbacks and wingers ,


    ON mmmm strong play but sometimes a bit lazy ,


    IZ played well also , in fact whole team impressed today , good to see we kept the goal tally down today with the next 2 games in mind.



  12. Some press I’ve play from the Bhoys today


    Plenty of movement with players making themselves available


    Enjoyed that


    The young Bhoys most certainly look the part



    Also thought Dundee CH (No15) looked very decent ???

  13. A very handy three points today, some of the play was scintillating albeit against pretty crap opposition, Anthony looked more like a footballer today ;-) and Mikey, wow, the bhoy has a very bright future ahead if he can carry on the way he has been doing, pity about the Wizard, great to see Ryan back, it looked like he would be out for a while longer.


    Well done Celtic

  14. Good evening bhoys and ghirls



    Great performance from the bhoys today. We should have scored more though, I had blinkin 5-0..



    BR has some tough decisions over personnel for the sheep game then sevco game, but in Brendan we trust.



    I see there is a fella (William O’connor from Limerick) on TV just now playing an Englishman at the old darts. Come on Willie son.



    D. :)

  15. Feeling more confident about the next 2 games after today’s performance.



    All down to Brendan now to pick the sides that will gain 6 points.

  16. Mikey Johnstone was MotM at the ground. And the wee guy was great. His movement, close control, hold up play and goals were as good as anything Eddie has produced (recently).



    But Callum was my MotM. Our very own Iniesta. He was here, there and everywhere. Winning the ball and distributing in equal measures. Fabulous.

  17. PART 1 0 random musings on the sequences of our league results.



    maybe with a little summation and prediction,



    rather than bore the arse off yeese if your not interested in this type of thing, well your forewarned so scroll on past.








    For league games only , the great invincibles season of 16/17 brought us the incredible stats of



    Overall played 38, won 34 drew 4 lost 0 scored 106 goals against 25 goal difference +81 record breaking points 106



    At home we won 17 and drew 2, scroring 47, conceding only 8.



    Away from home we won 17 and drew 2 scoring more away from home more at 59 and conceding 17 .



    The remarkable stats inckuded a sequence of 21 straight wins,



    another sequence of 11 straight away wins at dundee, ross county, aberdeen, killie, mwell, partick, hamilton, rangers, st johnstone, inverness, dundee and hearts.



    away from home only ross county and inverness held us to a draw.



    beating hearts, huns and aberdeen twice away from home.



    only the hun and partick left celtic park with drawn points.



    and offcourse we win an invincible treble on top of this,



    it was a stunning statistical season, maybe an over acheivement, but still it has to be the benchmark of where we measure ourselves again, long unbeaten runs HOME AND AWAY, wins us keagues with ease and grace, and no anxiety.



    greedy me, the hun draw at home still bloody annoys me, that was the low point we should have pumped whatever they are.

  18. Crises averted (so far) with home-grown solutions. What a message it would send to the squad if Brendan started Johnston and Ralston for the next two games

  19. Thank you, Celtic.



    A very entertaining win. A pity it wasn’t a lot more, as it should have been.



    To their credit, I thought Dundee played us more cleanly than a lot of other teams we face.



    We would be hard pushed to find an escape goat on that performance. Let’s hope we round off the year with a couple of victories.

  20. WITS (I think)



    Removing personalities and looking at policy.



    A sea change is something that comes over time. Sometimes imperceptibly.



    This season though, along with Tierney who was was a hit from his first game, we now have McGregor on same level signed for 5 years. Christie for 4 is it? Ralston gives a threat going forward and if when tested he can show he is as good at defending, we have another home grown to provide longer term stability.


    Mickey Johnstone is having an immediate impact and when he bulks up a bit as he enters early 20s, we will have another first teamer of quality.



    If we could find/develop a young Scot at CB we would solve the churn problem caused by bringing in players he see us as a short stepping stone.



    Oh and there is the old man in the development class aka James Forrest .



    Then on the other side we have the wonderful Tom Rogic but at the beck and call of Oz. Or any of the other great non Scottish players in same position.



    Finally how will football deal with Brexit?


    (although meeting an arbitray £30k per annum condition should not be a problem for even young non Brits of quality.)



    My point is that in the past developing our own has been a hard sell because of the numbers who fail to make the first team grade, but that has changed. That is the sea change.



    A big big factor has to be Brendan Rogers (although the development staff should not be attached to BR as in if he is off so are they) and we might have to adjust our thinking that it is far far better to spend money on BR and development staff than “names” in the transfer window.



    Thus for example (although Ive no idea of the potential of Scott McKenna ) if he were bought) I would trust that BR could develop him to be part of a Scottish core for 4 or 5 years.



    That is not to eschew a non Scot purchase if all the boxes were ticked, as in not only would he strengthen the team but would help young guys develop, but as a support we might benefit from a change of thinking that recognises pressure for instant gratification or fear of failing is our enemy and patience is our friend.

  21. Vaguely remember some people on here were touting the Dundee right back Kerr as someone to look at.


    Today’s showing will not bolster that view.


    Sinclair ran him ragged and he had no answer to Scot’s pace.


    Harsh to judge him on one game but he looked out of his depth.


    Never really noticed Kamara either who has been linked with us.

  22. Goalscorers 2018/17 league.



    Moussa 17


    Scott Sinclair 21


    Leigh Griffiths 12


    Stuart Armstrong 15


    Tom Rogic 7


    Patrick Roberts 9


    James Forrest 6


    Callum McGregor 6


    Dedryck Boyata 5


    Mikael Lustig 1


    Scott Brown 1


    Kieran Tierney 1


    Ryan Christie 1


    Nir Bitton 1


    Erik Sviatchenko 1


    Liam Henderson 1


    Jozo Šimunović 1

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    St Stivs 8.13pm



    Not boring in the slightest, the Sev/Hun draw remember was down to blatant cheating big Clint Hill even knew :-)



    As for this season … league cup in the bag, Valencia on the horizon early 2019… and more importantly a less hectic schedule for Brendan & the bhoys (2 games a week are magic to watch for fans, not the best for players & management :-) so in the recent past we have had Jamesy F, Calmac, KT and now maybe Mikey J & Tony R getting a chance to live the dream… very few youngsters sign as kids and then collect trophies these days … long may it continue :-)

  24. FANATIC,


    I was one talking about the Dundee full back.He was indeed roasted today,but onhis best form,like today,Sinky will do that to you.


    The Killie right back has been touted as well,but in a few games ,he has been poor.Just your luck I suppose.Remember,this teamheld the Huns to a draw with 10 men.Says a lot for them.

  25. Kev


    I played with Kevin Gallacher for teams in Clydebank. He told me that although he was a Celtic fanatic, he would struggle to play for us because of his grandad Patsy Gallacher.


    Kevin was a shy bhoy.





    St Stivs 8.13pm


    Not boring in the slightest, the Sev/Hun draw remember was down to blatant cheating big Clint Hill even knew :-)


    As for this season … league cup in the bag, Valencia on the horizon early 2019… and more importantly a less hectic schedule for Brendan & the bhoys (2 games a week are magic to watch for fans, not the best for players & management :-) so in the recent past we have had Jamesy F, Calmac, KT and now maybe Mikey J & Tony R getting a chance to live the dream… very few youngsters sign as kids and then collect trophies these days … long may it continue :-)




    Hail Hail Gerry, I hope that yourself and, your family are good.


    I agree with every word of your post, a brilliant post, thank you Gerry.


    I hope that the Gerryfaethebrig family, have a grand ole Christmas.


    Merry Christmas to all Celts. ?⛄?⚽✅

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